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Kids as Customers: A Handbook of Marketing to Children / Edition 258

Kids as Customers: A Handbook of Marketing to Children / Edition 258

by James U. McNeal

ISBN-10: 0669276278

ISBN-13: 9780669276275

Pub. Date: 01/28/1992

Publisher: Lexington Books

No descriptive material is available for this title.


No descriptive material is available for this title.

Product Details

Lexington Books
Publication date:
Edition description:
New Edition
Product dimensions:
6.33(w) x 9.42(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Introduction
1The Emergence of Children as Customers2
A Historical Perspective4
A Sociological Explanation6
Children's Development as Consumers8
The Role of the Marketer13
Children as a Multidimensional Market14
Summary: A Vote for Kid Kustomer17
A Couple of Warnings18
Later Chapters20
Part 2Children Are Three Markets
2Children as a Primary Market: Their Income, Spending, and Saving22
Children's Income23
Children's Savings29
Children's Expenditures31
Overprivileged Children32
Marketing Implications of Kids with Money34
Summary and Conclusions35
3Children as a Primary Market: Their Spending and Shopping38
Products Purchased by Children39
Children's Preferred Stores42
Children's Independent Purchase-Visits44
What Shopping and Spending Mean to Children46
4Children as a Market of Influencers62
Reasons for Children's Influence64
Extent of Children's Consumer Influence65
Information Sources Underlying Children's Requests70
Children's Requesting Styles and Appeals72
Location of Children's Requests to Parents74
Influence of Kids on Parents' Choice of Retail Outlets76
Parental Response to Children's Requests77
Marketers' Perceptions of Kids' Influence on Parental Purchases81
Marketing to Children as Influencers84
5Kids as a Future Market: Reaching Them Through a Multidimensional Segmentation Strategy88
Children as a Source of Future Customers91
The Importance of Loyalty in Cultivating Kids as Future Customers92
Building a Loyal Relationship with Children as Future Customers95
Marketing to Kids Using a Multidimensional Segmentation Strategy101
Managerial Suggestions102
Part 3Marketing to Kids as Customers
6Retailing to Children106
Reasons for Retailers to Target Children as Consumers107
Retailers' Responses to Kids as Customers111
Some Retailers Target Children, Some Don't115
Nonstore Retailing122
Service Retailers124
Conclusions and Recommendations126
7Advertising to Children130
Advertising as Part of the Marketing Communications Mix131
Changes in Advertising Media Targeted to Children136
Effects of Advertising to Children144
Encoding/Decoding Problems in Advertising to Children147
Observations and Recommendations153
8Targeting Promotion and Publicity to Children158
Targeting Promotion to the Children's Market160
Children-Targeted Public Relations168
Kids Clubs: A New Channel of Communications173
Summary and Suggestions177
9Planning and Developing New Products for Children180
Strategies for New Products for Kids182
Remember, the Package Is for Kids, Too193
Needed: New, New Product Strategies That Really Target Kids197
10Marketing Research Among Children: Purposes, Procedures, Problems202
Purposes of Researching Young Consumers204
Techniques and Procedures for Researching Children209
Problems in Researching Kids as Customers220
Using Parents as Surrogates for Children in Marketing Research223
Part 4Kids as Customers Tomorrow
11Children as Global Consumers228
Reasons to Consider Children as Worldwide Consumers230
Reasons to Study Children as Global Consumers234
Children's Consumer Behavior in Other Parts of the World: The Case of the Pacific Rim235
Multinational Marketing Strategy to Kids: Standardize or Localize?248
Name Index251
Subject Index254

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