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Lady Whilton's Wedding and an Enchanted Affair

Lady Whilton's Wedding and an Enchanted Affair

5.0 1
by Barbara Metzger

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Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date:
Signet Regency Romance Series
Product dimensions:
4.46(w) x 6.84(h) x 1.42(d)

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Meet the Author

Barbara Metzger is the author of more than two dozen Regency romances, and the proud recipient of a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Regencies. When not writing Regencies or reading them, she paints, gardens, volunteers at the local library, and goes beachcombing on the beautiful Long Island shore with her little dog, Hero. She loves to hear from her readers, care of Signet or through her Web site.

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Lady Whilton's Wedding and an Enchanted Affair 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
LADY WHILTON¿S WEDDING Daphney Whilton has known Lord Greydon Howell since she was very young. In fact she arranged her own marriage to him when she was eight-years-old, though no formal contract was drawn up due to the young ages of the couple. Daphney¿s thrilled that the man she intends to marry is also her best friend. Lord Greydon Howell fully intends to marry Daphney. She¿s his best friend and they¿d make the perfect match. Still, there¿s no formal contract and he¿s not leg shackled yet, so there¿s nothing wrong with having a little outside interests, at least until the betrothal is made formal. Daphney believed that Grey felt the same way about her as she did him, so spotting him sharing a private box at the opera with a lady that no lady would recognize broke her heart and destroyed any illusions she has previously had about Grey being her knight in shining armor. It¿s not until several days later, while dancing at Almack¿s, that Daphney confronts Grey and calls off any semblance of a relationship, including their friendship while thoroughly humiliating him and pouring a glass of punch over his head. With all her illusions shattered, Daphney wants to go to the country and escape the disastrous gossip about the scene at Almack¿s, Lady Whilton goes with Daphney even though spending time in the country shatters a few dreams of her own. Lord Greydon Howell didn¿t escape unscathed from the episode at Almack¿s. He now has young women throwing themselves at him in an attempt to catch his attention. He¿s also earned his father¿s ire, not only does he love Daphne like a daughter but he¿d been interested in courting her mother. Escaping to the country just wouldn¿t be far enough for Grey, he purchases a commission and leaves the country. With Grey out of the picture, Lady Whilton and Lord Hollister do settle their differences and arrange to be married. Of course, Greydon will be present for the event, as will Daphney¿s horrid Uncle Albert. Neither are men Daphney cares to see nor deal with but she¿s determined to make her mother¿s wedding a happy event, Uncle Albert¿s death proves to be a challenge to Daphney¿s determination. LADY WHILTON¿S WEDDING is wonderfully funny from the beginning to the end. Full of relations that every family has and for the most part prefers to pretend they don¿t exist, but they tend to keep life interesting, Uncle Albert and Cousin Harriet fit the bill of the horrid relations perfectly. Daphney¿s furious reaction to Greydon¿s indiscretions had me laughing out loud, it was so easy to visualize the whole scene it was just perfect. This is a wonderful story that I couldn¿t put down. AN ENCHANTED AFFAIR Lisanne Neville spends all her free time with her forest friends of Sevrin Woods. As an only child, fairies and the animals were her friends. Because of her eccentric behavior, she¿s acquired the name of Addled Annie. In actuality, she¿s a brilliant girl who prefers her precious woods and worrying about the welfare of others, rather than the goings on in London and all the formalities of being a lady. Sloan Sheringham, is the new Duke of St. Sevrin. He¿s returned to London after being injured in the army only to discover that his man of business squandered away his inheritance, and he has nothing but bills and his childhood home which is in terrible shape. The only hope for acquiring enough funds to pay off debts and attempt repairing the damage to the estate is selling off the trees on his property - Lisanne¿s beloved Sevrin Woods. Since the deaths of her parents, Lisanne has been forced to tolerate her uncle and his family¿s living in her home, while they supposedly saw to her upbringing. They¿re nothing more than money-hungry relations wanting to live in fine style off of her inheritance. Lisanne realizes that she¿ll never have control of her funds or her estate until she¿s either married or reaches the age of twenty-five. When Lisanne finds out that St. Sevrin has