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Know Can Do!: Put Your Know-How Into Action

Know Can Do!: Put Your Know-How Into Action

by Ken Blanchard, Paul J. Meyer, Dick Ruhe

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By bestselling author Ken Blanchard (whose 40+ books have sold over 18 million copies), KNOW CAN DO! tells the story of how a well known author learns to bridge the gap between what we all know—all the advice we've taken in from books, seminars, etc.—and how we actually use that knowledge.


By bestselling author Ken Blanchard (whose 40+ books have sold over 18 million copies), KNOW CAN DO! tells the story of how a well known author learns to bridge the gap between what we all know—all the advice we've taken in from books, seminars, etc.—and how we actually use that knowledge.

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Prolific writer and management/leadership consultant Blanchard (The One Minute Manager) is joined by Success Motivation Institute founder Paul J. Meyer and motivational speaker Dick Ruhe to provide an answer to the age-old problem of why people do not do what they know they should. Blanchard admits that while many people have participated in his seminars and read his numerous books, his biggest disappointment has been that people don't seem to be following through on his concepts and consistently use his ideas in their daily lives. He began to realize that his past focus was on talking about leadership principles and attempting to change behavior from the outside instead of targeting what was in people's heads and hearts. The result is this work, which strives to help listeners learn how to close the gap between knowing and doing in order to achieve lasting change. Again using a fable as the basis for the discussion, Blanchard covers three reasons why people don't follow through on what they learn, including negative filtering, a lack of any follow-up, and information overload, or an overdose of knowledge. The authors explain how to adjust the brain's filtering system to learn up to 100 times more than before, how to ignite creativity and resourcefulness with green-light thinking, and how to master what has been learned by using spaced repetition over time. Mark Barbolak's briskly paced narration of this relatively short work keeps listener interest in what will likely be better received in human resource or training seminars, while appealing to the authors' large number of existing fans. Recommended for public libraries.
—Dale Farris

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When I think about the writing of Know Can Do, it's been a long time coming and has quite a history. Years ago, a dear friend of mine asked me what my biggest disappointment was with my career. That thoughtful question motivated some real self-reflection.

That's when I realized that what bothered me the most was that my work did not have universal, lasting impact. While my books were widely read, many people did not follow through on the concepts and use them consistently in their day-to-day work. My concern was that some managers seemed to be content merely to talk about leadership practices, rather than actually implementing them.

My friend said, “Maybe you're looking in the wrong place. You're trying to change people's behavior only from the outside.” He went on to say that he used to do the same until he realized that lasting change in people's behavior starts on the inside and moves out.

I knew right away he was right, because all I had been focusing on were leadership methods and behavior. I hadn't focused much on what was in people's heads or hearts.

Armed with this new insight, I realized that I needed some way to close the knowing-doing gap—a way that focused on the inside as well as the outside.

Enter Paul J. Meyer.

Paul has been a trailblazer in the behavior change business for almost fifty years. His Success Motivation Institute, Inc., founded in 1960, is dedicated to “motivating people to their full potential.” When I explained my dilemma to Paul, he was excited about trying to solve it. Give Paul Meyer a challenge, and you have a focused person beyond your belief.

After thinking about it, Paul prepared a keynote speech for a big international company on whose board he serves. The speech was entitled “The Missing Link”—what is needed to put the know-how you gain from reading books, listening to audios, watching videos, or attending seminars into action. That was the beginning of Know Can Do.

Working with Paul on this project was a real joy. He is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who has founded more than forty companies with worldwide sales that exceed $2 billion. With more than forty books in print, in some circles I am considered an author extraordinaire. What we needed to complete our team was a spokesperson who was willing to travel near and far to spread the word.

The person who came immediately to my mind was Dick Ruhe. He has worked with our company for almost twenty years and has been our number one speaker, carrying our message around the world. Dick had done some writing of his own, but as a speaker extraordinaire, he was the perfect match to work with Paul and me on Know Can Do.

One plus one plus one has turned into far beyond three. We are excited about Know Can Do and hope it gives you and your organization the strategies you need to take the knowledge you are taught and put it into action. We know it only takes one diet to lose weight—the one you focus on. In the same way, we think Know Can Do can make a real difference by giving people simple tools to close the knowing-doing gap and make their knowledge come alive. May our dreams come true and your goals be accomplished.

—Ken Blanchard June 2007

Meet the Author

Ken Blanchard is Chief Spiritual Officer of the Ken Blanchard Companies, Inc. He is the author or coauthor of more than 40 books, including the classic The One Minute Manager® (with Spencer Johnson), Raving Fans!®, (with Sheldon Bowles) and The Secret (with Mark Miller).
Paul J. Meyer is the founder of Success Motivation Institute, Inc. He is the author of numerous books, including The 5 Pillars of Leadership, I Inherited a Fortune and Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul.
Dick Ruhe is a senior consulting partner for The Ken Blanchard Companies. He is the author of the training program Total Quality Leadership.

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