Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday on Columbia 1933-1944

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Barnes & Noble - Ted Panken
Billie Holiday was a skittish 18-year-old singing for tips in a Harlem speakeasy when -- under the hawkish gaze of reigning diva Ethel Waters -- she took the microphone to sing "Your Mother's Son-in-Law," the first track of this definitive ten-CD retrospective. She was 26 when she sang "Until the Real Thing Comes Along," the last of 149 songs that appear on the 42 sessions she recorded for the Columbia, Brunswick, Vocalion, Okeh, and Harmony labels; she was 28 when she waxed "Do Nothing 'Til You Hear from Me" and "I Love My Man" on the all-star V-disk session with Roy Eldridge, Barney Bigard, Art Tatum, Oscar Pettiford, and Sid Catlett that concludes these proceedings. ...
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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ted Panken
Billie Holiday was a skittish 18-year-old singing for tips in a Harlem speakeasy when -- under the hawkish gaze of reigning diva Ethel Waters -- she took the microphone to sing "Your Mother's Son-in-Law," the first track of this definitive ten-CD retrospective. She was 26 when she sang "Until the Real Thing Comes Along," the last of 149 songs that appear on the 42 sessions she recorded for the Columbia, Brunswick, Vocalion, Okeh, and Harmony labels; she was 28 when she waxed "Do Nothing 'Til You Hear from Me" and "I Love My Man" on the all-star V-disk session with Roy Eldridge, Barney Bigard, Art Tatum, Oscar Pettiford, and Sid Catlett that concludes these proceedings. Holiday continues to define for many what jazz singing is, and Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday on Columbia, 1933-1944 documents her glorious prime -- it's the music that forms the bedrock of her legend. Herein are 230 tracks -- every master take, 77 alternates, and a consequential selection of radio air checks and rarities. The repertoire is the American Songbook at its finest and most crass; more often than not, Lady Day turns dross to gold and alchemizes gold into sparkling diamonds. Several dozen of her intuitive, articulate interpretations stand as crown jewels in the history of recorded jazz. Along the way, she encounters a who's who of the era's heavyweight improvisers and shows definitively that she is not "just a singer" but an ensemble-oriented vocal instrumentalist, preternaturally shaping pitch and timbre and rhythm within the flow to serve profound narrative purposes. In addition to the aforementioned, these collaborators include tenor saxophonists Lester Young, Ben Webster, Chu Berry, Joe Thomas, and Don Byas; alto saxophonists Johnny Hodges, Benny Carter, Hilton Jefferson, and Tab Smith; trumpeters Roy Eldridge, Bunny Berrigan, Buck Clayton, Red Allen, Cootie Williams, Charlie Shavers, Harry James, Hot Lips Page, and Jonah Jones; clarinetists Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, and Buster Bailey; pianists Teddy Wilson, Count Basie, and Joe Sullivan; bassists Walter Page, John Kirby, and Milt Hinton; and drummers Jo Jones, Gene Krupa, Cozy Cole, and Kenny Clarke. This is the first systematic issue on CD of Holiday's glory years, and it brings almost the full timeline of her career into print, joining GRP's ten-CD set of her Verve recordings for Norman Granz [1951-57] and their less ambitious double-disk issue of the Commodore sessions. Her devotees of long standing will purchase The Complete Billie Holiday because the iconic material -- the magical dialogues with Lester Young, Roy Eldridge, et al. -- is all in one place. Neophytes who want to know the substance that underpins the legend must have it because -- drenched in the animating spirit of the Swing Decade -- it is the place to start. It's every bit as essential to a well-balanced collection as the Louis Armstrong Hot Fives, the Duke Ellington 1940-41 recordings, and the Charlie Parker Guilds, Dials, and Savoys. The sound is present, warm, and clean, and the user-friendly packaging makes it easy to access the disks and catalogue. The latter includes an excellent biographical overview by Gary Giddins, a survey of Holiday's effect on literature and the arts, and a quirky track-by-track rundown by executive producer Michael Brooks, whose informative anecdotes are offset by curmudgeonly aesthetic assessments that should not be taken at face value. Most important, on every track Lady Day bears out Maya Angelou's savvy assessment cited in the promotional material: "Billie Holiday was a keen observer. She saw through lyrics and she saw through people. She sang every song not only as if she had written it herself, but as if she had written it that very morning."
