Knights: In History and Legend
  • Knights: In History and Legend
  • Knights: In History and Legend
  • Knights: In History and Legend
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Knights: In History and Legend

by Constance Brittain Bouchard

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The most comprehensive book on knights and knighthood available.
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The most comprehensive book on knights and knighthood available.

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Book News
Attractively designed and abundantly illustrated, this oversize book will have wide appeal with a general audience enthralled with the Middle Ages for any number of reasons. Editor Bouchard...has overseen the work of 16 scholarly contributors to shape a narrative that begins with the origins of knights and chivalric ideals and then focuses on everyday life, castles, armor, weapons, and tournaments, before looking at knights through time--their rise, the Norman era, the Crusades, the Reconquista, and their decline. Their cultural legacy receives plenty of attention in chapters on knights in literature, film and television, war games, and honorific orders. A final section offers reference material.
Visually transfixing.
History Magazine
Knights: In History and Legend explores the rich historical, popular and artistic legacy of European knights.... A team of historians tackles each aspect of knighthood, from a knight's education and training, lifestyle and combat, [to] chivalric legend that has been recreated in countless paintings, books, poems, films and TV shows.
The Globe and Mail Holiday Round-Up
Bouchard, a professor of medieval history at the University of Akron in Ohio, oversees 167 other academic contributors as they look at the rise of knights in the 11th century and the decline of these "warrior elites" in the 14th century, done in by gunpowder and new battlefield tactics. A delightful book, it matches a lively text written for general readers with hundreds of colour illustrations.
Saginaw News - Lynn Heitkamp
There's no doubt that literature and film usually romanticize the age of chivalry, but the team of medieval experts who put together this book did an admirable job of getting to the truths behind the myths. They note that knights enjoyed listening to idealized stories about themselves, and that some of our most popular legends date back to storytellers of their time. This comprehensive volume is beautifully illustrated, using everything from historical artwork to contemporary picture stills to show how the lives of this elite warrior class continue to influence our culture.
Library Media Connection - Sandi Jordet
(starred review) King Arthur, Lancelot, the Knights Templar, Joan of Arc, the Samurai, and the Jedi--knights all--are included in this detail-packed book. Arranged in chronological order, the articles tell the story of how knights came to be. The Crusades are covered in depth, as are all of the topics, including some not found in other books on knights, such as the Reconquista of Spain... This book also includes Asian knights and their role in establishing the Samurai code along with their contribution to global history. Additionally the cultural legacy of knights is explored.... The artwork makes this book. The color illustrations provide sharp images. Sculptures and stonework pop off many of the pages. Weapons, maps, and reproductions of tapestries are just as clear. This is a book that begs to be browsed. Even my five-year-old grandson loved looking at the pictures. There is a reference section with a timeline a list of monarchs and further readings. Glossary. Index. Highly
Library Journal
Say the word knight, and most people think of King Arthur, gleaming armor, and white stallions charging in jousts. While not entirely wrong, such images don't do justice to the more complex and less pretty history of knights. Dominant on the battlefields and in the courts of Europe, knighthood was both a military position and a political and social class. In this lavishly illustrated volume, Bouchard (medieval history, Univ. of Akron; Strong of Body, Brave and Noble) and a team of medievalists recount the history of knights in Europe, as well as in China, India, and Japan, and describe their armor, weapons, mounts, castles, and coats of arms. They also cover the new life of knighthood in contemporary fiction, reenactment groups, movies, and computer games. VERDICT Aimed at history and art history lovers, this work would be excellent reading for medieval history enthusiasts and should be welcomed as a library reference resource.—Robert Harbison, Western Kentucky Univ. Lib., Bowling Green
Saginaw News
An admirable job of getting to the truths behind the myths...beautifully illustrated.
— Lynn Heitkamp
Library Media Connection
(starred review) This is a book that begs to be browsed. Even my five-year-old grandson loved looking at the pictures.
— Sandi Jordet
VOYA - Rachelle Bilz
Knights: In History and Legend is an exceptional volume of information from its arresting cover to its comprehensive index. Originating in eleventh-century France, knights have long been known for their fighting skills and their chivalric code; they have been esteemed and idealized throughout the ages. Knights is divided into five parts; the first three introduce knights, take readers into the life of a knight, and explicate the historical significance of knights. All aspects of knights as an integral part of battles and crusades are fully explained, as is the process of becoming a knight. Asian knights are also covered, with information on these warriors in Japan, China, and India. In addition to information about the knights and their training, the trappings of knighthood, such as armor (for both man and horse), weaponry, and heraldry are described in detail. Part five, "The Cultural Legacy," is an invaluable look at how knights and their standards persist even today. Knights in literature, television, and film are examined, as are sports mascots and reenactment groups. Part six, "Reference," contains helpful information such as a glossary, a list of further reading, and a timeline. Created by an international team of seventeen scholars, Knights is impressive in scope and hard to put down. Information is clearly presented, and the book is beautifully illustrated with full-color paintings, photographs, and artwork. A fascinating introduction to the topic, high school students already familiar with knights will find here a superb addition to books about these warriors. Reviewer: Rachelle Bilz

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