Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas

Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas

by Gracie Malone, Vicki Caruana, Ellie Kay

Author and general editor Carol Kent, along with four additional coauthors, captures readers' hearts with tales about the joys, challenges, and frustrations that women face in all their various roles. Each book inspires women to remember that God loves them and that their purpose is simply to let his love so fill them that they become warmth, light, and love to


Author and general editor Carol Kent, along with four additional coauthors, captures readers' hearts with tales about the joys, challenges, and frustrations that women face in all their various roles. Each book inspires women to remember that God loves them and that their purpose is simply to let his love so fill them that they become warmth, light, and love to everyone around them. Each devotional in these books includes a lighthearted or inspirational story, a thought-provoking quote, and a relevant verse from Scripture.

Kisses of Sunshine for Women: a deep and heartfelt look into what it means to be a woman—turning everyday experiences into sparkling reflections of hope and joy. Coauthored with Thelma Wells.

Kisses of Sunshine for Moms: tales that range from heroic and hilarious stories of first-time moms, to the joys and struggles of single parenting, to the beauty of watching your children grow up. Coauthored with Ellie Kay.

Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmas: from sweet and sentimental birth stories, to grandparenting a stepchild, to humorous lessons learned from grandkids, to the caregiver generational 'squeeze.' Coauthored with Gracie Malone.

Kisses of Sunshine for Sisters: celebrations of sisterhood that happen as a result of being born and bonded into the same family—or that emerge simply from the love growing inside our hearts with friends who become our sisters.

Kisses of Sunshine for Teachers: encouragement and salutations to those who spend every day at one of the most important jobs in the country—teaching. Coauthored with Vicki Caruana.

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my children's children Gracie Malone Before you were conceived I wanted you.
Before you were born I loved you.
Before you were here one hour I would die for you.
Maureen Hawkins One morning our oldest son, Matt, called with the news I'd been waiting for. 'If you hurry,' he blurted out,
'you can make it for the birth of your grandson.' I jumped in the car and headed for the hospital. The drive from our hometown of Greenville to theirs in Carrollton would take almost an hour. On the way, my heart beat at a faster-than-usual pace as I thought about the new baby as well as the new role my children would be assuming. It was fun to imagine Matt as a daddy and Rebecca as a mom. I knew they would be good parents.
And I couldn't wait to meet the newest member of our clan.
I whipped into a parking place, pushed through the front door of Trinity Medical Center, and headed down the hall toward the maternity wing. Rounding the corner into the wait-
ing room, I spotted Matt dressed in hospital scrubs, a surgical mask hanging loosely around his neck. Apparently the childbirth classes had prepared him to be a fully participating member of the delivery team.
With a broad sweep of his hand he motioned me onward.
'Follow me!' Pushing through the swinging doors, he escorted me down the hall and into the birthing room.
Rebecca was nestled in a contraption that looked more like Joe's recliner than a hospital bed. She looked tired, but, to my surprise, was fully awake and smiling as she extended a tiny bundle in my direction. 'Want to hold him?' she asked.
Yes! Of course I did.
I gently took Baby Luke from his mother's arms and pulled him close to my bosom. He was only minutes old. The tiny little boy felt warm as he wiggled and stretched. I'd forgotten how small a newborn baby is, barely big enough to fit in the crook of a woman's arm. As I gazed into his slate blue eyes, straining to focus in the soft light, I was suddenly overcome with emotion—
the same feelings I'd experienced when I held my own newborn sons—love, joy, hope, and a swelling sense of pride.
I swallowed hard, choking back the lump rising in my throat.
My eyes examined the features of my newborn grandson—
a perfect heart-shaped mouth, tiny upturned nose, a slight crimp on both ears. I folded back the corner of the blue flannel blanket that swaddled him and touched his hand. When four tiny wrinkled fingers curled around one of my own, I knew I was hooked for life. I blinked back a tear as I marveled at the wonder of God's creation.
I remembered a verse from Psalms describing a developing baby as 'intricately and curiously wrought [as if embroidered with various colors]' (Psalm 139:15, Amplified Bible). The thought that God, the awesome Creator of the universe, had been 'intricately' involved in the design of my precious grandson brought tears of joy to my eyes.
I lifted the tiny bundle close to my lips and whispered against the soft folds of skin, 'Luke, I'm your grandmother. I love you. I always will, no matter what.'
With the birth of this little boy, our family had come full circle, making our own revolution in the great circle of life. A new generation was born that day—one that would bear our name.
Since the birth of Luke, I've been in the waiting room during the arrival of five additional grandchildren. Luke was barely three when his parents presented him with a little brother, Connor.
They in turn welcomed two little sisters, Mary Catherine and Abby. Our son Mike and daughter-in-law Jeanna blessed us with two little boys—Montana and Myles.
Each child came into the world with unique features, characteristics,
and temperaments. And with the birth of each child,
the promise of a brighter future and hope for tomorrow was reborn in my heart.
Whenever I hold a newborn grandchild in my arms, why,
I feel newborn myself.
You made all the delicate inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—and how well I know it.
Psalm 139:13 — 14 NLT

Meet the Author

Carol Kent is the bestselling author of When I Lay My Isaac Down and A New Kind of Normal. Carol is an expert on public speaking, writing, and on encouraging people to hold on to hope when life's circumstances turn out differently from their dreams. She lives in Florida with her husband Gene. Carol Kent is a popular international public speaker best known for being dynamic, humorous, encouraging, and biblical. She is a former radio show co-host and has often been a guest on Focus on the Family and a featured speaker at Time Out for Women and Heritage Keepers arena events. She has spoken at The Praise Gathering for Believers and at Vision New England's Congress. She is also a frequent speaker at Women of Virtue events across the country.

Gracie is author of several books dealing with friendship, parenting and grandparenting. She has contributed to several other books and written numerous magazine articles. A popular speaker at women's conferences, retreats and workshops, she is humorous as well as spiritually attuned.
Gracie is a gifted Bible study teacher, Precept leader, and group facilitator. Gracie specializes in developing small group ministries and mentoring women. She is a wife, mother of three adult sons, and grandmother to six amazing grandkids.

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