All Music Guide - Thom Jurek
When Sony/Columbia began its ambitious Legacy reissue project, those who followed their jazz titles knew it was only a question of time before the massive Billie Holiday catalog under their ownership would see the light in its entirety. The question was how? Years before there was a host of box sets devoted to her material, but the sound on those left something to be desired. Would they remaster the material in two- or three-disc sets with additional notes? Would it be one disc at a time? Would the material be issued as budget or midline material or at full price? The last item could be ruled out based on the label's aggressive and very thorough packages of single discs by Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and others. As for the box set issues, how could one successfully package this material with all of the foreign issues in a way that made sense? Again, there were fine precedents in the box set packages of the Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong packages, which are impeccably remastered, designed, and presented -- six Grammy's worth. The answer lies in this lavishly designed ten-CD package that looks on the outside like a 78 album sleeve with a tucked book of notes, track annotations, and rare photographs, and a deck of wondrously remastered CDs that are sequenced in such a way that the entire Columbia story is told in a way that not only makes sense, but is compelling in its revelations of Holiday's development as a vocalist and an interpreter of songs from 1933. The story begins with her first two recordings for the label with Benny Goodman in November and December of 1933, moves to two years later when she recorded another session, and ends some 43 sessions later in 1944 with her own band that starred Roy Eldridge, Barney Bigard, Art Tatum, Oscar Pettiford, and Sidney Catlett. These include a pair of V-disc recordings from that year. In all, this set contains 230 tracks. There are 153 masters recorded for Columbia and its subsidiaries, like Brunswick, Vocalion, Okeh, and Harmony. Thirty-five of these tracks have never before been issued in the United States, and those masters are included here beginning on CD seven and continuing throughout to the end of disc ten. Musically it is inarguable that these 11 years were the high point of Ms. Holiday's career, the stunning recordings she did with her own band that featured some of the greatest legends in jazz as well as those recorded with Teddy Wilson, Benny Goodman, Benny Carter, Count Basie, Eddie Heywood, and even one with Duke Ellington's band in 1935 "Saddest Tale" from Ellington's Symphony in Black recording session. Musicians like Hot Lips Page, Don Byas, Kenny Clarke, Ben Webster, Lester Young, Charlie Shavers, Freddie Greene, Jo Jones, Cozy Cole, Chu Berry, Henry "Red" Allen, Bud Freeman, Milt Hinton, Buck Clayton, Johnny Hodges, and literally dozens of others contribute to the development of the Holiday legend. What may appear confusing at the outset makes great sense as the set progresses. The first six discs are master takes recorded either with her orchestra or the other groups mentioned. Disc seven begins laying out the alternate takes and airchecks and personnel crisscrosses all over the set. While this might be irritating to some listeners, it serves a two-fold purpose: one is that the integrity of the American masters is preserved, and the second is that the alternates and check-ins can be heard