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Last Message (Seven Series)

Last Message (Seven Series)

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by Shane Peacock

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Adam has a good life in Buffalo: great parents, a cute girlfriend, adequate grades. He's not the best at anything, but he's not the worst either. He secretly lusts after Vanessa, the hottest girl in school, and when his dead grandfather's will stipulates that he go on a mission to France, Adam figures he might just have a chance to impress Vanessa and change


Adam has a good life in Buffalo: great parents, a cute girlfriend, adequate grades. He's not the best at anything, but he's not the worst either. He secretly lusts after Vanessa, the hottest girl in school, and when his dead grandfather's will stipulates that he go on a mission to France, Adam figures he might just have a chance to impress Vanessa and change his life from good to great. When he gets to France, he discovers he has not one but three near-impossible tasks before him. He also discovers a dark and shameful episode from his grandfather's past, something Adam is supposed to make amends for. But how can he do that when he barely speaks the language and his tasks become more and more dangerous? Despite the odds, Adam finds a way to fulfill his grandfather's wishes and, in the process, become worthy of bearing his name.

Adam's adventures start in Separated, part of The Seven Prequels and continue in Double You, part of The Seven Sequels.

Editorial Reviews

TriState YA Book Review Committee
"Perfect for reluctant readers, especially male readers who are ready for some mystery and adventure along with an easy to take dose of classic literature and art."
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"This novel certainly succeeds in motivating readers to continue the series, and discover the assignments given to the other cousins...The adventure elements and the French history hit the target."
CM Magazine
"Part mystery and part adventure, Last Message is a fantastic and thrilling page-turner that is a perfect antidote to the glut of paranormal romance and Hunger Games-esque science fiction that have been flooding the shelves...This series is going to be very popular with older elementary and younger high-school audiences, particularly boys. Last Message is a great crossover series from junior to teen collections, and it would be well-suited to either category. Readers that are fond of action and adventure series like Alex Rider or Young James Bond will find something to like in this series. The "Seven" series is a must-purchase for public and school libraries that are looking to add more action and adventure stories to their collections for older children and teens. Highly Recommended."
YALSA YA Galley Teen Review
"The way that Peacock moved the story along was wonderfully unexpected. He didn't reveal too much or too little in any one place...Together with the other books, these make a great series."
NJ Youth Services
"[The] adventures are exciting and readers will be anxious to pick up the next book in the series. Great for middle grade boys who want realistic fiction with action and suspense."
Children's Literature - Heather Welsh
In this installment of the "Seven the Series" books, Adam's grandfather's will specifies that in order to receive what was left to the family, each of his seven grandsons must go on a separate journey and complete a task. Adam learns that he must go to France to claim his inheritance. After being thought of as the wimp of the family, Adam sees this as his chance to prove himself worthy of having his name on the McLean family tree. Right away, there are complications. He can only share limited information about the mission with his parents, they are not to help in any way, and there are actually three tasks of ascending difficulty to be completed in order. The first task has Adam looking for a lost Van Gogh painting in the countryside of France, and things will only get more complicated from there. If Adam does manage to pull this crazy undertaking off, he will not only look like a hero to his family, but also to his secret crush, Vanessa. There is no telling where this adventure will take him or if he will be successful, but he is going to give it all he has got! The book is a quick and interesting read, with letters from Adam's grandfather giving insight into the reasons behind the tasks Adam must undertake. Larger font and short chapters will also appeal to reluctant readers. While the vocabulary is appropriate for elementary-aged children, there is some mild adult language in the book, which may not be appropriate for younger readers. Reviewer: Heather Welsh
Kirkus Reviews
This entry in the series called Seven, like the others, deals with a grandson and a journey. Adam, 16, has been given an unusual mission by his deceased grandfather, a larger-than-life patriarch who seemed disdainful of the boy's only average qualities. His assignment is to go to France and attempt to find the family that once sheltered his grandfather from the Nazis after he was shot down during World War II. Hidden in their barn was a painting of immense value that David intended to steal. If Adam succeeds at this odd mission, two more, each more difficult than the last, will follow. Adam is intrigued and imagines that achieving these strange goals will make him more attractive to class goddess Vanessa, a guilt-tinged desire as he already has a perfectly nice, very loyal girlfriend. Adam's earnest self-focus, effectively depicted in his first-person narration, may have been created to remind readers of his need for growth, but it quickly becomes tedious. The missions he's assigned are amusing and suspenseful, but sadly, he only begins to acquire insight into the real force behind his grandfather's plan near the conclusion, far too little and too late to imply that he's learned much from the experience. An unusual tale that's undermined by a shallow main character with a too-healthy dose of self-appreciation. (map and family tree, not seen) (Adventure. 12-16)

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Orca Book Publishers
Publication date:
Seven (the series)
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5.00(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.80(d)
HL850L (what's this?)
Age Range:
10 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

Shane Peacock is an award-winning novelist, playwright, journalist and television screenwriter. His bestselling series for young adults, The Boy Sherlock Holmes, has been published in ten countries in twelve languages and has found its way onto more than forty shortlists. For more information, visit www.shanepeacock.ca.

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Last Message 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Heidi_G More than 1 year ago
Like his six cousins, Adam is sent on adventure of sorts by his now-deceased grandfather. Eager to get to France, he finds mystery after mystery as he must look for items related to a cave, a painting, and French novelist Antoine de St Exupery. Along the way, Adam's eyes are opened to a secret from his grandfather's past that change his view of the man. The action and adventure of Orca's Seven: The Series will appeal to upper elementary and middle school boys.