Law (In Plain English)¨ for Small Business, 2E / Edition 2

Law (In Plain English)¨ for Small Business, 2E / Edition 2

by Leonard DuBoff

A concise guide that covers every legal topic concerning a small business owner.See more details below


A concise guide that covers every legal topic concerning a small business owner.

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Law in Plain English Ser.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Organizing Your Business
- Sole Proprietorships
- Partnerships and Joint Ventures
- Limited Partnerships
- Corporations
- S Corporations
- Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships
- Hybrids

Chapter 2: Business Organization Checklist
- Accountant
- Business Name
- Business Structure

Chapter 3: Developing Your Business Plan
- Executive Summary
- History
- Products and Services
- The Market
- The Competition
- Source of Work
- Management
- Financial Data
- The Business Plan Team

Chapter 4: Borrowing from Banks
- Loan Proposal
- Business Outlook
- Application
- Lender's Rules and Limitations
- Details of the Agreement
- Communication when Problems Arise
- Venture Capital

Chapter 5: Going Public
- Advantages of Going Public
- Disadvantages of Going Public
- Federal and State Securities Laws
- Initial Public Offering
- Privatization

Chapter 6: Contracts
- Contract Basics
- Types of Contracts
- Understanding Contract Principles
- Proving an Agreement
- Essentials to Put in Writing
- No-Cost Written Agreements
- Contracting Online
- Consumer Protection Laws

Chapter 7: Consignment -
- Advantages
- Disadvantages
- Special Laws for Artists

Chapter 8: Collections
- Point-of-Sale Payments
- Consignment
- Invoicing
- Ways of Encouraging Payment
- When Payment Never Comes
- Bankruptcies

Chapter 9: Expanding Your Market
- Franchising
- Multilevel Marketing

Chapter 10: Patents and Trade Secrets -
- Patents
- Trade Secrets

Chapter 11: Trademarks
- Definition
- Prohibited Trademarks
- Protecting a Trademark
- Confusingly Similar
- Federal Registration
- Applications Based on Actual Use
- Applications Based on Intent-to-Use
- Constructive Use
- Benefits of Registration
- Duration
- Supplemental Register
- Loss of Protection
- Infringement
- Antidilution
- International Protection
- State Registration
- Using an Attorney

Chapter 12: Copyrights -
- Copyright Law Foundation
- Copyrightable Material
- Scope of Protection
- Ownership
- Works Made for Hire
- Derivative Works
- Collective Works
- Copyright Protection for Utilitarian Objects
- Notice Requirement
- Application Process
- Period of Protection
- Infringement

Chapter 13: Advertising
- Government Regulation
- Comparative Advertising
- Publicity and Privacy
- Unauthorized Use of Trademark
- Trade Dress

Chapter 14: Licensing
- General Consideration
- Licensing Hazards
- Method of Payment
- Acknowledgment of Ownership
- Quality Control
- Signature

Chapter 15: The Internet
- Protecting Business Property
- Protecting Consumer Information
- Domain Names
- Internet Advertising
- Audits
- Copyright Concerns
- Server Protection
- Email
- Spam
- Viruses, Worms, and Traps
- Security for Online Commerce

Chapter 16: Warranties
- Express Warranties
- Implied Warranties
- Disclaimers
Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
Using an Attorney

Chapter 17: Product LiabilityDefective Products
Types of Defects
Federal Laws
Product Liability
Liability Insurance

Chapter 18: Business InsuranceBasics of Insurance Law
Property Covered
When and How to Insure

Chapter 19: People Who Work for You -Independent Contractors
Employment Contracts
Other Considerations in Hiring
Hazards in the Workplace
Termination of Employment

Chapter 20: Keeping Taxes LowIncome Spreading
Spreading Income among Family Members
Family Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
Qualifying for Business Deductions
Deductions for the Use of a Home in Business
Other Professional Expenses
Travel Expenses
Entertainment Expenses
Charitable Deductions
Grants, Prizes, and Awards
Health Insurance

Chapter 21: Zoning
Local Zoning Restrictions
Federal Regulations
Telecommuting and Web-Based Businesses

Chapter 22: Renting Commercial Space
Security and Zoning
Written Document

Chapter 23: Pension PlansDefined Benefit Plans
Defined Contribution Plans
Designing and Documenting a Plan
Employer-Sponsored Plan
Investments in a Qualified Plan

Chapter 24: Estate Planning -
The Will
Payment of Testator's Debts
Disposition of Property not Willed
Advantages to Having a Will
Estate Taxes
Distributing Property Outside the Will

Chapter 25: Finding a Lawyer and an Accountant
Finding a Lawyer
Finding an Accountant

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