in a sequence that makes sense historically and aesthetically. Believe me, since these too are laid out chronologically as alternates, it's a pleasure to listen to them rather than wading through five or six or even two takes of the same song laid back to back. It's also on the alternates, far from the masters, that we get a different perspective on process and development, not only in terms of Holiday's singing, but also the different accents added or deleted from the orchestral accompaniment. Lastly, being able to go back and forth in these takes, we get to witness the sharp juxtaposition of her development as a singer from the raw, early bluesy material influenced deeply by Bessie Smith to the master songstress who could nuance a maximum emotion from just a few notes, smoothly and without a trace of edginess. The unissued masters are a cipher. Literally, it is confounding that these recordings were previously unavailable here in that they mark her reunion with Benny Goodman or other fine sessions with Basie or her vocal collaborations with Johnny Mercer in 1939. In many ways the purchase of the set is worth it for discs nine and ten alone, as well as the killer packaging. Lastly, it would be shameful not to make mention of the truly amazing liner notes by the esteemed Gary Giddins. He needs no more accolades, but his writing here paints a far bigger portrait of Ms. Holiday's contribution and her era than any previously published. It's a biographical essay written with a critic's eye and holds no punches where Ms. Holiday's particular strengths and limitations lie, and he voices his own surprise at hearing certain things on the set he was previously unfamiliar with. This is a new standard in what liner notes for these kinds of projects should aim for: humanizing a legend and cultural myth and making the contribution stand out somehow as something that exists almost in spite of whatever the human being's life was like. There is also a fine cultural and socio-historical essay by Professor Farah Griffin from Columbia University. Her approach is Holiday's influence trans-aesthetically, her influence upon other singers, writers, painters, and photographers. It's a provocative read and is not written in the dread academy's attempt at communicable language. Griffin writes with heart and directness of purpose. There are tough arguments made here, but she makes them with grace and she makes them plainly. Finally, producer Michael Brooks provides -- along with an introductory essay -- a track-by-track analysis with all the data a jazz historian or musicologist could ever want, including matrix numbers. This set finally puts Ms. Holiday's massive contribution to 20th century art in fitting perspective. There are untold hours to spend listening here for the fanatic or the foundling. The package is worthy of your coffee table instead of a book of photographs of who knows what, and the wealth of knowledge it provides about the history of jazz is literally incalculable.
Billboard - Bill Holland
This is the most vital reissue of timeless, historically important American music since Legacy's lauded boxed set of Louis Armstrong's Hot Five/Hot Seven recordings last year.

This is the most vital reissue of timeless, historically important American music since Legacy's lauded boxed set of Louis Armstrong's Hot Five/Hot Seven recordings last year.
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 10/2/2001
  • Label: Sony
  • UPC: 696998547025
