by Anne Rooney

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Children's Literature - Hazel Buys
One of the most terrifying of crimes, kidnapping has an inglorious history going back thousands of years. Rescuing the victim before he or she comes to harm and capturing the kidnappers has been aided greatly by recent developments in forensic science. Different aspects of the crime scene investigation are explained through the case studies of famous kidnappings. Detailed examination of ransom notes, clues from the kidnapping scene and surrounding environment, as well as the use of expert witnesses and forensic psychology are described in clear language set off by graphics and color. Key concepts such as "Forensic Geology" and "Fingerprints" are circled in red and set against a green background with black text. Color and black-and-white photographs expand the information in the text. The book concludes with a time line, a glossary, a list of further information sources including books, web sites, and an index. This book, one of the "Solve It With Science" series, would be a good addition to a middle school science classroom or library. Reviewer: Hazel Buys

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Black Rabbit Books
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Solve it With Science Series
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8.40(w) x 10.60(h) x 0.30(d)
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11 - 14 Years

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