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Larryboy in the Good, the Bad, and the Eggly (Larryboy #5)

Larryboy in the Good, the Bad, and the Eggly (Larryboy #5)

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by Kent Redeker, Inc. Big Idea, Bryan Ballinger, Michael Moore (Illustrator)

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LarryBoy and fellow superhero, Dark Crow, scramble to learn a lesson in sharing. But it doesn’t come over-easy when they discover Greta Von Gruesome and Awful Alvin are the terrible team of trouble that has struck Bumblyburg with their new invention—the Over-Easy-Egg ray! Everything turns into a hard-boiled mess as this deceptive duo zaps everything in


LarryBoy and fellow superhero, Dark Crow, scramble to learn a lesson in sharing. But it doesn’t come over-easy when they discover Greta Von Gruesome and Awful Alvin are the terrible team of trouble that has struck Bumblyburg with their new invention—the Over-Easy-Egg ray! Everything turns into a hard-boiled mess as this deceptive duo zaps everything in sight.
LarryBoy has to learn that sharing means working together as he and Dark Crow team up to share the responsibilities of fighting this crime. Will LarryBoy learn that sharing means working together? Will he learn it before he and Dark Crow become the world’s biggest superhero omelet? See what happens in this exciting Larryboy adventure!

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Product Details

Publication date:
Larryboy series , #5
Product dimensions:
5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.25(d)
Age Range:
9 - 12 Years

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Larryboy in the Good, the Bad, and the Eggly

Big Idea Books / LarryBoy

By Kent Redeker, Ellis Cindy Kenney Gwen


Copyright © 2003Big Idea, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-310-70650-2




It was a peaceful night in the skies over Bumblyburg. The air was still with only the gentle flapping of passing pelicans to disturb the lazy clouds floating across the moon.

Not only were the skies peaceful, but they were safe, thanks to Bumblyburg's very own cucumber superhero ... Larryboy!

Larryboy was spending the night doing routine patrols over Bumblyburg in his famous Larryplane. And since there was no crime or any other evil-doings afoot in the city tonight, all Larryboy had to do was sit back and relax. He was lucky enough to get a bird's eye view of the city that most of the citizens never got to see.

Some veggies would think that this was a wonderful chance to take in some of the natural beauty that God created.

But not Larryboy. Larryboy was bored.

"Archie!" he whined over the onboard communicator. "How much longer do I have to stay on patrol? There's not a single crime on the Larryscope! Nobody littering, nobody jaywalking, nobody wearing shoes that don't match their pants! Nothing! Why don't we just let police Chief Croswell handle things tonight?"

"But Larryboy," replied Archie, "as Bumblyburg's very own superhero, it's your duty to share the duties of protecting the city."

Archie was Larryboy's confidant, gadget-fixer, and closest friend. Plus, he was the butler of Larryboy's alter ego ... Larry the Cucumber.

As such, he was also the only one who had to put up with Larryboy griping about patrol duty.

"But I don't want to share duties tonight! It's boring!" said Larryboy. "And boring rhymes with snoring, and snoring is what I do when I'm home in bed, which is where I'd rather be right now."

Archie frowned. He had tried to get Larryboy to take a nap this afternoon, but he wouldn't listen. Master Larry just had to stay up playing hopscotch. Archie knew that sharing didn't always seem like the most fun way to do things. But he also knew that in the end, God wants us to share!

"Hey, Archie! The lights are still on at The Daily Bumble," Larry said as he zoomed past the building where he worked undercover as the newspaper office janitor.

"Oh, it's just Bob putting the paper to bed," he said as he spied Vicki, the paper's renowned photojournalist. Larryboy smiled dreamily thinking that Vicki was truly the cutest "cuke" in town.

"You know, I think Vicki just might go to the Founder's Day Party with you this year, if you'd get up the nerve to ask her," suggested Archie.

"Oh yeah, that'll happen, Arch. When pigs fly!" laughed Larryboy.

No sooner had Larryboy finished his sentence, when the Larryplane was attacked! Out of nowhere, three small supersonic objects zoomed past the Larryplane.

SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Three strips of bacon hit the windshield.

"Oh no! Bacon!" said Larryboy. "Archie, I've been baconed!!"



"Can you see who is attacking you?" asked Archie.

"Just a second," Larryboy answered as he turned on his windshield wipers to wipe off the greasy bacon while looking through the windshield to see his attackers. What he saw sent shivers through his cucumber body.