  • Catalog Number: 85470


Disc 1
  1. 1 Your Mother's Son-In-Law (2:45)
  2. 2 Riffin' The Scotch (2:31)
  3. 3 I Wished On The Moon (3:01)
  4. 4 What A Little Moonlight Can Do (2:56)
  5. 5 Miss Brown To You (2:58)
  6. 6 A Sunbonnet Blue (And A Yellow Straw Hat) (2:50)
  7. 7 What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl (2:55)
  8. 8 I'm Painting The Town Red (2:57)
  9. 9 It's Too Hot For Words (2:45)
  10. 10 Twenty Four Hours A Day (3:00)
  11. 11 Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town (2:42)
  12. 12 Eeny Meeny Meiny Mo (3:10)
  13. 13 If You Were Mine (3:09)
  14. 14 These 'N' That 'N' Those (3:12)
  15. 15 You Let Me Down (2:52)
  16. 16 Spreadin' Rhythm Around (2:53)
  17. 17 Life Begins When You're In Love (3:02)
  18. 18 It's Like Reaching For The Moon (3:20)
  19. 19 These Foolish Thing (3:17)
  20. 20 I Cried For You (3:10)
  21. 21 Guess Who (3:08)
  22. 22 Did I Remember? (2:49)
  23. 23 No Regrets (2:35)
  24. 24 Summertime (2:53)
  25. 25 Billie's Blues (2:38)
Disc 2
  1. 1 A Fine Romance (2:51)
  2. 2 I Can't Pretend (3:03)
  3. 3 One, Two, Button Your Shoe (2:47)
  4. 4 Let's Call A Heart A Heart (2:59)
  5. 5 Easy To Love (3:10)
  6. 6 With Thee I Swing (3:16)
  7. 7 The Way You Look Tonight (3:00)
  8. 8 Who Loves You? (3:13)
  9. 9 Pennies From Heaven (3:15)
  10. 10 That's Life I Guess (3:08)
  11. 11 I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Baby) (3:26)
  12. 12 One Never Knows, Does One? (3:02)
  13. 13 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (2:55)
  14. 14 If My Heart Could Only Talk (3:03)
  15. 15 Please Keep Me In Your Dreams (2:16)
  16. 16 He Ain't Got Rhythm (2:49)
  17. 17 This Year's Kisses (3:08)
  18. 18 Why Was I Born? (2:50)
  19. 19 I Must Have That Man (2:54)
  20. 20 The Mood That I'm In (2:59)
  21. 21 You Showed Me The Way (2:58)
  22. 22 Sentimental And Melancholy (2:37)
  23. 23 My Last Affair (3:08)
Disc 3
  1. 1 Carelessly (3:05)
  2. 2 How Could You (2:29)
  3. 3 Moanin' Low (3:03)
  4. 4 Where Is The Sun? (2:45)
  5. 5 Let's Call The Whole Thing Off (2:36)
  6. 6 They Can't Take That Away From Me (3:02)
  7. 7 Don't Know If I'm Comin' Or Goin (2:45)
  8. 8 Sun Showers (3:06)
  9. 9 Yours And Mine (3:15)
  10. 10 I'll Get By (3:07)
  11. 11 Mean To Me (3:06)
  12. 12 Foolin' Myself (3:00)
  13. 13 Easy Living (3:02)
  14. 14 I'll Never Be The Same (3:01)
  15. 15 Me, Myself And I (2:35)
  16. 16 A Sailboat In The Moonlight (2:49)
  17. 17 Born To Love (2:38)
  18. 18 Without Your Love (2:51)
  19. 19 Getting Some Fun Out Of Life (3:00)
  20. 20 Who Wants Love? (2:32)
  21. 21 Travelin' All Alone (2:12)
  22. 22 He's Funny That Way (2:39)
Disc 4
  1. 1 Nice Work If You Can Get It (3:07)
  2. 2 Things Are Looking Up (3:19)
  3. 3 My Man (3:01)
  4. 4 Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (3:14)
  5. 5 My First Impression Of You (2:47)
  6. 6 When You're Smiling (2:50)
  7. 7 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (2:49)
  8. 8 If Dreams Come True (3:03)
  9. 9 Now They Call It Swing (2:58)
  10. 10 On The Sentimental Side (3:03)
  11. 11 Back In Your Own Backyard (2:40)
  12. 12 When A Woman Loves A Man (2:23)
  13. 13 You Go To My Head (2:52)
  14. 14 The Moon Looks Down And Laughs (2:55)
  15. 15 If I Were You (2:24)
  16. 16 Forget If You Can (2:48)
  17. 17 Having Myself A Time (2:28)
  18. 18 Says My Heart (2:48)
  19. 19 I Wish I Had You (2:49)
  20. 20 I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) (2:06)
