Kim [AudioBook]

Kim [AudioBook]

by Madhav Sharma

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Naxos Audio Books


Disc 1

  1. Kim Meets the Lama
  2. Plans for a Pilgrimage
  3. Lama and Chela Set Off
  4. On the Way to Umballa
  5. Establishing the Pedigree
  6. The Great Road
  7. The Red Bull on the Green Field
  8. Kim's Identity Revealed
  9. In School
  10. Mahbub Ali Gives Paternal Help
  11. New School at Lucknow

Disc 2

  1. Journey to Simala
  2. Lurgan Sahib and Hurree Babu
  3. Further Education and Graduation
  4. Son of the Charm
  5. On the Train
  6. E23 Survives-Kim Is Congratulated
  7. Plots and the Great Game
  8. Hurree Babu in Action
  9. Documents and Letters
  10. Healing and Delivery
  11. The Lama Speaks

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Madhav Sharma   Primary Artist,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part

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