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La Petite Four

La Petite Four

4.3 11
by Regina Scott

Lady Emily is determined to be belle of the ball in this irresistible romantic romp.

La Petite Four is the sweet, playful tale of sixteenyear- old Lady Emily's self-discovery on her way to finding love and having a ball—literally!

Emily and her three best friends can't wait for the year's biggest party: the Coming-Out Ball that will plunge them into


Lady Emily is determined to be belle of the ball in this irresistible romantic romp.

La Petite Four is the sweet, playful tale of sixteenyear- old Lady Emily's self-discovery on her way to finding love and having a ball—literally!

Emily and her three best friends can't wait for the year's biggest party: the Coming-Out Ball that will plunge them into the seductions, scandals, and decadence of nineteenth-century London Society. But when dashing Lord Robert puts a wrinkle in their plans, Emily and her crew hatch an investigation to expose his dark side—a move which puts them right in the path of the stubborn, yet curiously attractive James Cropper. Readers will have to fluff up their ball gowns and hang on to their corsets as Emily decides between Robert and James, love and independence, and ultimately discovers just how far she'll go to follow her own heart.

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Cindy Faughnan
La Petite Four are four young ladies whose season and coming-out balls in old London are threatened when Emily's father, the Duke, betroths her to the dastardly Lord Robert, a cad and a jewel thief. The four decide that they must find some reason to denounce Lord Robert and derail the marriage plans. They follow him into seedy parts of London until they uncover a plot in which he is involved. Lord Robert's bastard brother, Jamie Cropper, is a member of London's elite investigative force trying to catch Lord Robert. Emily falls in love with Jamie, who saves her from Robert in the end. The girls' escapades include slapstick scenes where they spill punch on beautiful gowns, throw up on the proposed fiancT, and tie themselves to commodes so they can climb out windows. Despite the era in which the story is set, the characters hold values that seem much more modern. Emily believes she should have a say in her future. The girls have a great deal of freedom to explore on their own. While they mention rules and platitudes of the time, they rarely follow them. The four friends are indistinguishable except for their various tics, such as Emily always touching her necklace. The writing often relies on exclamation points to show emotion. The mystery is shallow; it is obvious that Lord Robert is a jewel thief and that Jamie is working with the police. The book is passable in its genre for readers who want a quick, light read. Reviewer: Cindy Faughnan
School Library Journal

Gr 8-10

Lady Emily Southwell has been counting the days until her graduation and cohosting a coming-out ball with her friends, known collectively as La Petite Four. What she doesn't count on is being betrothed to horrid Lord Robert, and she must reach her father in London to change his mind. Lord Robert quickly shows his true colors, being just as horrible as Emily feared, and her father will hear nothing of canceling the engagement. Then James Cropper enters the picture. He has a shady past that doesn't squelch Emily's love for him. Priscilla's scandalous relatives may be her downfall, Ariadne is quite the gossip, and Daphne gets cold feet and clumsy when a handsome man is in her midst. However, the bulk of the story surrounds Emily. The language is often poetic, with words such as "reticule" and "puce" and old-fashioned phrases like "havey cavey." The story line is predictable, with each of the La Petite Four resolving issues cleanly, but readers will push through and find the ending satisfying. An excellent choice for fans of Anna Godbersen's "Luxe" series (HarperCollins).-Nichole King, Morgan Hill Library, CA

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12 Years

Meet the Author

Regina Scott lives in Washington State with her husband and sons. La Petite Four is her first YA novel.

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La Petite Four 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mrdarcy3 More than 1 year ago
What do you do when you hear the news that even before you debut in society, that you will be married soon. When Lady Emily hears the news from her father, she's dumbfounded. Married in 8 days? Miss the ball her beloved friends have been planning? Not become inducted into the Royal Society for the Beaux Arts for her paintings? Indeed, she's devastated, but she's not giving up. Instead she's almost something lurking behind Lord Robert's desire to marry her. She along with her three best friends (la petite four) vows not to stop until they uncover his scandal and the wedding! An highly entertaining read! I love Regency England. I wonder if there will be books featuring the other girls.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Lady Emily and her best friends from boarding school, Priscilla, Ariadne, and Daphne, are all ready to graduate and head back to their homes in nineteenth-century London. They're even more excited for Priscilla's coming-out ball, which they all are planning on attending. That is, until Emily learns that she is engaged to Lord Robert Townsend.

This puts a damper on all of the girls' plans, as Lord Robert is not planning on attending the ball and doesn't think Emily will be there, either. While Emily doesn't think that the marriage will work, her father thinks it is a match made in heaven and fails to honor Emily's request to cancel the engagement. Emily knows that if she is ever going to be a member of the Royal Society of Beaux Arts and go to Priscilla's ball, she will simply have to take matters into her own hands.

With the help of her best friends, Emily sets off to find something that will prove that Lord Robert will not be a good husband. What Emily finds not only surprises her, but also helps her find something she's been longing for -- true love.

I cannot express the way I felt about this book in one word, but I will try. This book was truly AMAZING! Actually, the book is more than amazing; it's fantastic, superior, radiant, and any other synonym you can think of! Now can you tell how much I loved this book?!

I am always up for historical fiction, and this book certainly lived up to and surpassed every expectation I had of it. I mean it contained mystery, suspense, and love. What more could a girl ask for? Regina Scott created a great story where the characters were three-dimensional and you felt like you were walking the cobbled streets of nineteenth-century England.

