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Kusikiy a Child of Taquile, Peru

Kusikiy a Child of Taquile, Peru

by Mercedes Cecilia

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A Peruvian island in Lake Titicaca is the setting for this original myth about a boy who embarks on a crucial mission. When drought threatens the potato and quinoa crops of Taquile, Kusikiy flies on the back of a condor to make an offering to Apu, the Guardian Spirit of the Great Glacier. He asks the spirit to help bring about the return of the Llama Constellation, which heralds rain. After Kusikiy follows Apu’s instructions to float a piece of ice on the lake to summon the stars, “Clouds begin to smile and raindrops jump in the lake,” and the islanders celebrate the end of the drought. The poetic narrative is often opaque (“At this altitude the dust of the full moon whitewashes the feathers of birds and the wind whistles stories of the beginning of life on Earth”), yet the story conveys Taquile’s sense of community and strong intergenerational ties. Cecilia’s folk art showcases the vibrancy of island traditions; images of intricately patterned handwoven and knit items are particularly striking. An author’s note offers additional information about Taquile’s customs and lifestyle. Ages 6�12.

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