Kipper's Game

Kipper's Game

by Barbara Ehrenreich

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Known mostly for her social commentary in works like Fear of Falling: The Inner Life of the Middle Class ( LJ 8/89) and The Worst Year of Our Lives ( LJ 4/15/90), Ehrenreich has written her first novel. Who is Kipper and what is his game? Kipper is the son of Della Markson; he is also a computer hacker who has designed an ingenious but addictive computer game. Not having seen her son in a year, Della attempts to locate him. Paralleling her search and sometimes crossing it is Alex MacBride's quest for the papers of a little-known neurobiologist with possible Nazi ties. Ehrenreich's venture into a postmodern world with apocalyptic environmental dimensions is based on a wonderfully imaginative premise. However, readers may not find reading this novel as addictive as playing Kipper's game, which many players want to access no matter what the cost to life or limb. Recommended for large fiction collections. Previewed in Prepub Alert, LJ 1/93.-- Fay A. Chadwell, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia

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