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Killer Sharks

Killer Sharks

by Alex Woolf

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Children's Literature - Judy Crowder
Described by the publisher, Black Rabbit Books, as "geared toward the reluctant reader who is wild about animals, nature and the great outdoors," as well as "Animal Planet" viewers, this book—and series—is intentional about selling sharks' scary sides, "detailing how, when, and what they hunt for prey." Even the series' title, "Animal Attack," sounds terrifying. From its cover photo of a shark rearing out of the water with open jaws and sharp, gleaming teeth, to its list of web sites, one of which concentrates on shark attacks on humans, the compelling, fact -filled format includes colorful photography, basic and "unusual" facts, plus "Snack on This" and "Chew on That!" boxes featuring additional information. The author concentrates on sharks that are the biggest and most "dangerous," including the great white, sand tiger shark, blue shark, goblin shark, oceanic white tipped shark, shortfin mako shark, leopard shark, hammerhead, etc. The smallest featured shark, averaging about twenty inches, is the cookie cutter shark, whose feeding habits give this shark its name: it latches onto whales, bigger sharks and dolphins and takes a bite. The result? A perfectly round wound that does not kill the prey. This book is jam-packed with information, some of it in the "I didn't know that!" category. However, I have two problems with it. First, the author's name does not appear on the cover, surely a well-earned spot. Second, if reluctant readers only read books about animals featured as big, savage, predatory monsters, how will this generation of young readers regard threatened shark species when the readers are grown decision-makers? Will they care about possible extinction? The book includes an extensive glossary and index as well as book and web site list. Reviewer: Judy Crowder

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Arcturus Publishing
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Animal Attack Series
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8.70(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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