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Ladies' Night Out

Ladies' Night Out

4.5 2
by Electa Rome Parks

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Electa Rome Parks-acclaimed author of Almost Doesn't Count, The Ties that Bind, and Loose Ends-now explores the bonds among four women and the secret confessions that could put their friendship at risk.

Lexie, Meshell, Tonya, and Tracee are single and successful best friends. Devoted to each other since college, they've bonded over a monthly


Electa Rome Parks-acclaimed author of Almost Doesn't Count, The Ties that Bind, and Loose Ends-now explores the bonds among four women and the secret confessions that could put their friendship at risk.

Lexie, Meshell, Tonya, and Tracee are single and successful best friends. Devoted to each other since college, they've bonded over a monthly ritual to regroup and keep it real. With a little wine, drama, and laughs, they discuss their dreams, betrayals, families, and without a doubt, the men in their lives that come and go. But tonight, ladies' night out arrives with a twist- and a revelation that could threaten a longstanding friendship or bring four women closer to understanding themselves, their men, and their secret passions than ever before.

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Parks's hardcover debut (after three paperback originals) follows Lexie, Meshell, Tracee and Tonya, four best girlfriends who think they know everything about each other. They don't, of course, and what they don't know might hurt them-or, at least, strain their bond. The women get together once a month for a night out in Atlanta, during which anything goes and (almost) everything is said. For fear of being judged, each harbors scandalous sex-centric secrets: Alexie, the clique's "conscience," meets a New York City firefighter on the Internet and has a fling with him; Meshell, the outspoken and overstressed attorney, unwinds with anonymous sex; Tracee has a wild exhibitionist streak; and Tonya, the materialist, is having an affair with her boss, a married man with two kids. Prompted by the ladies' revelations and emotional breakthroughs, Meshell and Lexie host an "intervention" instead of their usual night out. The erotic story makes for a fun and fast read, though the rotating first-person narration can get confusing and the ladies end up being more types than characters. (Jan.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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Meet the Author

Electa Rome Parks lives outside Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, Nelson, and two children. With a B.A. degree in marketing, she is currently working on her next novel and fulfilling her passion as a writer. Author website: electaromeparks.com.

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Ladies' Night Out 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lexie, Meshell, Tonya and Tracee are single, sexy, professional women who have been best friends since college. Once a month, they have their night out complete with wine, food, laughs, and straight up girl talk. But this night out turns deliciously erotic when one question comes up: What¿s the freakiest thing you¿ve ever done? As the ladies reveal their sexy escapades, each still has some secrets that she keeps to herself. Lexie is the ¿goodie-two shoes¿ of the crew until she gets caught up in a sexy internet encounter that may prove to be more than she bargained for. Meshell is busy with risky, random sexual encounters trying to fill the void in her life. Tonya is involved in an affair with a married man. Tracee¿s exhibitionist tendencies may prove to be more hazardous than she could ever imagine. Will all of these secrets bring these friends closer together or drive them apart? Ladies¿ Night Out is a saucy, spicy novel by Electa Rome Parks. Parks expertly brought a fast-paced novel with a healthy dose of erotica. I loved the camaraderie of these women and how they all had different issues when it came to dealing with the opposite sex. The inclusion of the jaw-dropping sex scenes was different from this author¿s previous novels and was a pleasant surprise. Readers will find that once you pick up this novel, you won¿t be able to put it down until you get to the very last page. Ladies¿ Night Out is sizzling, seductive and delightful.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's not uncommon for a group of girls to congregate and spend time together for a night of fun. In Electa Rome Parks' newest book, LADIES' NIGHT OUT, four girlfriends find time to do just that in the pursuit of happiness. We find Lexie, Meshell, Tracee and Tonya, four distinct personalities with one thing in common - finding the least common denominator that wouldn't throw a wrench into their desires to be independently happy. The gist of this story centers on the premise that happiness is fleeting...or is it? The plot thickens and gives the story substance as each woman harbors individual nuances and secrets that remain the genesis of their pursuits. It all started at one of their monthly meetings with, Meshell articulating a somewhat grandiose query to incite sensibilities for action. Lexi, taking the bait, sets out on a daring quest to appease nagging concerns about her sexuality. Brought up in a sheltered environment as a preacher's kid could prove to be much more than she bargained for. Meshell, embellished with verve and the confidence of her mettle as a sassy prosecuto, is outspoken an adheres to anonymity where sex is concerned. Readers will surely recognize the author's penchant to portray this character as someone identifiable by how stress of being overworked can be associated within the workplace...and because of it, gives Meshell substance in telling her story. I liked the way she chose to handle adversity amid her friends' meddlesome ways. Tonya, with overtones of a Diva on the move, loves and lives for the moment. Her lavish materialistic lifestyle affords her status that seemingly gives her standing among the group. As in life, there tend to be much more beneath the surface that has greater bearing on what is perceived to be status quo, and that can be attributed to blasé if not embittered upbringing. This shortcoming gives rise to her relentless desire to excel. I would readily ask -- to what extent would she be compelled to traverse in achieving it? Now comes Tracee, liberal to the heart and with an `anything goes' attitude spiked with that good-timey feel that exudes living for the moment. It's this carefree attitude that keeps her friends on pins and needles. So much so that she embarks on an ironic escape that flavors this part of the story with panache. LADIES NIGHT OUT is a fun read where page-turning delight gives four daring friends a chance to revel in taking chances to fulfill notions of fun. They think they know to what extent each would go to pursue happiness, and it's this boldness that they extract that makes this novel believable. I loved the way the author gave each character the mannerisms that seem to mirror idiosyncratic ways that are so common in our world today among friends. The scenes are merited with contrasting value and tones for colorful interludes. How can you not revel at how sexual innuendo is deposited here for interaction? All you'd have to do is buy into Electa's imagery where a fling with a firefighter is met while surfing the net what about wild exhibitionist streaks and dreams of being a pleasure principal for the right guy or, having an affair with your married boss then there's the other things that happen when the four of them relate their first person narratives for persuasive personification. This is an excellent read...one where you'd be readily recommend this book to others as I have. Read it and revel in Electa Rome Parks joining that elitist circle of writers!