Language Arts / Edition 1

Language Arts / Edition 1

by Marjorie R. Hancock, Merrill Education Staff

ISBN-10: 0130189901

ISBN-13: 9780130189905

Pub. Date: 06/12/2006

Publisher: Pearson

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A New Vision for the Language Arts: Extending the Possibilities

Chapter 2 Teaching in the Language Arts Classroom: Creating a Learning Community

Chapter 3 Language as the Focus of Diversity: Portraits of Language Learners

Chapter 4 Emergent Literacy: Transitioning from Home to School

Chapter 5 Embarking on the Journey toward Literacy (K-2): The Literacy Apprenticeship

Chapter 6 Listening/Speaking: Talk in a Community of Learners

Chapter 7 Continuing the Literacy Apprenticeship: Reading Workshop and Comprehension Strategies (3-8)

Chapter 8 The Writing Apprenticeship: Steps toward Literacy (3-8)

Chapter 9 Narrative and Poetic Writing: Creating Young Authors

Chapter 10 Expository Writing: Sharing Information in a Literary Mode

Chapter 11 Viewing and Visual Representation: Extending the Language Arts

Chapter 12 Supportive Tools of Writing: Spelling, Grammar, Mechanics, Handwriting/Word Processing

Chapter 13 Technology and the Language Arts: Exploring the New Literacies

Chapter 14 Interdisciplinary Instruction: Language Arts Connections to the Content Areas

Chapter 15 Literacy Assessment: Monitoring Ongoing Growth and Progress

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