Last Musketeer

Last Musketeer

by Jason, Hubert

A unique mash-up of Alex (Three Musketeers) Dumas and Alex (Flash Gordon) Raymond.
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A unique mash-up of Alex (Three Musketeers) Dumas and Alex (Flash Gordon) Raymond.

Editorial Reviews

Eddie Thomas - Mass Movement
“A sweet, quirky, and delicious off-the-wall sci-fi comic....The inherent charm and simple, precise presentation of The Last Musketeer inexorably wins you over.”
“Simplicity, when applied in the right manner, speaks volumes, and Norwegian cartoonist Jason has mastered the art.”
Sherman Alexie
“Jason's work is poetry. Beautiful and frightening. Redemptive and hopeless.

Chris Beckett - Warrior 27
“One of the most exciting cartoonists working today. Not afraid to mix genres and utilize fantastic elements to convey his tales, he evinces a humanity—utilizing animals as main characters—that is sorely lacking in many of the comics being published today.”
Michael C. Lorah - Newsarama
“Jason’s books are entirely plot-driven, yet delivered with a dry, morose humor that gives the narrative an offbeat tone. Coupled with his ear for snappy dialogue, Jason’s plots become surprising romps that mash up divergent adventure clichés.... All told, Jason’s books, including The Last Musketeer, are pure escapist fun romps.... I’ll be looking for more of Jason’s comics, and hopefully more readers will also check his stuff out.”
Publishers Weekly

Having already plundered Hitchcockian wrong-man scenarios (Why Are You Doing This?), zombie flicks (The Living and the Dead) and alternate history paradoxes (I Killed Adolf Hitler) for his own sardonic purposes, Jason goes this time for a multigenre mash-up that proves to be one of his most enjoyable books yet. In The Last Musketeer, Athos is still alive in modern-day Paris, a drunken has-been unable to let go of past glories. He proves surprisingly handy, though, at defending Earth after overpowering a couple of invading Martians, hitching a ride back to their planet and taking on the alien army singlehandedly. Swordplay, dungeons, a princess, ray guns and daring escapes follow, all drawn with Jason's usual sharp and colorful vibrancy. In the hands of most other comic artists, mixing up this goofy Dumas riff with Edgar Rice Burroughs-style pulp (and caped costumes right out of Flash Gordon) would have seemed like desperation, overreaching or mockery. But as done by the supremely confident Jason-who has always paired a cool abstraction with a sharp comic streak-it comes off as a genuinely appreciative lark, albeit one veined with a rare sense of mortality. (Jan.)

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