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Land of the Rising Noise, Vol. 2

Land of the Rising Noise, Vol. 2


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  1. Travel to Faraway
  2. Diadectes
  3. Blue Forest
  4. Dig and Tickle, She Is Hit
  5. Aoi Hata
  6. Cool Running
  7. Kimino Sora
  8. The Inner Life of Man
  9. Illusion of Future
  10. Eleven Maladies
  11. Kikuno Tobila

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lisa   Multi Instruments
Tomo   Drums
Melt Banana   Track Performer
Shizuka   Guitar,Voices,Track Performer
Wnico   Track Performer
Kadura   Track Performer
Chu Ishikawa   Multi Instruments
Sumihisa Arima   Keyboards
Tomoko Mikata   Bass,Vocals
Yabuki   Bass,Percussion
Yuko Hasegawa   Bass,Vocals
Contagious Orgasm   Track Performer
Atsushi Kobayashi   Guitar
Maki   Guitar
Amgsphont   Track Performer
Volkha Dots   Track Performer
Ryu   Guitar
Agata   Guitar
Yasuko O.   Voices
Yui Kmjm   Guitar
Seki   Guitar,Percussion,Vocals

Technical Credits

Mason Jones   Liner Notes
Sumihisa Arima   Programming
Yasunobu Satoh   Contributor

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