Las Correcciones

Las Correcciones

by Jonathan Franzen

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With a husband losing his sanity to Parkinson's and three children on the verge of catastrophe, Enid Lambert, a Midwest suburban wife, has set her heart on bringing her family together for one last Christmas at home. Published in English in 2001, this best seller and 2001 National Book Award winner brings an old-fashioned world of civic virtue and sexual inhibitions into collision with the era of do-it-yourself mental healthcare, home surveillance, and hands-off parenting. A Moroccan poet based in Spain, Buenaventura undertakes the difficult task of adapting Franzen's chatty prose, chockfull of American expressions and pop culture references. With plenty of jargons and regionalisms from Spain, the translation may be difficult for readers of Latin American origin to follow. Simple words like "hinges" and "carpeting" become the obscure goznes and moqueta. Other expressions " pater les bourgeois," "stock options," and c terin (for "catering"), for example are left in their original form when many readers could use explanatory footnotes. Although Buenaventura takes creative license to convey the cultural connotations adequately, his efforts sometimes result in mistranslations: "It was a way of recognizing places of enchantment: people falling asleep like this," for example, becomes the imprecise "Asi se queda uno dormido en los sitios encantados, y asi nos damos cuenta de que est n encantados" ("That is how one falls asleep in enchanted places, and that is how we recognize that they are enchanted"). In another case, Buenaventura lacks cultural sensitivity by turning "straight male" into "hombre normal" ("normal man"). Despite these problems, he successfully conveys Franzen's wit and irony into a readable but hefty 734 pages, 167 longer than the original. Because of its appeal to both literary and mass markets, this title promises to be a hot shelf item. Carmen Ospina, "Criticas" Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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