by Andrew Dabb, Chris Lie

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Children's Literature - Michael Jung
Best known for its line of Hasbro action figures and 1980s animated series, G.I. Joe also has a rich comic book history, with several different series published by Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, and Devil's Due Publishing. While the characters and story line are often reinterpreted, the basic premise remains the same: G.I. Joe is an elite American military unit sworn to defend the world against COBRA, a terrorist group determined to rule the world. This premise is outlined in G.I. Joe, Sigma 6: Kumite, which follows the COBRA ninja Storm Shadow as he tries to win the Shadow Kumite, a secret lethal fighting tournament, while on a mission to steal an experimental microchip for COBRA. But when G.I. Joe sends its own ninja Snake Eyes after the thief, Storm Shadow offers Snake Eyes a deal: defeat him in the Shadow Kumite for the microchip—or die trying. As the ninjas battle, artist Chris Lie crafts a dynamic fight sequence, influenced by Japanese manga. The story, which ties into a new G.I. Joe toy line and animated series, is easy to follow although rather simplistic compared to other G.I. Joe comics. In addition, while its reinforced binding makes it more durable, the book is only twenty-two pages (the standard length for a single comic book issue). Librarians would be better served with a G.I. Joe trade paperback that collects several issues into a single volume. Reviewer: Michael Jung

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ABDO Publishing Company
Publication date:
G. I. Joe SIGMA 6 Series
Product dimensions:
6.80(w) x 10.30(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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