Archie had heard Larryboy say many strange things during their time together as crime fighters, but nothing prepared him for what he was about to hear.

"Archie!" said Larryboy. "Pigs do fly! I'm being attacked by flying pigs!"

Archie squinted at the images of the flying pigs that were being sent to him through the Larryplane's onboard cameras. While normally, pigs can't fly, these three little pigs were strapped into high-tech jet wings that had bacon cannons attached to each side.

"OINK! OINK!" came the sounds from the flying pigs.

"Why would flying pigs shoot bacon?" asked Archie. "That doesn't make any sense!"

"Archie," said Larryboy, "could we think about that later? Right now I'd like to think about how to make them stop shooting bacon!"

The supersonic pigs were closing in ... and fast. Larryboy made another quick turn, but this time the pigs stayed right behind him. "OK," said Archie. "The Larrycomputer has just given me some very interesting information. It seems that Willie, Wee-Wee, and Woozy, the three award winning pigs from the town of Maiseville, were reported missing yesterday. Those pigs must be the pigs that are attacking you!"

Larryboy was about to tell Archie how useless he thought that information was, when another barrage of bacon hit one of the Larryplane's wings, causing the plane to spin out of control.

"AAAAAAH!" cried Larryboy as the plane plummeted towards the ground. "Archie! Something's wrong! I can't see!"



"Larryboy," said Archie, "open your eyes!"

Larryboy opened one eye, but he didn't like what he saw. The ground was getting closer and closer at an alarming rate. So Larryboy decided to close both eyes again. Fortunately, Archie had installed a safety feature for just such an event. He had to because Larryboy had a tendency to close his eyes while flying the Larryplane. So, Archie pushed a button on the Larrycomputer and remotely activated the "Larryplane Automatic Anti-Closed-Eyes-Crash System", and the plane pulled up just in time to avoid a crash.

"Is it safe to look yet?" asked Larryboy.

"Yes, Larryboy, it's safe."

Larryboy opened his eyes. "Oh, that's better."

"Can you see where the pigs went?" Archie inquired.

"Yeah. They're not chasing me anymore! They're heading for downtown Bumblyburg."

"Downtown Bumblyburg!" exclaimed Archie. "Larryboy! You've got to stop them before they unleash their bacony assault upon the city!"

As Larryboy turned the Larryplane and raced off after the flying pigs, three dark figures on the ground below looked up to the sky and laughed at the exploits of our hero.

Well, two figures laughed at him. The other figure just sorta stood there.

Who would be so wicked as to chortle with glee in Larryboy's time of desperate need? It was none other than three of Larryboy's most archest-enemies of all: Greta Von Gruesome the Zucchini, Awful Alvin the Onion, and his sidekick, Lampy ... the lamp.

"Ha ha!" cackled Awful Alvin. "My villainous plan of villainy is working to perfection!"

"Your plan?" said Greta. "You mean my plan to distract Larryboy so that no one will be able to stop us as we break into the Bumblyburg Science Labs!"

Lampy just stood there smiling. Lampy always smiled. That's one of the things Awful Alvin liked about him.

Awful Alvin was Bumblyburg's foremost evil genius. For some twisted reason, he just plain enjoyed being bad. He had a secret underground lair, and a burning desire to defeat Larryboy and rule Bumblyburg. Lampy was his faithful henchman. (Little is known about Lampy's background or family history.)

"I think that now is the time when we should perform the villainous dance of villainy to celebrate the villainous deeds we are about to perform!" said Awful Alvin. He grabbed Lampy. "Dance with me, Lampy!"

Greta rolled her eyes. She had agreed to be partners with Awful Alvin, but she wasn't sure it was worth it if she had to put up with all his dancing and all around oddities. After all, she owned a castle in the mountains outside Bumblyburg. She owned everything she could ever want ... including silver-lined power gloves that fired bolts of energy out of the brightly polished fingertips.

But, the fact w

Excerpted from Larryboy in the Good, the Bad, and the Eggly by Kent Redeker, Cindy Kenney Gwen Ellis. Copyright © 2003 by Big Idea, Inc.. Excerpted by permission of ZONDERVAN.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Kent Redeker is a writer for Cartoon Network, and his friendship with Larryboy began a few years ago in Yosemite National Park when Larryboy saved him from a disgruntled chipmunk.

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