Lattices, Semigroups, and Universal Algebra / Edition 1

Lattices, Semigroups, and Universal Algebra / Edition 1

by Jorge Almeida

ISBN-10: 0306434121

ISBN-13: 9780306434129

Pub. Date: 07/01/1990

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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Table of Contents

The Join of the Pseudovariety J with Permutative Pseudovarieties.- On the Combinatorics of Free Algebras.- Some Examples of Distributive Ockham Algebras with De Morgan Skeletons.- Coherent Monoids.- Staircases and a Congruence-Theoretical Characterization of Vector Spaces.- Inverse Semigroups of Bicongruences on Algebras, Particularly Semilattices.- Finitely Presented Lattices: Continuity and Semidistributivity.- On the Structure of Partial Automorphism Semigroups.- The Complete Congruence Lattice of a Complete Lattice.- Random Products in Semigroups of Mappings.- Arithmetical Aspects of Semigroup Embeddings.- Semigroup Graded Rings and Jacobson Rings.- Inverse Semigroups and Their Lattices of Inverse Subsemigroups.- Varieties of Algebras with No Nontrivial Finite Members.- The Set of Quasi-Identities of an Algebra.- Relatively Prime Gröbner Bases and Reducibility of S-Polynomials.- Semigroups that are Factorial from Inside or from Outside.- Programs over Finite Semigroups: an Introduction.- Normal Semigroups of Partial Transformations, I.- Residually Small Varieties Revisited.- Semigroup Rings of Completely Regular Semigroups.- The Kernel of an Idempotent Separating Congruence on a Regular Semigroup.- Structural Theorems for Varieties of Bands.- Completely Regular Semigroups.- Survey of Global Semigroup Theory.- Generalized Power Series Rings.- The Degree of Invariancy of a Bicentrally Closed Clone.- Subsemigroups of Free Semigroups.- Amalgamation in Pseudocomplemented Semilattices.- MS-Algebras: a Survey.- An Extension of the Schützenberger Product.- Congruence Lattices of Finite Lattices as Concept Lattices.- Problem Session.- Participants.

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