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Killer Cousins

Killer Cousins

3.8 6
by June Shaw
Spunky widow Cealie Gunther flies into Tennessee after receiving frantic messages from her cousin Stevie Midnight that she needs Cealie’s help, or she’ll die. Cealie and Stevie never got along when they were young, but Cealie can’t refuse Stevie’s cry for assistance.

Cealie finds murder has touched her semi-psychic cousin’s life. Resolved to discover the


Spunky widow Cealie Gunther flies into Tennessee after receiving frantic messages from her cousin Stevie Midnight that she needs Cealie’s help, or she’ll die. Cealie and Stevie never got along when they were young, but Cealie can’t refuse Stevie’s cry for assistance.

Cealie finds murder has touched her semi-psychic cousin’s life. Resolved to discover the killer, Cealie uncovers secrets about a young mother, Stevie’s hairdresser, and members of her Quitters Group, including a priest and the hookers who pair up with him. Cealie must learn who is murdering people close to her cousin who she’s staying with—or is her strange cousin the killer herself?

“Killer Cousins is great! In the mode of Agatha Christie” Heather Graham, N.Y. Times Bestselling author

“Sexy Cealie is back with new and old friends. It's a keeper!" Lorna Barrett, N.Y. Times bestselling author

“Cealie makes me laugh out loud! I highly recommend this book!” Reviewer Dawn Dawdle

“A fun romp. Highly recommended!” I Love a Mystery Reviews

“Interesting characters and life issues that women of all ages can relate to” Armchair Interviews

“Cousins must try to unite in their struggle against smoking and flab” Publishers Weekly

“A gumbo of wry wit. Rollicking good fun!" Ken Wells, Pulitzer-nominated author

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

At the outset of Shaw's uneven second cozy to feature nosy parker Cealie Gunther (after 2006's Relative Danger), Cealie stumbles on a corpse in her cousin Stevie Midnight's backyard; Stevie had asked Cealie to come to Gatlinburg, Tenn., after receiving a psychic hunch that she, Stevie, was in danger. The murder victim turns out to belong to the Quitters Group, Stevie's support system for beating cigarette addiction. Despite her obvious dislike for her obese cousin, Cealie agrees to stay in Gatlinburg until she can solve the mystery, which grows more complicated after the death of another Quitters member. Some uninspired prose ("Disappointment tinted his tone") and labored attempts at humor weigh down the narrative, while Cealie's criticisms of Stevie soon get tiresome. Still, the cousins become more likable as they unite in their fight against smoking and flab. Recipes and life improvement tips round out the volume. (Jan.)

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Killer Cousins 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Martha-A-Cheves More than 1 year ago
Killer Cousins - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat I'd flown into Gatlinburg, reached my cousin's house, shoved on the stuck gate of her backyard's wooden fence, and fallen. "Stevie!" I cried, lying face down in tall grass. "Ste-vie!" Her screen door slammed. "Oh, Cealie, it's you! You came!" She squatted beside me and I noticed my hand landed in dog doo-doo. I jerked my hand back. I wasn't wearing my bifocals but could tell the poop was dry. Still - I swiped my fingers through the grass. "You didn't answer the doorbell," I said, checking my hand to make sure it was clean, "so I came back here. I tripped over something." I moved my legs slowly to make sure my stinging knees weren't broken. So many trees cluttered Stevie's yard, I figured a thick branch had fallen, and it was the object my shins lay across. "I'll help you move that thing out of the way." I pointed back to it. Stevie didn't speak. I glanced back to see what brought about this bizarre occurrence. She stooped near me but didn't look at my face. Stevie stared at my feet. I took my time rising. Until I glanced toward where she stared. "It's a man!" I yelled, scrambling to my feet. "Stevie, there's a man in your grass." Cealie and Stevie are cousins and had grown up close, but in distance only. Their mothers were sisters but their grandmother seemed to favor Cealie over Stevie. This ended up giving Stevie a problem with jealousy, and she made Cealie cry whenever possible. So as Cealie prepared for her trip to Acapulco the call from Stevie begging her to come for a visit was a surprise. She insisted she "needed" her presence and that she, Stevie, was in danger. What caused Stevie to believe she was in danger? Her tarot cards, candles and crystals, of course. Reading this book and hearing the feelings these two women had for each other brought back memories of some of my own cousins. There always seemed to be one that just stood out in the family as being special, causing others to feel jealous and left out. That's what appeared to be the problem with the relationship between Stevie and Cealie in Killer Cousins. So, will the death of a member of Stevie's stop smoking group change things for them? Will it make matters worse when another member of the group ends up dead in a restaurant owned by Cealie's lover Gil? Or will it bring the two cousins closer together? Why would anyone kill two people who had only one thing in common, which was to quit smoking? And how did they kill them? There are no apparent signs of a struggle on either victim. I'll give you a clue. I guessed the cause around page 115 for the 1st murder. As to the who the killer might be, there are 321 pages in Killer Cousins, I thought I had the answer on page 300 but I was wrong. The killer was a total surprise for me. 2009 321 pages Gale Cengage ISBN 978-1-59414-730-2
Queen_Linda More than 1 year ago
June has done it again. I'm not going to sit here and tell you all about the book, you don't want to know how it goes, you won't need to read it if I do that. Just take my word for it and buy the book, you'll be very happy that you did.This book was an awesome read. I finished it rather quickly because it was simply too spell binding to put it down. Made me want to just keep on reading until I found out what happened in the end. I can't wait for the third in the Cealie series to come out. Relative Danger was just as wonderful, but I really liked this one.

