Last of the Wallendas

Last of the Wallendas

by D. Wallenda, Nan Devincent-Hayes, Nan DeVincentis-Hayes

See the Wallenda's fights, affairs, divorces, bigamy, suicides, and insanity throughout the years.  See more details below


See the Wallenda's fights, affairs, divorces, bigamy, suicides, and insanity throughout the years.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Writing with DeVincentis-Hayes, who teaches English literature at the University of Maryland, the granddaughter of highwire walker Karl Wallenda tells the story of her family's generations-long involvement in circus acrobatics and her career as keeper of the heritage. Although that heritage has included private tragedies, family feuds, bitter divorces and numerous performance-related deaths and maimings, the inherited compulsion to dare the heights was so strong that Delilah chose to honor her grandfather, who perfected the ``seven-man pyramid,'' by becoming a skywalker herself. She acknowledges that her childhood was confused, her apprenticeship harsh, yet she and her children carry on the tradition of highwire performance even now, when the circus's glory days are long past. Unfortunately, her tangled history of this extended family and its unique obsession unfolds in undistinguished prose that lacks the pungent ambience of circus life. 20,000 first printing; author tour. ( May )
Denise Perry Donavin
The authors tell of the fading charisma and finances of the American circus from a uniquely personal vantage. Delilah is the granddaughter of Karl Wallenda, the master highwire artist who perfected the seven-man pyramid on the highwire and died during a spectacular cable walk in Puerto Rico. Delilah is evidently following in her grandfather's footsteps, for she performed with his act and closes this account by telling of the successful completion of her first skywalk in Puerto Rico. There has evidently been considerable friction within the Wallenda family, particularly between the descendants from Karl's first and second marriages, and this autobiography has apparently been written to present Delilah's perspective on the matter. She is the daughter of Jenny, who is in turn the daughter of Karl and his first wife, Martha Scheppe Wallenda. The family squabbles and the pains, frustrations, and meager financial rewards of circus life are thoroughly explained; unfortunately, what's lacking is a sense of the glamour and the compulsion that sends these circus people up in the air to risk life and limb.

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