Kristina: At Carnegie Hall

Kristina: At Carnegie Hall


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Disc 1

  1. Overture
  2. Path of Leaves and Needles
  3. Where You Go I Go with You
  4. Stone Kingdom
  5. Down to the Sea
  6. A Bad Harvest
  7. No!
  8. He's Our Pilot
  9. Never
  10. Golden Wheatfields
  11. All Who Are Grieving
  12. We Open Up the Gateways
  13. Peasants at Sea
  14. Lice
  15. In the Dead of Darkness
  16. A Sunday in Battery Park
  17. Home
  18. American Man
  19. Dreams of Gold
  20. Summer Rose

Disc 2

  1. Emperors and Kings
  2. Twilight Images Calling
  3. Queen of the Prairie
  4. Wild Grass
  5. Gold Can Turn to Sand
  6. Wildcat Money
  7. To the Sea
  8. Miracle of God
  9. Down to the Waterside
  10. Miscarriage
  11. You Have to Be There
  12. Here I Am Again
  13. With Child Again
  14. Rising from Myth and Legend
  15. I'll Be Waiting There

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Laura Ahlbeck   Oboe
John Beal   Bass
David Cerutti   Viola
Bruce Eidem   Trombone
Paul Gemignani   Conductor
Kathleen Nester   Flute
Joe Passaro   Percussion
Sally Shumway   Viola
Ming Yeh   Violin
Cenovia Cummins   Violin
Carl Albach   Trumpet
Richard Brice   Viola
Annabelle Hoffman   Cello
Dean Plank   Trombone
Robert Ousley   Ensemble,cast
Thad Wheeler   Percussion
Mary Whitaker   Violin
Antoine Silverman   Violin
Dominic Derasse   Trumpet
Deborah Assael   Cello
Jennifer Hoult   Harp
T. Doyle Leverett   Ensemble
Marc Goldberg   Bassoon
Roger Shell   Cello
Jane Brockman   Ensemble
Lisa Steinberg   Violin
Robin Zeh   Violin
Rebecca Eichenberger   Ensemble
Derin Altay   Ensemble
Linda Mugleston   Ensemble
Shelly Holland-Moritz   Viola
Greg Stone   Ensemble,cast
Louise Pitre   cast
Rob Lorey   Ensemble
David Hess   Ensemble,cast
Joy Hermalyn   Ensemble,cast
Jon Manasse   Clarinet
Anja Wood   Cello
Justin Smith   Violin
Matthew Lehmann   Violin
Kathy Voytko   Ensemble
Helen Sjöholm   cast
Sean Carney   Violin
Larry Lelli   Drums
Julia Pilant   Horn
Lou Bruno   Bass
Walter Charles   Ensemble,cast
Osborn Focht   Ensemble
Frank Mastrone   Ensemble
Arthur Dibble   Viola
Louise Owen   Violin
Susan Perelman   Violin
Michael James Leslie   Ensemble
Raymond Jaramillo McLeod   Ensemble
Russell Watson   cast
Wayne Schroder   Ensemble
Karla Moe   Flute
Sylvia D'Avanzo   Violin
Tom Carney   Violin
Annbritt duChateau   Keyboards
Jan Neuberger   Ensemble
Robert Zubrycki   Violin
Jordan Frazier   Bass
Ronald Sell   Horn
Pavel Vinnitsky   Clarinet
John Wasiniak   Ensemble
Andrew Schwartz   Guitar
Madeleine Rose Yen   cast
Kevin Odekirk   cast
Josh Caggiano   cast
Jessica Vosk   Ensemble,cast
Claire Tendl   cast
Victor Heifetz   Violin
Elina Lang   Cello
Blythe Gruda   Ensemble
Sadie DeWall   Viola
Liz Griffith   Ensemble
Suzanne Gilman   Violin
Katherine Hannauer   Violin
Wende Namkung   Violin
Sal Sabella   Ensemble
Matthew Beckmann   Cello
Raymond Jaramillo   cast

Technical Credits

Benny Andersson   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Orchestration
Anders Eljas   Arranger,Orchestration
Paul Gemignani   Music Direction
Björn Ulvaeus   Composer,Lyricist
Anders Berglund   Arranger,Orchestration
Orjan Fahlstrom   Arranger,Orchestration
Herbert Kretzmer   Composer,Lyricist
Bernard Löhr   Engineer
Lars Beijbom   Arranger,Orchestration
Paul Chessell   Artwork
Lars Hedberg   Arranger,Orchestration
Olov Helge   Arranger,Orchestration
Magnus Lindén   Arranger,Orchestration
Pär Mårtenson   Arranger,Orchestration
Kenneth Olausson   Arranger,Orchestration
Lars Rudolfsson   Director
Peter Gary   Engineer
Anthony Lalumia   Recording Assistant
Lars G. Flinck   Arranger,Orchestration
Jason Dibartollo   Recording Assistant
Brian Flanzbaum   Recording Assistant

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