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Kubrick's Game

Kubrick's Game

4.5 4
by Derek Taylor Kent

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What if Stanley Kubrick left behind more than just his classic films? What if he also left behind an elaborate puzzle cleverly buried within his films, which would lead the player toward a treasure that could change the course of human history?

“A thrilling page-turner, thrilled with mystery and puzzles designed by a cinematic genius.” ~


What if Stanley Kubrick left behind more than just his classic films? What if he also left behind an elaborate puzzle cleverly buried within his films, which would lead the player toward a treasure that could change the course of human history?

“A thrilling page-turner, thrilled with mystery and puzzles designed by a cinematic genius.” ~ Jennifer Bosworth, Author of “Struck” and “The Killing Jar”

[Puzzle Adventure, Suspense/Thriller, Film/Movies, Conspiracy]

Fifteen years after his death in March 1999, Stanley Kubrick has apparently arranged a hand-selected announcement that his films are far more than they appear to be. As UCLA’s resident Kubrick expert, Professor Mascaro was the recipient of Kubrick’s package. Inside is a reproduction of the famous photo Kubrick took for the cover of Look Magazine following the death of FDR. The image to the right has become emblazoned in the American zeitgeist.

On the back of the photo is a message written by Kubrick that reads: “Follow me to Q’s identity.” Mascaro is stumped and asks Shawn Hagan, his brilliant but socially awkward film student, what he thinks that might mean.

Shawn takes the photo and studies it with his only two friends at school–Wilson Devereaux, an infamous former child star bent on becoming a respected director, and Samira “Sami” Singh, a graduate film student with a dark, rebellious past.

The friends initially come up empty, but upon discovering a missing piece of the puzzle Mascaro strangely decided not to reveal at first, Shawn realizes that the answer to Q’s identity is hidden within the dialogue and imagery of the first film Kubrick had complete control over–“Lolita.”

The clues lead the friends to an old hotel in New York, where a mysterious package has been held by the concierge for twenty years. The package contains the next clue in the puzzle as well as a filmed message from Kubrick himself that confirms the construct of the elaborate game. Unfortunately, the friends also learn that at least two other groups have recently uncovered this first part of the puzzle, which puts them a step behind.

By the end, Kubrick will have proven his genius to be unmatched, when the game takes the player far beyond the boundaries of reality and sends him into the darkest realms of the human mind in order to make it to the final stage. This climactic set piece is surely the most difficult and diabolical puzzle ever created by man.

Shawn will have to face his own demons and reconnect with those who care about him in order to receive the great treasure that is Kubrick’s final legacy and gift to humanity.

“Like Kubrick’s films, this book dazzles. A fascinating mind-bender that any movie fan will geek out for.” ~ EJ Altbacker, Author of “Shark Wars” and “Handy Andy Saves the World”

KUBRICK'S GAME by Derek Taylor Kent

Evolved Publishing presents a mind-blowing, often comedic, sometimes tragic, always entertaining look at an extraordinary "What If?"adventure. [DRM-Free]

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"Like Kubrick's films, this book dazzles. A fascinating mind-bender that any movie fan will geek out for." ~ EJ Altbacker, Author of "Shark Wars" and "Handy Andy Saves the World"

"Welcome to Kubrick's Game, where nothing is what it seems, and every puzzle solved leads to the beginning of a new mystery. Three brilliant cinema geeks race against the most elite film students in the country to unlock a mystery designed by the dark and twisty mind of the genius himself, Stanley Kubrick. If you're lucky enough to receive an invitation to play Kubrick's Game, you're in for a thrilling page-turner of a ride!" ~ Jennifer Bosworth, Author of "Struck" and "The Killing Jar"

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Meet the Author

Author - Derek Taylor Kent is an author, screenwriter, and performer based out of Los Angeles, California. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in theater and playwriting. After realizing a career as a theater actor in LA wasn't possible, he launched his writing career, penning the hit musical King Kalimari.

The success of Harry Potter inspired him to rediscover his early love of book writing. After his first novel was soundly rejected, he found success with his second, receiving a three-book deal from HarperCollins for his series "Scary School" (written under pen name Derek the Ghost). The first book won an award for "Funniest Chapter Book of the Year" by Children's Literature Network, and the series went on to become one of the most popular for middle-grade readers. His bi-lingual picture book "El Perro con Sombrero" was released August 2015 through Holt/Macmillan, and quickly became a best-selling new picture book. Other available books include the award-winning educational picture book "Simon and the Solar System" and the magical adventure "Rudy and the Beast."

Lane Diamond - SENIOR EDITOR: Lane Diamond has over 120 published books to his editing credit, including many multiple award-winners, and across multiple genres and styles. He is also the author of the "Tony Hooper" series of thrillers.

Lina Rivera - EDITOR: I caught the writing bug early on in elementary school after my teacher showed me how to make my own book. Excited by this idea, I ran home and made my first picture book on notebook paper and bound with yarn. I majored in creative writing at the University of Southern California, and entered the world of editing through educational publishing while working at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I love getting lost in a great story, whether it be literary, science fiction, or coming-of-age. In critique groups and workshops, I've had the privilege of reading works-in-progress and being a part of a great story from its inception through revisions and beyond. If I can ever help an author along in their process, then I consider that a success for both of us.

