The Kingdom Beyond the Waves

The Kingdom Beyond the Waves

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by Stephen Hunt

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An intrepid archeologist finds an ancient civilization--dinosaurs, explosions, and mad steammen abound. Not to mention one or two parties that want, naturally, to take over the world…

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An intrepid archeologist finds an ancient civilization--dinosaurs, explosions, and mad steammen abound. Not to mention one or two parties that want, naturally, to take over the world…

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Publishers Weekly

A delightful, thrill-packed adventure set in the world of 2008's Court of the Air, this charming steam-pulp yarn chronicles the journey of archeologist Amelia Harsh as she searches for the fabled kingdom of Camlantis. Bad-boy tycoon Abraham Quest finances the journey; does he merely want to test his new airships, or is something more devious going on? Amelia is joined by Commodore Black and his crew, who have escaped a horrifying underwater debtor's prison, as well as Amazon-like warrior Veryann, but even they may be no match for sabotage, fierce native attacks (spurred by the actions of the expedition's lunatic steamman guide, Ironshanks), furious thunder lizards and forced service to the insectile Daggish. Wildly imaginative and compelling, Amelia's journey plays out against a backdrop of civil war and failed rebellion, layered and complex treachery and love in surprising corners. (Aug.)

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Library Journal
Professor Amelia Harsh sets out on a dangerous journey to find the lost city of Camlantis, though she must accept help from the man who bankrupted her father and probably caused his suicide. As she navigates the mysterious Shedarkshe River through the dangerous jungles of Liongeli, Harsh uncovers secrets that could bring her crew—and her world—to the edge of destruction. Set in the same alternative Victorian steampunk world as The Court of the Air, Hunt's latest novel combines a Dickensian atmosphere with shades of Indiana Jones. VERDICT Featuring a strong-willed adventuress with a broken past, this alternate historical fantasy will appeal to steampunk fans.
Kirkus Reviews
Another doorstopper steampunk fantasy set in the furiously overcrowded and hard-to-fathom universe of The Court of the Air (2008). Obsessed with finding and exploring the lost city of Camlantis, believed to be sailing high in the atmosphere beyond the ability of Jackals' aerial navy to penetrate, archaeology professor Amelia Harsh forms an alliance with superrich businessman Abraham Quest. Clues to Camlantis' lost superscience and current whereabouts may be found at the bottom of a crater lake in tropical Liongeli, whose lifeforms have evolved into an entity known as the Greenmesh. Lacking access to an airship-paranoid Jackals jealously guards its government monopoly-Abraham has refurbished an antique submarine and provided a squad of hulking female marines; Amelia persuades Commodore Black to command a crew of criminals and slavers, with an insane steam-man to navigate. But wait, there's more: the ominously lurking Court of the Air, Jackals' hostile neighbor Quatershift (think French revolution), craynarbians (humanoid lobsters), lashlites (humanoid birds), not to mention an entire subplot involving the shapeshifting aristocratic refugee Furnace-Breath Nick and his outcast lashlite sidekick Septimoth. Vividly and vigorously narrated, with splashes of humor. But in a universe where anything can happen, it's rarely possible to care when something does.

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Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date:
Jackelian World Series, #2
Edition description:
First Edition
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4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.50(d)

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