  21. 21 The Very Thought Of You (2:45)
  22. 22 I Can't Get Started (2:46)
  23. 23 I've Got A Date With A Dream (2:42)
  24. 24 You Can't Be Mine (2:21)
Disc 5
  1. 1 Everybody's Laughing (3:00)
  2. 2 Here It Is Tomorrow Again (2:44)
  3. 3 Say It With A Kiss (2:34)
  4. 4 April In My Heart (3:06)
  5. 5 I'll Never Fail You (2:58)
  6. 6 They Say (3:10)
  7. 7 You're So Desirable (2:51)
  8. 8 You're Gonna See A Lot Of Me (2:57)
  9. 9 Hello, My Darling (2:43)
  10. 10 Let's Dream In The Moonlight (2:53)
  11. 11 That's All I Ask Of You (2:56)
  12. 12 Dream of Life (2:43)
  13. 13 What Shall I Say? (3:04)
  14. 14 It's Easy To Blame The Weather (2:58)
  15. 15 More Than You Know (3:05)
  16. 16 Sugar (2:45)
  17. 17 You're Too Lovely To Last (2:48)
  18. 18 Under A Blue Jungle Moon (2:55)
  19. 19 Everything Happens For The Best (2:48)
  20. 20 Why Did I Always Depend On You? (2:31)
  21. 21 Long Gone Blues (3:05)
Disc 6
  1. 1 Some Other Spring (3:01)
  2. 2 Our Love Is Different (3:13)
  3. 3 Them There Eyes (2:48)
  4. 4 Swing, Brother, Swing (2:54)
  5. 5 Night And Day (2:58)
  6. 6 The Man I Love (3:04)
  7. 7 You're Just A No Account (2:58)
  8. 8 You're A Lucky Guy (2:43)
  9. 9 Ghost Of Yesterday (2:37)
  10. 10 Body And Soul (2:57)
  11. 11 What Is This Going To Get Us? (2:39)
  12. 12 Falling In Love Again (2:49)
  13. 13 I'm Pulling Through (3:09)
  14. 14 Tell Me More-More-Then Some (3:07)
  15. 15 Laughing At Life (2:54)
  16. 16 Time On My Hands (You In My Arms) (3:04)
  17. 17 I'm All For You (3:08)
  18. 18 I Hear Music (2:39)
  19. 19 The Same Old Story (3:10)
  20. 20 Practice Makes Perfect (2:34)
  21. 21 St. Louis Blues (2:53)
  22. 22 Loveless Love (3:15)
  23. 23 Let's Do It (2:55)
  24. 24 Georgia On My Mind (3:17)
Disc 7
  1. 1 Romance In The Dark (2:15)
  2. 2 All Of Me (3:01)
  3. 3 I'm In A Low Down Groove (3:08)
  4. 4 Solitude (3:13)
  5. 5 God Bless The Child (2:58)
  6. 6 Am I Blue? (2:44)
  7. 7 Jim (3:08)
  8. 8 I Cover The Waterfront (2:55)
  9. 9 Love Me Or Leave Me (3:20)
  10. 10 Gloomy Sunday (3:11)
  11. 11 Wherever You Are (2:59)
  12. 12 Mandy Is Two (2:59)
  13. 13 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (3:02)
  14. 14 Until The Real Thing Comes Along (3:08)
  15. 15 Saddest Tale (2:53)
  16. 16 No Regrets (2:35)
  17. 17 The Way You Look Tonight (3:07)
  18. 18 Who Loves You? (3:14)
  19. 19 Pennies From Heaven (3:18)
  20. 20 That's Life I Guess (3:18)
  21. 21 They Can't Take That Away From Me (2:54)
  22. 22 Don't Know If I'm Comin' Or Goin' (2:45)
  23. 23 I'll Get By (3:06)
  24. 24 Mean To Me (3:05)
Disc 8
  1. 1 Me, Myself And I (2:35)
  2. 2 Without Your Love (2:52)
  3. 3 They Can't Take That Away From Me (3:23)
  4. 4 Swing, Brother, Swing (1:50)
  5. 5 I Can't Get Started (2:45)
  6. 6 My First Impression Of You (2:50)
  7. 7 When You're Smiling (3:00)
  8. 8 I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (2:48)
  9. 9 If Dreams Come True (3:03)
  10. 10 Now They Call It Swing (3:04)
  11. 11 On The Sentimental Side (3:04)
  12. 12 Back In Your Own Backyard (3:14)
  13. 13 You Go To My Head (2:52)
  14. 14 The Moon Looks Down And Laughs (2:54)
  15. 15 If I Were You (2:27)
  16. 16 Forget If You Can (2:49)
  17. 17 Having Myself A Time (2:29)
  18. 18 Says My Heart (2:43)
  19. 19 I Wish I Had You (2:59)
  20. 20 I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) (2:06)
  21. 21 I Can't Get Started (2:46)
