The Lake Regions of Central Africa

The Lake Regions of Central Africa

by Bayard Taylor

Reprint of the original, first published in 1874.  See more details below


Reprint of the original, first published in 1874.

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CHAPTER TTT. BUBTON. TRAVEB8ING THE COAST REGION OP EASTEBN AFBICA. THE eastern coast of Africa is very low, and lined with innumerable bays, reefs and lagoons. The flat soil of sand and crumbled rock is overgrown with a dense bed of plants, the result of tropical suns and abundant rains. All the creeks and coves are bordered with forests of mangrove trees ; when the tide is out, the conical base of branching roots supporting each tree, rises naked from the ooze, often covered, at the water-line, with clusters of oysters. Where the coast rises a little higher above the ocean level, it is a mass of verdure. Clusters of bald old trees, bent by the trade-winds, indicate the position of native settlements, which, generally hidden from sight, crowd along the coast like the suburbs of a populous city. Four or five miles inland there is an earlier sea margin, where the land rises a little, making that blue line on the horizon which is visible from Zanzibar. The territory of the native tribes commences here, only the narrow coast-line being subject to the Arab sultan. After all the difficulty of getting his caravan in motion, Burton only made a march of an hour anda half to the frontier-village of Bimani, the first day. Here he was obliged to halt again, and attempt to reorganize his men. " In Asia," he says, " two departures usually suffice; in Africa there must be three the little start, the great start, and the start of the leaders. Some clamored for tobacco I gave up my cavendish; others for guitar- strings they were silenced with beads; and all, born donkey-drivers, complained loudly of the hardship and indignity of having to load and lead an ass." The guide, after receiving twentydollars, refused to accompany the expedition, and even the Baloch soldiers a name given to the...

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