Language and the Pursuit of Happiness: A New Foundation for Designing Your Life, Your Relationships and Your Results

Language and the Pursuit of Happiness: A New Foundation for Designing Your Life, Your Relationships and Your Results

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by Chalmers Brothers

ISBN-10: 0974948705

ISBN-13: 9780974948706

Pub. Date: 09/28/2004

Publisher: New Possibilities Press

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New Possibilities Press
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New Edition
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Language and the Pursuit of Happiness: A New Foundation for Designing Your Life, Your Relationships and Your Results 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book should be a MUST read for everyone. It has transformed my life and life of many around me, in a very postive way. As a result of applying what I have learned from this book, today I am having more effective conversations, and am experiencing more joy, greater peace of mind, better relationships, and better results--both in my personal and professional life. For our company (a global software develpment company), Chalmers has also converted this book into a 10-Module Program called SOAR, and currently we have over 83 leaders, directors, and managers going through the program. Here's a small sampling of what participants are saying about what they are learning from this book and the program. After you read these comments, I beleve you'll see for yourself the transformative power of what this book and Chalmers has to offer. * The SOAR program immediately made me more aware of the language I use and how language defines experiences. That self-awareness is the first step toward reaching my program goals. * It's kind of yoga for the mind. I am in better control of my emotions and ego. It's a "tool" to understand oneself better and it covers every aspect of your life. Gives you different perspectives to the situation and lets you better manage these perspectives also. * The biggest benefit I have seen is that the SOAR program brought into focus all those conversations that I had been putting off, building up stress. Believe me, having those tough conversations is better than the alternative! * I wish I could have had the opportunity to participate in a program like SOAR early in my career. The group discussions, sharing, and building relationships have enlightened me both personally and professionally. Anyone who wants to understand themselves better, listen and think before reacting/answering and expand the way they approach life will definitely benefit. * I have come to look at me from a different perspective. It is important to uncover some truths about yourself and work on trying to change them so that you can live a more fulfilled life. * Being part natural-born skeptic and part mule-headed ox, doing what is necessary to make lasting changes doesn't come easily for me, but the levels of direct accountability with this program have been a blessing and a source of encouragement that even I can do this. * I've found that the best insights in life don't arrive with a roar.... They're often the understated discoveries that ease in to our minds and subtly alter our perceptions. SOAR has quietly introduced me to an alternative view of myself and my interactions with others that is so simple, and yet so powerful, it makes you wonder how you never saw it before. What you learn is immediately accessible and practical for everyday use. * As a result of this learning, I am able to better recognize and shift my moods to the more positive, and am starting to experience less anxiety, less angst, more contentment, and better relationships with my family and those I work with. Also, I am now less impulsive, less reactive, and more thoughtful in my decisions, which is definitely improving the quality of my life. * If you could find a way to transform your life such that there is a lasting impact on how you are at work or at home, would you consider it? I did and I am so glad that I did. We hear that word "transform" many times in our lives but never have I come across something that truly speaks to the concept of transformation as SOAR. Consider the possibility. * SOAR has provided me with the opportunity to focus on ME! It isn't often that an organization supports not only your professional development, but also your personal development. Since starting the program, I have a heightened awareness of the choices available to me and as a result I am already starting to take more purposeful actions in my life to achieve my goals. * Unless you SOAR you don't know what you don't know. Personally, I believe enrolling in this program is the best thing I have done for myself. Being part of a group, learning from the coach and colleagues gives me a new perspective about the fulfillment of life, work & relationships. ---- Possibilities are endless. * I love it that the program challenges me to think, to reconsider things that in the past seemed obvious. It gives me tools to handle work related and day to day communication issues and it is done in a fun way. The best thing about this program is that I get to practice and not just read the theory. * I didn't realize how much my mood was impacting my conversations. I also never realized how many assessments I have made about myself and others, many which weren't correct nor serving me.