King Stork

King Stork

by Howard Pyle, Trina Schart Hyman

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Filled with all the things a good tale should have--from fiery dragons and savage lions to a clever princess and a handsome hero--this storyteller's favorite is here paired with spectacular art from Caldecott medalist Trina Schart Hyman. Full color. Size C. 48 pp. 6,000 print.


Filled with all the things a good tale should have--from fiery dragons and savage lions to a clever princess and a handsome hero--this storyteller's favorite is here paired with spectacular art from Caldecott medalist Trina Schart Hyman. Full color. Size C. 48 pp. 6,000 print.

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Children's Literature
The classic story is a lengthy one; a young man must win the princess by going through tests of his wit and strength set by the bewitched princess and a wicked witch. He is helped by the magic of King Stork through the trials to the happy ending. Hyman's line drawing is her strength. Transparent watercolors are added for mood and naturalistic detail. Her double-page scenes, with blocks of text, are designed to emphasize action, with flowing garments and tresses, vigorous poses. She epitomizes the imagery we associate with traditional illustrations from Rackham's time for this traditional tale.
Children's Literature - Rebecca Joseph
To win the hand of the beautiful princess, suitors must ask a question she cannot answer and answer a question she poses. Death is the result of failure. In this beautifully written and illustrated book, the newest prospective suitor is a drummer returning home from the wars. Armed with the secret help of the King of Storks, the drummer uses magic to help win the princess. While meeting the challenge, the drummer encounters an evil one-eyed witch and other mystical beings. The story is unusual because of the characterization of the princess, who is not all sweetness and roses. The pictures are extraordinary with vibrant colors and flowing lines. The original edition won the 1973 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Illustration. 1998 (orig.

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Little, Brown & Company
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1st ed.
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5 - 8 Years

Meet the Author

Howard Pyle (1853-1911) was a celebrated artist, author, and teacher — and a primary figure in the history of children's literature. Not only did he guide and inspire such artistic talents as N. C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, and Jessie Willcox Smith, but he was also a master storyteller in his own right. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, Pepper & Salt, and The Wonder Clock are among the many stories and folktales that he wrote and illustrated.

Trina Schart Hyman's Saint George and the Dragon was honored with a Caldecott Medal. She lives in Lyme, New Hampshire. In Her Own Words...

"I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1939. I spent my growing-up years in the little town of Wyncote, which was just north of the city. Our house was across the road from a lovely and mysterious old farm, so I grew up with horses and cows and geese and chickens, along with hay and manure and all the smells and sounds of farming. In those days there were woods and fields all around our house. We lived in the couritry, but we were only an hour away from the city. Both places seemed exciting and dangerous to me, and full of romance and magic.

"Romance and magic were very important to me. Fairy tales, folktales, and myths were—and still are—my favorite things. I loved to read and draw pictures more than anything, but I hated school and was miserable there. I couldn't concentrate, and I always felt like a dummy, because I didn't understand the rules that everyone else seemed to know. I have to admit that I still feel that way sometimes. I did manage to graduate from high school, though, and then I went to an art school in Philadelphia instead of college. It was so much fun that I actually learned a lot.

"It was there that I found out about the great book illustrators of the early 1900s: Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, and the crazy Pre-Raphaelites in England; and Howard Pyle, N. C. Wyeth, and the serious students of the Brandywine School here in American. Their romantic and magical storytelling pictures inspired me and gave me courage. I was determined to follow in the footsteps of these artists and to carry on their tradition.

"In 1959 I got married and left Philadelphia. I spent the next few years traveling and attending art schools in Boston and in Stockholm, Sweden. I learned about book design and printmiaking, and how to cook and do laundry. in Sweden I learned about the artists Carl Larsson, Jon Bauer, and Sulamith Wulfing, Whose work inspired and influenced me.

"In 1961 I 'Illustrated my very first children's book, for a Swedish publisher. The editor who gave me the job was Astrid Lindgren, the author of the Pippi Longstocking books. Since then, I have illustrated about 150 books, give or take a few. I've tried to make each and every book special and beautiful. I've put a lot of myself my beliefs and interests, my friends and family and the places I've been — into my pictures. All of the connections that I've figured out in my life are there for everyone to see, in all of my books.

"For the past thirty years I've lived in a big old farmhouse in northwestern New Hampshire. Some part of it always needs fixing — there's always a room falling off or a roof caving in — but to me it is home. Mostly there are walls and walls of books that hold it up and keep out the cold. I live here with my partner, jean, who helps me keep it all going, and our two dogs, two cats, and five sheep. jean is a teacher and the director of a little school where kids actually have fun learning.

"My daughter, Katrin, and her husband, Eugene, and their two sons, Michou and Xavi, live in a house that is only a few miles away, over the river and through the woods of Vermont. Michou goes to Jean's school. We are a close family, and we have a lot of fun together. That's it so far."

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