Knowledge and Error: Sketches on the Psychology of Enquiry / Edition 1

Knowledge and Error: Sketches on the Psychology of Enquiry / Edition 1

by Ernst Mach

ISBN-10: 9027702810

ISBN-13: 9789027702814

Pub. Date: 12/31/1975

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Vienna Circle Collection Series, #3
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8.27(w) x 11.69(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

I. Philosophical and Scientific Thought.- II. A Psycho-physiological Consideration.- III. Memory. Reproduction and Association.- IV. Reflex, Instinct, Will, Ego.- V. Development of Individuality in a Natural and Cultural Habitat.- VI. The Exuberance of the Imagination.- VII. Knowledge and Error.- VIII. The Concept.- IX. Sensation, Intuition, Phantasy.- X. Adaptation of Thoughts to Facts and to Each Other.- XI. On Thought Experiments.- XII. Physical Experiment and its Leading Features.- XIII. Similarity and Analogy as a Leading Feature of Enquiry.- XIV. Hypothesis.- XV. Problems.- XVI. Presuppositions of Enquiry.- XVII. Pathways of Enquiry.- XVIII. Deduction and Induction Psychologically Viewed.- XIX. Number and Measure.- XX. Physiological Space in Contrast with Metrical Space.- XXI. On the Psychology and Natural Development of Geometry.- XXII. Space and Geometry from the Point of View of Physical Enquiry.- XXIII. Physiological Time in Contrast with Metrical Time.- XXIV. Space and Time Physically Considered.- XXV. Sense and Value of the Laws of Nature.- Index of Names.

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