Laboratory And Field Investigations In Marine Life / Edition 9

Laboratory And Field Investigations In Marine Life / Edition 9

by James L. Sumich, Gordon Dudley

ISBN-10: 0763757306

ISBN-13: 9780763757304

Pub. Date: 02/29/2008

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

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DisciplineID: 2138

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Jones & Bartlett Learning
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Table of Contents

Laboratory and Field Investigations in Marine Life
General Introduction
Laboratory Exercises
1- Asking Questions
2- Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Seawater
3- Taxonomic Classification and Identification
4- Marine Bacteria
5- Phytoplankton
6- Attached Marine Plants
7- Photosynthetic Pigments of Marine Plants
8- Some Lower Marine Invertebrates
9- Marine Mollusks
10- Marine Arthropods
11- Echinoderms
12- Marine Zooplankton
13- Cartilaginous Fishes
14- Bony Fishes
15- Adaptations in Marine Mammals
Field Studies
General Information
Coastal Wetlands
Rocky Intertidal
Fouling Community
A- The Metric System
B- The Microscope
C- Permanent Plant Collections
D- The Gram Stain
E- Analyzing Data
F- Some Regional Field and Identification Guides for Marine Organisms

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