Kids in the Medieval World

Kids in the Medieval World

by Sheri Johnson

You think it's hard being a kid these days? See how kids in the Middle Ages had it even worse.  See more details below


You think it's hard being a kid these days? See how kids in the Middle Ages had it even worse.

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Children's Literature - Danielle Williams
Children today face a myriad of situations that make their lives confusing and difficult, but children in other eras had just as many confusing situations to face each day. Johnson presents the basic facts about how children were raised in the medieval world and takes care to point out the differences between children born to nobility and children born to poor families. Childhood lasted only until the age of thirteen on average during the middle ages and quite often children born to poor families began to work in the family business much earlier than that. Life expectancy for children in the middle ages was also much shorter, with roughly one in five children surviving past the age of five. The author provides a very basic glimpse into childhood during the medieval period but does not mince words and presents the difficulties faced by medieval children as well as the fun times. Full color illustrations break up the text and provide examples to focus on. Instructions about how to make a simple top, a typical medieval toy, appears at the end of the text, which is part of the "First Facts: Middle Ages" series. Reviewer: Danielle Williams

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