Your Tags: cozy mystery, sequel, mystery, cajun food, fiction
harstan More than 1 year ago
Cealie Gunther was preparing to go to Mexico when she receives an urgent call from her cousin Stevie Midnight to come over as son as possible as she is in danger. Cealie rushes to Stevie¿s house in Gatlinburg, Tennessee only to trip over a corpse. Police Detective Renwick questions the feuding cousins with Stevie insisting she did not know the victim and an upset Cealie told not to leave town. Cealie is stunned to learn Stevie¿s plea for help was based on her so called psychic skills.

Cealie accompanies Stevie to her Quitters Group; a support team helping each other quit smoking. There she learns the victim Pierce Trottier was a member of the group although Stevie still insists she never saw him. At the newly opened Cajun Delights owned by Cealie¿s sometime lover restaurateur Gil Thurman, another Quitters Group attendee Fawn McKenzie dies with her face landing in the source. As Cealie and Stevie argue, they investigate the group members to determine who is applying the Christie story And Then There Were None.

The second Cealie amateur sleuth mystery (see RELATIVE DANGER) is an interesting whodunit that takes a somewhat backseat to the feuding KILLER COUSINS¿. Stevie and Cealie spend much of the first half of the book irritating one another as if they were still little girls competing for their grandma¿s affection. The efforts to stop smoking is deftly handled and can be summed up by quoting Mark Twain: "Quitting smoking is easy; I've done it a thousand times", as the addiction is craving for relief all the time. The story line is at its best in the second half when the cousins stop fighting and team up as relentless amateur sleuths solving a murder mystery, middle age dieting, and controlling the cigarette addiction. Overall June Shaw provides a fine Tennessee cozy.

Harriet Klausner
ROXYRC More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the story very much. As a seasoned woman, there were many things that I could relate to. There were many times I found myself laughing and my detective mode was in full swing. Would have never guessed who don it.
Dawn--MysLovCorner More than 1 year ago
Cealie Gunther gets a frantic call from her cousin Stevie Midnight. Her semi-psychic cousin had said she was afraid but wouldn't say why. So, on the way to Cealie's exotic vacation, she rushes off to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. When she arrives, she trips over a dead body in Stevie's yard. Stevie swears she doesn't know the man. Cealie isn't sure she fully believes her. Stevie is in a group to quit smoking. Cealie endures her cousin's upsetting behavior because of this. Plus Stevie goes into her extra bedroom, locking the door, and soon strange utterances emanate. To make matters more confusing, Gil Thurman, Cealie's hunky sometimes-ex-lover, has just opened a Cajun Delights restaurant in town. When Cealie and Stevie go there to eat, they find Gil at the restaurant. Though Cealie is widowed and attracted to Gil, she is on a journey to rediscover herself. Try as she might, she finds it almost impossible to resist Gil. Since Cealie can't leave until the murderer is found, she begins asking around about him. There are more strange people who knew the deceased, and odd happenings. Can she plow through them to find the truth? I enjoy Cealie. She's a fun character who is trying to find herself. Her attempts at resisting Gil are funny. I can't say I liked Stevie as much, but their interactions were entertaining. I liked the Gatlinburg location. Cealie makes me laugh out loud! I highly recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading it - didn't really enjoy it. A lot of nothing, two women eating and fighting and mood swings. One always lamenting her independence of men. Not much substance. I enjoy mysteries by female authors because most of them are funny - no humour in this one. Sorry!