Lady Knight

Lady Knight

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by Marisa Chenery
LADY KNIGHT [Erotic Historical Romance ] Saxon Lady Ariel of Elmstead disguises herself as a boy and leads her father's men to battle the Norman invaders. Her goal is to find the Norman knight who left her with child the year before. The only clue she has to his identity is the ring he gave her. During the battle of Hastings, Broc St. Ceneri takes a young Saxon boy as


LADY KNIGHT [Erotic Historical Romance ] Saxon Lady Ariel of Elmstead disguises herself as a boy and leads her father's men to battle the Norman invaders. Her goal is to find the Norman knight who left her with child the year before. The only clue she has to his identity is the ring he gave her. During the battle of Hastings, Broc St. Ceneri takes a young Saxon boy as his hostage. The boy so resembles the Saxon girl he can't forget, Broc offers to train him as a knight after he is granted Elmstead as his own. With Broc unable to see through her disguise, Ariel must decide whether to risk all by revealing her secret, or say nothing and let the man she loves wed another. *** "Lady Knight is the story of a woman who takes her destiny into her own hands, and is brave enough to walk in a man's world during a time when a woman was not considered a man's equal. Ariel proves a woman can handle a sword as well as any man, and makes no apologies for it." ~ Marisa ~ *** 5 Stars: "Delightful Romance... I savored every word of Lady Knight. Ariel is a strong character. She not only fought beside seasoned warriors, she led them. She achieved the status of Knighthood, and yet was feminine enough to capture the heart of a Knight. Beautifully written, sensual, heartwarming, Lady Knight is sure to please fans of medieval romance." -- Debra Gaynor, Review Your Book *** 5 Hearts: "Ms. Chenery has written a great story with two lovable characters that at times I would have liked to shake. Ariel is a strong heroine that takes a stand for what she believes. She proves a woman can do anything a man can in a time when a woman was considered beneath men. And Broc is handsome, strong, and loyal but so stubborn and blind to what is right in front of his face. The trials these two suffer through are at times overwhelming, but they struggled through it all, including war, a disturbed evil man, being sold into slavery, and even being kidnapped. I would recommend this one to anyone looking for an excellent historical that will keep them on the edge of their seats, biting their nails or even itching to shake someone. I loved it." -- Sandra, The Romance Studio.

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This Norman appeared to be very much like the other. He wore the same type of helmet and chain mail. Ariel looked lower and saw the broad sword hanging from the belt strapped around his waist. His shield hung over his saddle within easy reach. The shield bore an emblem, the same as the other knight's, but his was different. The shield had been completely painted white and in the center a gold unicorn stood on its hind legs. It almost seemed to be pawing the air as its ruby colored eye glared back at Ariel.

Her attention swept back up to the knight's face as he raised his arm and removed his helmet. Ariel felt her jaw drop open as she stared at him. His apparel may be the same, but his looks did not compare.

His dark blond hair he wore long and caught back by a leather thong so it fell to his shoulders in a tail. The other Norman had shaved the back of his head. When asked why, he had said that it was easier to control when wearing a helmet all the time.

His eyes were what intrigued her most about this Norman. At first glance they appeared to be a pale green, but at closer inspection she realized that they were actually gold. As she looked, the corners of his eyes crinkled when he smiled at her.

"I hope you found what you are looking for."

Ariel felt the heat rise to her face. She normally could talk to any person she encountered, but this knight left her speechless.

"You probably only speak English, do you not?"

Ariel continued to look at him. He thought she was one of the villagers. The rough homespun gown did nothing to make him think otherwise. Far be it for Ariel to change his opinion. She did not want to reveal herself, because if she did,courtesy would dictate she offer him her hospitality. She did not want anyone outside of the village to see what her father had become.

"Come. I would enjoy your company even if you do not understand me. I'm sure we will get our ideas across somehow."

Ariel stared at the hand he reached out with. She knew she should not take it, but for once she wanted to do something just for her. Knowing what he offered and thinking she could reveal herself if it came to be the only way, Ariel placed her hand in his so he could pull her up to sit in front of him.

He held her around her waist with one arm as he turned his horse and walked back into the forest. They did not go far for just passed the tree line a small pond sat in the center of a clearing. Surrounded by thick trees, it made a perfectly secluded spot.

Ariel looked closer at the knight's face and fought the urge to swallow. His perfectly sculptured square jaw with a slight cleft in the centre and the sharp cheekbones made him the picture of pure male essence. Ariel saw the slightly darker stubble of hair on his chin and cheeks. On some men it would have made them look shabby, but it only enhanced the male beauty of the knight. There was something about him that called out to her, to the lonely part of her. She felt alone, even though her father was still there physically.

He chuckled at her close scrutiny and lowered Ariel to the ground. When she took a step back from the horse, he dismounted and tied the reins around the nearest tree. Without turning he unbuckled his chain mail, slipped it over his head, and hung it with his sword belt over his saddle.

Ariel briefly wondered how far she should let this go. For when he turned back, he reached for her and slowly pulled her toward him. The first sensation that hit her was the all engulfing warmth that radiated from his body. She had had no idea men could be so warm. She had not been this close to her father since she was a very little girl.

When he lowered his mouth toward her, Ariel jerked her thoughts back to the knight. His lips lightly brushed hers for the first time. Ariel caught the knight's scent, a combination of horse, sweat and his own distinctive male scent.

His lips felt soft and warm, which surprised Ariel. She had expected she would not like kissing a man. She had been wrong. He increased the pressure of his lips as she tentatively slid her arms up and locked them around the back of his neck, otherwise she would have fallen.

His tongue gently licked her bottom lip. Ariel could not stop the surprised gasp that left her. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth and gently sweep inside. It was all Ariel could do to stay afloat.

Something unknown and totally new began to build in the pit of her stomach. Ariel knew she should put a stop to this now, but the feelings sweeping through her took all her reasoning away. All that mattered was making the building pressure grow.

Ariel felt the ground rise up to meet her as the knight gently lowered her down. The weight of his body on hers felt right. With hands like magic, he stroked them down her body. Ariel arched into him as he clamped down on her breast through her gown. The heat of his mouth grew more intense as he suckled her through the coarse wool.

Ariel clawed at his back as she tried to pull him closer, seeking something she did not understand. She barely noticed her legs had been bared to the air. One of his fingers found her hot, slick opening and gently probed her, checking her readiness.

She automatically tried to clamp her legs together against his hand. He once more took her mouth until she relaxed her legs. Pushing against her inner thighs he opened them further.

His fingers began searching once again until he found her clit. He rubbed it back and forth. Ariel could not stop the moan that escaped her. Taking it as a sign of her readiness, he rose up and pulled at the fastenings of his trews. The hot, hard length of his shaft gently probed the entrance to her body.

The feel of him sent Ariel over the edge. Instinctively she raised her hips to give him better access. He slowly pushed the head of his hard length into her slick pussy. The feeling of being stretched soon gave way to pain.

At the piece of skin that barred him from sheathing himself fully, the knight pulled back

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GEORGANN GILLUND More than 1 year ago
really enjoyed this book. couldn't wait to get back to it. wish there was a series.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Only works on ereader.