  22. 22 I've Got A Date With A Dream (2:41)
Disc 9
  1. 1 April In My Heart (3:12)
  2. 2 They Say (3:03)
  3. 3 You're So Desirable (2:53)
  4. 4 You're Gonna See A Lot Of Me (2:58)
  5. 5 Hello, My Darling (2:42)
  6. 6 Let's Dream In The Moonlight (2:54)
  7. 7 I Cried For You (2:29)
  8. 8 Jeepers Creepers (3:01)
  9. 9 That's All I Ask Of You (2:58)
  10. 10 More Than You Know (3:04)
  11. 11 You're Too Lovely To Last (3:01)
  12. 12 Under A Blue Jungle Moon (3:03)
  13. 13 Night And Day (3:02)
  14. 14 Falling In Love Again (2:46)
  15. 15 Laughing At Life (2:54)
  16. 16 I'm All For You (3:27)
  17. 17 I Hear Music (2:39)
  18. 18 The Same Old Story (3:10)
  19. 19 Practice Makes Perfect (2:35)
Disc 10
  1. 1 St. Louis Blues (2:53)
  2. 2 Loveless Love (3:15)
  3. 3 Let's Do It (2:56)
  4. 4 Georgia On My Mind (2:59)
  5. 5 Romance In The Dark (2:18)
  6. 6 All Of Me (2:59)
  7. 7 God Bless The Child (2:58)
  8. 8 Am I Blue? (2:45)
  9. 9 Jim (3:04)
  10. 10 Gloomy Sunday (3:12)
  11. 11 Wherever You Are (2:59)
  12. 12 Mandy Is Two (2:59)
  13. 13 It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (3:08)
  14. 14 Until The Real Thing Comes Along (3:18)
  15. 15 Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me/I'll Get By (3:00)
  16. 16 I Love My Man (4:05)
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Album Credits

Performance Credits
Billie Holiday Primary Artist, Vocals
Henry "Red" Allen Trumpet
Buster Bailey Clarinet
Danny Barker Guitar
Bunny Berigan Trumpet
Chu Berry Tenor Saxophone
Al Casey Guitar
Buck Clayton Trumpet
Bill Coleman Trumpet
Harry "Sweets" Edison Trumpet
Roy Eldridge Trumpet
Benny Goodman Clarinet
Freddie Green Guitar
Johnny Hodges Alto Saxophone
Jo Jones Drums
Jonah Jones Trumpet
John Kirby String Bass
Gene Krupa Drums
Marshall Royal Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Artie Shaw Clarinet
Tab Smith Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Jack Teagarden Trombone
Ben Webster Tenor Saxophone
Teddy Wilson Piano
Cootie Williams Trumpet
Lester Young Tenor Saxophone
Dave Barbour Guitar
Eddie Barefield Alto Saxophone
Cozy Cole Drums
Irving Fazola Clarinet
Tyree Glenn Trombone
Edmond Hall Clarinet
Benny Morton Trombone
Vido Musso Clarinet
Babe Russin Clarinet
Edgar Sampson Clarinet
Charlie Teagarden Trumpet
Don Redman Alto Saxophone
Trummy Young Trombone
Wellman Braud String Bass
Sonny Greer Drums
Walter Page String Bass
Georgie Auld Alto Saxophone
Cy Baker Trumpet
Red Ballard Trombone
Benny Carter Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Noni Bernardi Alto Saxophone
Artie Bernstein String Bass
Emmett Berry Trumpet
Barney Bigard Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Lester Boone Alto Saxophone
Vernon Brown Trombone
Harry Carney Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone
Shirley Clay Trumpet
Shad Collins Trumpet
Duke Ellington Piano, Leader
Carl Frye Alto Saxophone
Harry Goodman String Bass
Fred Guy Guitar
Jimmy Hamilton Clarinet
Clyde Hart Piano
J.C. Heard Drums
Benny Heller Guitar
Milt Hinton String Bass
Hilton Jefferson Alto Saxophone
Freddie Jenkins Trumpet
Ulysses Livingston Guitar
Lawrence Lucie Guitar
Tom Mace Clarinet
Carmen Mastren Guitar
Johnny Mercer Vocals
Wilson Myers String Bass
Nuncio "Toots" Mondello Alto Saxophone
Allan Reuss Guitar
Arthur Rollini Tenor Saxophone
Hymie Schertzer Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Cecil Scott Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Kermit Scott Tenor Saxophone