I especially loved Emily's character. I could feel the sarcasm in her words and felt her sadness when she was grieving over not attending the ball. While I had my hunches as to what Lord Robert was up to, there were always little twists and turns that kept me second guessing myself until the moment was revealed. Regina Scott has definitely found her niche in the YA world, and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that there will be more adventures with the La Petite Four.

I really just cannot get over how good this book is! I urge you all to scurry to your closest book provider and pick up a copy of LA PETITE FOUR, as it is....AMAZING!!!
booksrule4ever5 More than 1 year ago
La Petite Four are Lady Emily and her three best friends: Priscilla, Ariadne and Daphne. They've finally graduated from the Barnsley School for Young Ladies and can't wait for the ball that will launch them into London Society. But when La Petite Four uncover a deadly scheme, they realize they are the only ones who can put a stop to it. Now they don't know who to trust-only that they must save the ball, and Emily, before it's too late.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lady Emily and her best friends Priscilla, Ariadne, and Daphne make up La Petite Four. Their dream is to throw an unforgettable ball to mark their debut into Good Society. However, their plans are dashed when Lord Robert announces his intentions to marry Lady Emily, which for some reason requires their marriage to take place within a little over a week and prevents Lady Emily¿s attendance of the ball. La Petite Four are appalled they¿ve been planning this ball for ages! And since Lady Emily detests the very thought of marrying this man, La Petite Four take it upon themselves to discover Lord Robert¿s secrets or anything that will stop Lady Emily¿s impending marriage. But when this investigation turns out to be more dangerous than just traipsing all over London, La Petite Four know they must reveal the secret before it¿s too late. I will begin by saying that La Petite Four is a slightly misleading title as the story is mainly about Lady Emily and not focused on the exploits of the four friends however, I did think that name of their little clique of friends was adorable. La Petite Four was a cute blend of high society, friendship, daring escapades, and even danger. I found it amusing to follow the four friends around as they tried to find Lord Robert¿s secret only to come up with false accusations until the very end. I was a little disappointed that the characters weren¿t very developed often I felt that certain characteristics were forced upon me or just snuck in, but that didn¿t make the story less enjoyable. I felt that the story focused mainly on plot, which isn¿t necessarily a bad thing, but characterization would¿ve made the story much better. However, I really loved the historical angle of the novel, and especially how it affected the rights and roles of women. La Petite Four was good but not the best. I felt it was a small step down from several of my favorite historical novels, like The Luxe by Anna Godbersen and the A Great and Terrible Beauty series by Libba Bray. However, it was a very entertaining, enjoyable, and light read. Fans of Marissa Doyle¿s Bewitching Season will like this non-magical version of London¿s high society.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was a bit confusing to me in the beginning as I could not place the exact year the story took place! Fortunately my confusion eventually was cleared and I fell in love with this book telling a tale of Lady Emily and her best friends. The ending of the story is a bit of a shock and the plot captivated me until the end! A great story of love, trust, romance, excitement, and mystery.
harstan More than 1 year ago
La Petite Four met at the Bardsley School and became close friends for life. Lady Emily Southwell, Miss Priscilla Tate, Miss Ariadne Courdebas and Miss Daphne Courdebas are one for all and all for one even as they look forward to graduating and taking London by storm in their first season.------------- However, Emily is stunned to learn that her father¿s arranged betrothal to Lord Robert Townsend has been announced and she will marry him before her season. She refuses as she has dreams of becoming an artist asked to join the Royal Society for the Beaux Arts. Emily and her Petite Four friends seek to find a blemish that would prove Lord Robert is unworthy to be her mate. She alos finds herself attracted to Mr. James Cropper whose loathing of Lord Robert should make him an ally, but she fears he is using her as a pawn in his feud. This LA PETITE FOUR begin the quest.------------------ This first of four tales is a terrific young adult Regency romantic suspense tales starring fully developed characters. Each of the female quartet is physically and emotionally different, which enhances a strong historical tale. The two antagonists who compete for Lady Emily¿s affection augment the fine story line further. Regency fans of all ages will appreciate the opening salvo with three petite females storming high society to follow.------------------ Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Emily Southwell and her friends are finally graduating and looking forward to their Season in the spotlight! Their coming out ball is sure to thrust the girls into the extravagant life of nineteenth century London society. Lord Robert Townsend has other plans and announces his engagement to Lady Emily, ruining her plans. Her father insists that the match is made and she should accept her future. Even if that means giving up her dreams of being an artist and joining the Royal Society for the Beaux Arts. She decides that she must take matters into her own hands and find a flaw that would make Lord Robert unfit to be her husband. In her advances to discredit Lord Robert she often finds herself in the company of Mr. James Cropper who also seems to have a vendetta against Lord Robert. With the help of her three friends, La Petite Four, may be able to rescue Emily from the pending marriage and attend her lavish ball. This was a great read! I love historical fiction and La Petite Four is a wonderful addition to the genre! Regina Scott is an awesome writer! I really enjoyed this book and I hope she continues with books for Young Adults. La Petite Four has a little bit of everything mystery, suspense, romance and of course really beautiful dresses! The plot is interesting and captivating. It took Emily and me the same time to figure out exactly what was going on with Lord Robert. The story is told beautifully without being overbearing as some historical fiction novels can be. I thoroughly enjoyed these characters as well. Although I would have liked getting to know more about Ariadne, and Daphne, even so I enjoyed their parts as supporting characters.