Klassisk Musik att Vakna Till

Klassisk Musik att Vakna Till


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  1. Trumpet Concerto for trumpet, strings & continuo in D major, TWV 51:D7: Adagio  - Georg Philipp Telemann
  2. Peer Gynt Suite for orchestra (or piano or piano, 4 hands) No. 1, Op. 46: Morgonstämmning  - Edvard Grieg
  3. Symphony No. 29 in A major, K. 201 (K. 186a): Andante  - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  4. Cello Concerto No. 2 in D major, H. 7b/2 (Op. 101): Adagio  - Franz Joseph Haydn
  5. Divertimento for string quartet (or string orchestra) in D major ("Salzburg Symphony No. 1"), K. 136 (K. 125a): Andante  - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  6. Symphony No. 53 in D major ("L'Impériale"/"Festino"), H. 1/53: Andante  - Franz Joseph Haydn
  7. Concerto for flute, harp & orchestra in C major, K. 299 (K. 297c): Allegro  - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  8. Sonata a quattro (String Symphony) No. 1 in G major: Moderato  - Gioachino Rossini
  9. Minuet in A major, arrangement (after String Quintet in E major, Op.11/5 [aka Op. 13/5], G. 275)  - Luigi Boccherini
  10. Serenade for strings (or piano, 4 hands) in C major, Op. 48: Vals  - Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
  11. Quartet for oboe, violin, viola & cello in F major, K. 370 (K. 368b): Rondeau - Allegro  - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  12. Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat major, K. 595: Allegro  - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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