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Kubrick's Game 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite 1 days ago
Reviewed by Scherry Jenkins for Readers' Favorite Kubrick's Game starts out with a nerdy, socially awkward college student, Shawn Hagan, attending a film class at UCLA. He proceeds to argue with his professor, beginning with the professor's pronunciation of Stanley Kubrick's name. The disagreement goes downhill from there, but Shawn is later called into Professor Mascaro's office and is shown a photo with a message written on the back from the famous Stanley Kubrick himself. This was the first in a long line of clues establishing the "game." Shawn enlists the help of two friends, Sami and Wilson, and the game is on! But as they proceeded, they realized that they were not the only people playing this game. Students from other universities were also involved ... and some really bad guys too! The kind of bad guys with guns. This is one of those books that you will either love or hate. For me ... I loved it! And I'm not even a film buff or a fan of Stanley Kubrick! But I AM a fan of mysteries! And Kubrick's Game had mystery on every page. About one third into the story, I didn't think the characters were very well developed, but the more I read, the more I began to "know" them. They still weren't as developed as I would have liked, but what Derek Taylor Kent did with the story line made up for that. There was a touch of young adult, college-type humor thrown in that made me chuckle, and just enough suspense to hold my intrigue. And there was a touch of romance (but no tingles and you know how I love tingles). But what really fascinated me was the game itself. This wasn't your typical scavenger hunt. This game took the type of intelligence that few people - even people in the film industry -would have. I was provided with the audio version of this book for my review, and although I appreciated that (I love Audible!), I can't help but feel I was a bit cheated when I realized that the book itself contained pictures that enhanced the story. I may just go buy the book to see more for myself. As for the audio version, I must say that the narrator, Jonathan Frakes, was wonderful. There were two other actors used for some of the different voices. It was extremely well done. So, whichever you choose, book or audio, be prepared for an intriguing tale!
JBronder 6 days ago
Shawn Hagan is a film student that receives an invitation to participate in a puzzle that could change the course of history left behind by the famous director Stanley Kubrick. Shawn is not the only one participating, several nefarious people are also participating. It’s up to Shawn to get to the prize first. I admit that I was watched a couple of Kubrick’s movies and was curious about the story. All I can say is WOW!! First of all, I liked Shawn. He was a great person and does have autism, but it is written in such a way that it is more of an explanation for some of his difficulties instead of making you feel sorry for him. I love he challenges as you follow Shawn on his quest. You can tell that there was lots of research put into this book. I also how you think you might know where this is going and then a twist leaves you off kilter. But I think the best part of the book was the desire to go back and watch all of Stanley Kubrick’s films. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the story. But now I want to watch the movies again to see what I missed. This is a great action adventure story revolving around movies. It will appeal to book and movie lovers alike. I received Kubrick’s Game from Candid Book Reviews for free. This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book.
Bookaholic_Banter 9 months ago
* I received an ARC of this book from the author in return for an honest review. This book was VERY well thought out. You can tell that a lot of time and effort were put into the puzzle in this book. If you like a mystery with a ton of adventure you will really enjoy this book. It is a mind-bender. It gets you thinking and trying to solve the clues right along with the characters. It seems so real, and like it's actually a fictional book based on fact. That may be part to the cool illustrations throughout the book. There is a bit of romance thrown in between several of the characters but not much. It doesn't overpower the story. The story concentrates more on the puzzle and mystery of the films. This also might be why for me I would lose a bit of interest while reading. The details in the films and puzzle were thought out so meticulously that from time to time I would feel myself growing a little bored from all the detail. I couldn't really connect that well with all of the characters. I felt like I didn't know most of them very well. The author did a great job of making me feel like I knew Shawn and his life. Unfortunately, I didn't get to know too much about the other characters and that kind of left me feeling disconnected from them. I was missing feeling and depth from these characters. I was missing those little personality quirks that makes a character special, and makes me feel connected. Some of the puzzles in this story were a little too complex for me. These had to be some very brilliant film students to solve clues like this. I couldn't wrap my mind around some of the clues. If you are into mind-bending puzzles of a high caliber than this is definitely a book you will enjoy. I have to say that I am not much of a Stanley Kubrick fan but if you happen to have watched and enjoyed all ( or most ) of his films, or even if you are just a huge movie buff, than you will really enjoy this book. If you like puzzles, adventure, danger, and conspiracy theories then this book is also for you. I absolutely adored the ending. It is one of those books that ends just the way I like it. Also, LOVED the surprise from the author at the end of this book. A brilliant idea. Overall, I did enjoy reading this book for the most part. I thought the concept of the book was absolutely brilliant. I just wish that I could have felt more of a connection with these characters. If this author was to write another scavenger hunt type of adventure novel about a Steven Spielberg films or another film maker who I adore I would definitely read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago