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by Monica Burns

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Raised in a brothel, Allegra Synnford quickly learned that survival meant taking charge of her destiny. Now, as a renowned courtesan skilled in the pleasures of the flesh, she chooses her lovers carefully-vowing never to be vulnerable to any one man. Until a mesmerizing, enigmatic Sheikh strips that control from her...


Raised in a brothel, Allegra Synnford quickly learned that survival meant taking charge of her destiny. Now, as a renowned courtesan skilled in the pleasures of the flesh, she chooses her lovers carefully-vowing never to be vulnerable to any one man. Until a mesmerizing, enigmatic Sheikh strips that control from her...

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An award-winning author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes it’s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.

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Kismet 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
TammyS32 11 months ago
Excellent historical read! Allegra travels to Morocco to attend the wedding of a friend. While there she is rescued by Sheikh Shaheen who is hiding a huge secret. Allegra is independent knowing what she wants out of life. This historical has plenty of suspense and drama. The chemistry between Shaheen and Allegra is on fire. The story has such a great intensity. Loved it!
Lashea677 12 months ago
Kismet certainly had the goods to be a fascinating sensuous read. Allegra is the kind of heroine authors and readers dream of. She's gutsy, brave, instinctive and not afraid of using her body to get what she wants. I found this sad because she was actually a very smart woman with a good head on her shoulders and a courageous spirit but her life was a troubled one that led her to do whatever necessary to survive. The sheikh on the other hand is a man of many secrets. The path he travels is full of suspicion, intrigue and control. He has to be alert at all times to keep one step ahead of his enemies. Kismet is a story that revolves around hidden agendas, destroying secrets and a turbulent relationship that is as contradictory as the lives of it's main characters.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
EXCELLENT SHEIK Sensual Romance Set In Morocco!!!!! Can two people so mistreated in life find happiness? Monica Burns does it again! Excellent SHEIK sensual romantic read set in Morocco.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Monica Burns has written a sensual romance that will hook you from the first page. Allegra Synnford goes to Morocco for her friend's wedding. She is a beauty well skilled in the art of pleasure. Her pain is well hidden. She has survived the ultimate betrayal. Her mother sold her into prostitution. Sheikh Shaheen sees her and is captivated. He has been in the desert for fifteen years. This has been his refuge from the horror that he witnessed in England. Can these two wounded people find happiness? The Moroccan Desert is a dangerous place with war clouds gathering. Will they survive the evil around them? Monica Burns creates characters that have depth and passion. The more you read the more you care what happens to them. This story has an exotic location, filled with danger and a great romance that will make you sigh. I couldn't put this book down.
kbloom1 More than 1 year ago
I love all of Monica's books I think kismet is the third I'd read. And I loved the whole thing from the train ride to the Mel's to the setting brought me right into the story and made me feel like I was there! I loved allegras strong sexual display and shah evens jealousy. And even the saving part just brought it all together for me it's been a while since I have retread it but it pulls you into the story and doesn't let you go!! One of Monica's very best!! I don't read many historicals but these get me every time! 
HollieR1 More than 1 year ago
This is the first Monica Burns book that I read. And I've been hooked ever since! Her writing brought me right out into the desert with Allegra and Sheikh Shaheen. She is a courtesan who has worked her way to independence. She chooses who she wants to be with and when. Until she meets Sheikh Shaheen. He is attracted to her from the first and no one else will do. This story has emotion and will pull you into it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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KerinHanson More than 1 year ago
Allegra Synnford is a survivor. Taught at a very young age that life is what you make of it, she's become the master of her own destiny. Wanting for nothing, she travels to Morocco to attend the wedding of a friend, not knowing that her life will forever be changed. Sheikh Shaheen of the Amazigh has a secret that, if revealed, could trigger a war, destroying everything he loves. Only with Allegra can he find peace even though, at the best of times, his time with her is bittersweet because he's plagued by a past that he cannot outrun. Shaheen and Allegra find in each other what both of them have so desperately wanted yet been afraid to feel-love. With love comes vulnerability and when Shaheen's past threatens his future, he's forced to make a very difficult decision. Shaheen can keep Allegra safe by sending her away, but that will garner her hatred. Hatred he can live with but her death would destroy his soul. In the end, his choice will leave its mark on their lives. Will he listen to his head or to his heart? Kismet is an extraordinary book and I can't thing of a better way to kick off 2010 than by buying a copy. I write this review knowing that I will be unable to do Monica Burns' latest release justice because Ms. Burns is a master at keeping her readers completely engaged from first page to last. Allegra is an amazing woman who's made the best of a life that was not of her choosing. She is an unparalleled lady-intelligent, resourceful, and determined. Shaheen possesses great strength and his emotions run deep. I was enchanted by the way Ms. Burns revealed the light, teasing, fun and flirtatious sides of the characters when both had experienced so much pain and suffering. My emotions ran the gamut along with theirs as I laughed, I cheered, and more than once, I cried. The interactions between Allegra and Shaheen are like a tensely played chess game, their words, as they try to keep each other at a distance, conflicting with the chaos rioting through their bodies at their close contact. Every scene is so vividly described that you experience all of the emotions of the characters-their fear, uncertainty, and desire. Their attraction was a tangible heat, scorching the tips of my fingers as I turned pages-I simply could not read fast enough! After reading the bio posted on Ms. Burns' website, I was afforded a deeper understanding into the wealth of emotions she poured into Kismet. Tenacious, sassy heroines and strong, sexy heroes are her signature style and she's boldly penned one of the best books I've read in years. Thank you Monica Burns for sharing your story and that of Allegra and Shaheen-you've left your mark on this reader and I excitedly look forward to your future releases!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Desert tribal leader Sheikh Shaheen left behind his Viscount title in England due to a courtesan that caused an estrangement with his father. He vowed to never return to England and never trust any woman again although a desert prophesy that he scoffs at claims he will be burned by a woman of fire. Courtesan Allegra Synnford grew up in a Marrakech brothel where she learned how to seduce men to do her bidding especially keep her safe. She is extremely careful in selecting her protectors as wealth is not enough. When Shaheen and Allegra meet in 1893 Marrakech, their attraction scorch the desert, but his loathing and distrust of courtesans keep them apart until an enemy Nassar kidnaps her; forcing him to look deep in his soul as he tries to rescue his beloved. This is an exciting late Victorian romance starring two people used to staying in charge of themselves and others especially with relationships losing control when they meet. Shaheen and Allegra are terrific lead characters whether they are in Marrakech, the Sahara in French Morocco or England. The support cast including the villain and the nomadic Berber/Amazigh tribes enhance a terrific captivity historical. Harriet Klausner