Laura Z--A Life: Years of Fulfillment

Laura Z--A Life: Years of Fulfillment

by Laura Z. Hobson

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Continuing where the first volume, published earlier, of Laura Z ended, Hobson completed her autobiography before she died at age 85 this year. In a perceptive foreword, Cousins, her long-time friend and associate, notes her ability to win ``respect and even awe from all who knew her.'' Readers admire Hobson as a graceful stylist, undeviatingly honest and outspoken. She seems to have omitted no revelation in her memoirs, beginning the second volume with amusing details linked to the effects of Gentleman's Agreement, her landmark novel and Oscar-winning film. There are also witty observations on personages in publishing, politics and show business. In sad contrast, Hobson records arguments that alienated her sister, Alice, as well as her son, Christopher, and the circumstances that doomed her romantic affairs. Her son adds comments to her account of the supportive novel she wrote, Consenting Adults, after learning of his homosexuality. This is the story of a life fully lived, of a woman who kept trying and often succeeded in making people conscious of injustices that demand correcting. Photos not seen by PW. (September 15)
Library Journal - Library Journal
This final volume resumes Hobson's story just after the publication of Gentleman's Agreement in 1947. Although readers of volume 1 (1983) will not be bored, there is enough recapitulation to allow the book to stand alone. The smooth, energetic writing belies the fact that Hobson was in her 80's when she nearly completed this before her death in February 1986. Touchingly concluded by her son Christopher, this is a remarkable self-portrait of an exceptional woman. She focuses on the importance of her need to write. Except for the brief flurry of fame and prosperity following the publication and filming of Gentlemen's Agreement, finding the time and finances to do so were a continual struggle. Unsparing of her own faults, she tells a fascinating and inspiring story. Recommended. Jeanne Gelinas, Hennepin Cty. Lib., Golden Valley, Minn.

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