Kids in the Wild: A Family Guide to Outdoor Recreation

Kids in the Wild: A Family Guide to Outdoor Recreation

by Cindy Ross

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Children's Literature - Michelle H. Martin
Ross and Gladfelter bring to this task decades of experience, having taken their own infants and toddlers hiking, camping, skiing, backpacking, canoeing and on other long and short-term wilderness excursions. Impressively encyclopedic, this 239-paged resource offers advice on food, clothing, shoes, diapers, sanitation, entertainment, outdoor gear, health and safety and many other details relevant to camping with children and teens that family hikers must typically learn only through trial and error. Advocating environmentally sound practices, the authors insist on no-trace, low-impact camping techniques and suggest that an early introduction to wilderness living can not only provide excellent family bonding time but can also instill a lifelong love and wise use of the outdoors in children. Written primarily from the authors' personal experiences, this reference speaks most directly to those readers who already enjoy wilderness camping but feel that they must find another form of recreation until their youngsters are older. Kids in the Wild makes it clear that children with outdoor-loving parents not only can tag along on these adventures, but should.

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