Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!

Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck!

by Kyle Mewburn

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Children's Literature - Phyllis Kennemer
Andy always hides when Aunt Elsie arrives for her weekly visit. He knows she will swoop him up and give him two sloppy kisses on his left cheek and two sloppy kisses on his right cheek. Andy's thoughts are "Yuck! Yuck!" Aunt Elsie has sneaky ways of luring Andy out his hiding places. A remote control toy truck zips by the bed he is under. An exclamation about a huge egg entices him out from under a pile of straw in the hen house. Climbing a tree does not work—Aunt Elise climbs up too. The next week Andy finds a perfect hiding place under the house. He waits and waits among the spiders and their webs. Aunt Elsie does not come. Finally Andy crawls out and finds his dad. He discovers that Aunt Elsie has broken her leg in a fall from a camel. A forlorn Andy sits by the window week after week wishing his Aunt Elsie will come. Finally a taxi pulls up and Aunt Elsie steps out with her cast and crutches. Andy rushes to greet her with kisses on her left cheek and kisses on her right cheek as he gives her a big hug. Cartoonlike illustrations feature Andy with an oversized head and huge eyes. Buxom Aunt Elsie wears loud print dresses, cats' eyes glasses, and lots of red lipstick. A fun choice for read aloud time. Reviewer: Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D.
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PreS-Gr 1

Poor Andy. When Auntie Elsie makes her weekly visits, he hides to avoid her smooches-to no avail. She finds him and it's "KISS! KISS! on the left cheek. KISS! KISS! on the right cheek." Lipstick-smeared Andy is left saying to himself, "YUCK! YUCK!" When a broken leg keeps his auntie away for a few weeks, Andy finds he misses the affection so much that, when she returns, he is the one to offer her kisses. The pencil, collage, and digital art has an edgy style, against which the florid aunt (purple glasses, wide red smile, and BIG floral-print duds) and the big-headed, skinny nephew play their hide-and-seek game of affection. Multiple perspectives add a sense of fun to the story. The rhythmic text and repetition will make this useful as a read-aloud and good for beginning readers to tackle.-Marge Loch-Wouters, Menasha Public Library, WI

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