Jess Stacy Piano
Alphonse Steele Drums
Ted Sturgis String Bass
Martha Tilton Vocals
John Trueheart Guitar
Buck Washington Piano
Jack Washington Alto Saxophone
Leo Watson Vocals
Dicky Wells Trombone
Arthur Whetsol Trumpet
Sonny White Piano
Kenneth Hollon Tenor Saxophone
Dick McDonough Guitar
Art Karle Tenor Saxophone
Herbert Cowans Drums
Joe Buskin Piano
Richard Clarke Trumpet
Jimmy Sherman Piano
Grachan Moncur II String Bass
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra Track Performer
Duke Ellington & His Orchestra Track Performer
Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra Track Performer
Jimmy McLin Guitar
Stanley Payne Tenor Saxophone
Hal West Drums
Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra Track Performer
Ted Buckner Alto Saxophone
Technical Credits
George Gershwin Composer
Franz Waxman Composer
Hoagy Carmichael Composer
Benny Goodman Composer
Gordon Jenkins Composer
Al Jolson Composer
John Hammond Sr. Producer
Irving Mills Composer
Edgar Sampson Composer
Jimmy McHugh Composer
Victor Mizzy Composer
Leonard Joy Composer
Luther Henderson Composer
Dorothy Parker Composer
Steven Berkowitz Producer
Jerome Kern Composer
Frank Loesser Composer
Fred E. Ahlert Composer
Billie Holiday Composer
Lew Brown Composer
J. Fred Coots Composer
Peter DeRose Composer
Walter Donaldson Composer
Al Dubin Composer
Duke Ellington Arranger, Composer
Dorothy Fields Composer
Mark Fisher Composer
Arthur Freed Composer
Ira Gershwin Composer
Gary Giddins Liner Notes
Haven Gillespie Composer
Ernest Gold Composer
Joe Goodwin Composer
Mack Gordon Composer
Paul Greenwood Composer
Oscar Hammerstein II Composer
Arthur Herzog Jr. Composer
Edward Heyman Composer
Gus Kahn Composer
Charles F. Kenny Composer
Manny Kurtz Composer
Burton Lane Composer
John Lange Composer
Al Lewis Composer
Paul Mann Composer
Carmen McRae Composer
Teddy McRae Composer
Johnny Mercer Composer
Cole Porter Composer
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Bob Russell Composer
R. Smith Composer
T. Smith Composer
Al Stillman Composer
Irv Taylor Composer
Bob Todd Composer
Roy Turk Composer
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Harry Warren Composer
S. White Composer
Bernie Hanighen Composer, Producer
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Ronnie Ingraham Composer
Sam M. Lewis Composer
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Vaughn DeLeath Composer
Carmen Lombardo Composer
Seth Rothstein Producer
Ron Jaramillo Art Direction
Vee Lawnhurst Composer
Roy Ringwald Composer
Sam Coslow Composer
Ted Koehler Composer
Harold Adamson Composer
Maceo Pinkard Composer
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Irving Gordon Composer
Al Hoffman Composer
Harry Akst Composer
Seymour Simons Composer
Victor Schertzinger Composer
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Jack Strachey Composer
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Harry Revel Composer
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Benny Davis Composer
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Alvin Kaufman Composer
Haven Johnson Composer
Helen Meinardi Composer
J.K. Jerome Composer
Ken Upham Composer
Irene Kitchings Composer
Caesar Petrillo Composer
Edward Ross Composer
N. Cloutier Composer
Gertrude Neisen Composer
Michael Field Composer
Newt Oliphant Composer
David Lee Composer
Lee Wainer Composer
László Jávor Composer
John Redmond Composer
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