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by V.I. Lenin, Leon Trotsky

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Political and economic lessons from the 1921 mutiny at Kronstadt naval base-hailed by Washington, London, and Paris-and the deadly threat it posed to the young Soviet Republic.

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Political and economic lessons from the 1921 mutiny at Kronstadt naval base-hailed by Washington, London, and Paris-and the deadly threat it posed to the young Soviet Republic.

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Kronstadt 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
For the workers and farmers of Russia, winning political power in 1917 was a formidable enough job in itself. However, defending the new revolution quickly became a much more Herculean task. From 1917-21, the new Soviet Republic battled imperialist invasion and counterrevolutionary forces in a civil war. The Kronstadt rebellion flared when it seemed the civil war was at a pause and the political and fighting capacities of the countries working people was near exhaustion. There were many other rebellions during the period, but Kronstadt posed more serious implications for the existence of working class leadership heading the Soviet government. Opponents of the October revolution saw Kronstadt as the closest point to Europe and a defenceless Petrograd. A central demand of the nearly 15,000 rebels was, 'Soviets without Bolsheviks' which was a weak kneed way of calling for the overthrow of the workers and farmers government. The book covers the speeches and writings of Bolshevik leaders Lenin and Trotsky exposing the dangers involved and what was behind the motivations of the Kronstadt rebels and it's leaders. In later years, Trotsky takes on critics who label aspects of the Bolsheviks suppression of the Kronstadt rebellion as the beginning of Stalinism. When over three hundred delegates to the Russian communist party congress volunteer to throw themselves - in the biting cold of the Russian winter -into the middle of a military battle you are not sure you are going to win and do just that. Then you know the mutineers at Kronstadt were up against a force much wider and deeper than the Bolsheviks.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This short collection presents one of the central questions facing working people the world over-- what does it take to defend the conquests of a workers revolution in the living complexity of a real revolutionary struggle? Kronstadt was the scene of an uprising against the Russian Revolution several years after the Bolsheviks led workers and peasants to overthrow capitalism. ¿Kronstadt¿ details the pressures of war and economic blockade imposed by the United States, France, Britain and other capitalist powers, which made the early years of the revolution enormously difficult. This left some among workers and peasants as well as middle-class layers open to counter-revolutionary propaganda and actions. More recently, similar challenges arose in the Cuban revolution and the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua, both of which faced years of murderous attacks by U.S.-organized counter-revolutionaries. ¿Kronstadt¿ reprints excerpts from contemporary speeches and reports by two central leaders of the Russian Revolution, V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky, as well as later articles by Trotsky drawing lessons of the experience. They explain the roots of the crisis and the measures taken by the revolutionary government to suppress the uprising. They answer arguments of anarchists and others who turned their backs on the revolution and acted in behalf of the capitalist-inspired counterrevolution. An extensive glossary, introduction and a 1938 article ¿The Truth About Kronstadt¿ from the socialist journal ¿New International¿ round out the collection and will help you make sense of these important events.