A Knight Of Passion

A Knight Of Passion

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by Ingela Hyatt

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He is a desperate prisoner escaped from the dungeons and she is his beautiful and daring captive. It was only three months ago when I, Lord Reynard Devin de Fauconer, learned of my father's death, making me Baron Rothwell. When I returned to the family castle after a five year absence, I certainly did not expect to find my cousin, Sir Garron, sitting in my stead,

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He is a desperate prisoner escaped from the dungeons and she is his beautiful and daring captive. It was only three months ago when I, Lord Reynard Devin de Fauconer, learned of my father's death, making me Baron Rothwell. When I returned to the family castle after a five year absence, I certainly did not expect to find my cousin, Sir Garron, sitting in my stead, having stolen my identity. Then to imprison me in the darkest hole of my own dungeon, accused of the most vile treachery. And yet I cannot blame him for his perfidy, for truly it was I who killed Maggie of Maidwell - his woman. I fear my actions, my desires brought about her death. After this tragic incident I vowed never to touch another woman - gentle or baseborn. However all is not lost - with the aid of a loyal servant I escaped the dungeon. I must tell you that during my flight I stumbled upon the most exquisite creature. Even half dead as I was, I could not resist the desire to kiss those lush lips. But what happened next was most unexpected - the lovely girl took it upon herself to sneak me from the castle, away from Garron's grasp. It was then I realized the spirited beauty was none other than Lady Rianna de Termonde, my own betroth, come to marry the imposter Baron Rothwell! The thought of him touching her, kissing her, makes my blood boil. And so I have done the unthinkable - I have kidnapped her. We've been racing across England for several weeks now, eluding Sir Garron's men and battling brigands intent upon killing me and stealing her. But I wonder if I am deluding myself. Rianna believes me to be Baron Rothwell's cousin, and I have not dissuaded her from this belief, using it as a shield to protect her. But I tellyou honestly, I do not know how much longer I can resist the passions brewing between us. There is something about her which touches me in a way I have never felt before. Should I reveal my true identity to her? Confess my darkest secret? Or will my love bring about the death of yet another woman? I seek your wise counsel in this matter. Desperately Yours, (the true) Baron Rothwell Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and violence.

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A Knight of Passion

By Ingela F. Hyatt

Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Copyright © 2006 Ingela F. Hyatt
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-59998-276-2

Chapter One

Reynard watched, captivated, as Rianna slowly opened her eyes. A deep crimson flush stealing into her cheeks as the whirlwind of passion receded from her gaze. He saw a hint of the emotions she must be feeling flash through her delicate features-shock, dismay, and finally anger. Without warning, she pulled back and slapped him full across the face. The blow so hard his head twisted to one side.

And then she was jerking out of his loose embrace as if to escape.

Growling, he grabbed her arm in a steel grip, yanking her back to him.

"I may have deserved that, demoiselle, for taking such liberties as kissing you, but do not even think that you are going to get away from me so easily," he hissed.

And then all was calm.

Reynard rose, attempting to mask the lust and anger boiling in his veins with indifference. He tightened his grip in warning, mashing flesh and bone, causing her delicate knuckles to turn white. She gasped in pain, her eyes widening in shock and fear as she began to tremble.

He instantly loosened his hold, but refused to let go. Turning away from her, he dragged Rianna behind him to where Strum stood stock motionless, waiting for his master's further command. Reynard was appalled at himself for harming her. But her slapping him in the face, the rejection of the passion they had just shared, cut through him like a knife, and sent fury careening out of control to clash with the lust already pounding through his veins. That she could so easily disregard the fact she had helped him escape the castle and the baron's wrath, though he'd not asked her. Or the amorous kisses they had shared when she'd merely thought him an escaped prisoner. But what stabbed deeper than he would ever admit, was her forgetfulness-she did not recognise him. Nor did she recall the oath which had bound them together for the last seven years. It only served to remind him why he had not dallied with such women in recent times, not since Maggie's death.

Taking hold of the horse's reins, he guided his captive and mount into the now empty clearing. Without giving her a chance to run, he swung Rianna up into the saddle, mounting behind her. His arm around her waist, he pulled her hard against his chest, leaving the maiden no choice but to lean against him. Taking the reins in his free hand, he clucked at Sturm, digging his spurs in the charger's flanks. The warhorse sprang forward, directed toward the left path and Tove River.

A long moment of silence passed as they made their way through the heavy brush dotting the winding path. Rianna sat still as stone in his hard embrace, seemingly trying to keep her back from touching his chest.

"Where are we going?" she suddenly asked, so softly he might have imagined it.

"To the river," he responded sharply, coldly.

He felt a shiver run down her spine as her back became more rigid.

Reynard stared down at her golden head, aware he was playing the fool for even caring he'd frightened her again. Anger still rolled through his veins from her rejection of his kiss, his touch. But then he should have stayed the hell away from her.

Had not the death of one woman been enough to teach him?

Reynard thought he'd learned his lesson well. But apparently he had not learned well enough, for he'd wanted her, and she had rejected him. Gritting his teeth against the fury rising within, he swallowed down the anger. One thing was certain, he would keep the madness from controlling him, no matter how alluring this maiden might be. Nor would he ever touch or kiss her again.


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Knight of Passion 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The_Reading_Reviewer More than 1 year ago
Secrets are difficult to keep especially around those you love. When you are keeping more secrets and telling more lies than truths at some point this is all going to come back to haunt you. Reynard Devin de Fauconer is doing just that by pretending to be a man he is not and falling in love under false pretenses to a woman he has every right to be with. Can any of this be true - find out as the story unfolds before you. Reynard escapes from his cousin's dungeon with Lady Rianna deTermonde as his accomplice. She knows not why she wants to help this man but she does so and finds herself being taken captive by him. When he takes her away with him she fights and tries to escape but he keeps outmaneuvering her. The trip is long and hard but safety is in moving forward not staying where they are. Reynard's cousin and his men are hot on their trail to recapture him and take Rianna back to the man she believes is her betrothed - but is he really. There is no much mystery as to why Reynard was being held prisoner, why he won't answer basic questions about where they are going and how he knows so much about her. Is he the man he says he is or could he be someone else who is not chivalrous at all? Reynard knows he is being forced to remain in disguise and not reveal himself to Rianna because when he does the entire life she thought she was building with him will blow up all around and the soldiers that are after them will be less harmful than her anger at the truth. But Rianna has her own secrets she is reluctant to reveal about her past and the feeling of responsibility for her mother's death. Reynard carries many ghosts as well but will they be able to finally resolve these issues and tell one another the truth? This story weaves in a multitude of directions and each one more intricate than the last. You are aware of the secrets that surround the characters and feel like you are holding onto an amazing deception that once revealed may cost them everything. Yet you keep reading because you have to know who really is the rightful error, why are innocent souls dying without cause and why is the man lurking in the dark working his evil behind the clock of darkness? Mary Gramlich ("The Reading Reviewer") www.marygramlich.com
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's hard to believe this is Ms Hyatt's debut book. It's filled with passion, intrigue, murder, revenge, and love. I can't recommend this book enough. I read it in eBook form, and now I'm going to buy it as a printed book. I can't wait to read it again! There are parts of this book that will leave you wondering about Ms Hyatt's personal experiences. She writes with a passion and reality that is rare in this day and age. You cannot read this book without being moved - both emotionally and sexually. As one reviewer said: 'absolutelty stupendous!' and I have to agree. You will not be disappointed if Historical Romance is your thing. FIVE STARS!!!!! (I'd give it more if such were available!)