Kids and Media in America

Kids and Media in America

by Donald F. Roberts, Ulla G. Foehr

This 2003 book was the first comprehensive national sample study of US young people's media use.See more details below


This 2003 book was the first comprehensive national sample study of US young people's media use.

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1. The changing media landscape; 2. The measurement of media behavior: measuring young people's media behavior; The samples; Questionnaires; 3. The media environment; Media in the home; Multiple media homes; Media in young people's bedrooms; Household television orientation; Summing up the media environment; 4. Screen media: television, videos, and movies: Amount of screen exposure; Content preferences; The context of exposure; Attitudes toward television; Summing up screen media exposure; 5. Audio media: radio, tapes and CDs: attitudes toward television; Music content preferences; Audio media: a coda; 6. Print media: books, magazines, and newspapers: amount of print exposure; Content preferences: what young people read; Summing up print behavior; 7. Interactive media: who uses computers?; Amount of computer use; Videogames; Content preferences; Summing up interactive media use; 8. Patterns of overall media consumption: exposure versus use; Overall media exposure; 9. Media behavior: a youth perspective: personal contentedness and media use; Academic performance and media use; Heavy versus light media users; A typology of young people's media behavior; 10. Summary and conclusions.

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