Law, Mental Health, and Mental Disorder / Edition 1

Law, Mental Health, and Mental Disorder / Edition 1

by Bruce D. Sales, Daniel W. Shuman

ISBN-10: 0534340903

ISBN-13: 9780534340902

Pub. Date: 01/17/1996

Publisher: Cengage Learning

This book by two acknowledged leaders in the field offers comprehensive and detailed coverage of law and mental health, ushering in a new era of mental health law.


This book by two acknowledged leaders in the field offers comprehensive and detailed coverage of law and mental health, ushering in a new era of mental health law.

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Cengage Learning
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS FOR LAW, MENTAL HEALTH, AND MENTAL DISORDER INTERACTIONS. 1. The Newly Emerging Mental Health Law--Bruce D. Sales and Daniel W. Shuman. 2. ''''Why Would I Need a Lawyer?'''' Legal Counsel and Advocacy for People with Mental Disabilities--Jan C. Costello. 3. Mental Health Professional Expertise in the Courtroom--Maureen O''Connor, Bruce D. Sales, and Daniel W. Shuman. PART TWO: MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AND THE LAW. 4. Confidentiality in the Psychotherapeutic Relationship--MIchele Smith-Bell and William J. Winslade. 5. Malpractice Liability of Mental Health Professionals and Institutions--Stephen R. Smith. 6. Regulating the Marketplace for Competition Among Mental Health Providers: The Roles of Antitrust Law and State Mandates--Thomas L. Greaney. 7. Legal Influences on the Financing of Mental Health Care--Jeffrey Rubin. PART THREE: MENTAL HEALTH CLIENTS AND THE LAW. 8. The Voluntary Delivery of Mental Health Services in the Community--Michael L. Perlin. 9. Protections for Persons with Mental Disabilities: Americans with Disabilities Act and Related Federal and State Law--Laura F. Rothstein. 10. Guardianship for Incapacitated Persons--Phillip B. Tor and Bruce D. Sales. 11. The Impact of Law on the Delivery of Involuntary Mental Health Services--John Q. La Fond. 12. Issues Relating to Women and Ethnic Minorities in Mental Health Treatment and Law--Susan Stefan. 13. Treatment and Refusal Right in Mental Health: Therapeutic Justice and Clinical Accommodation--Marshall B. Kapp. 14. Compensation for Mental and Emotional Distress--Daniel W. Shuman and Cynthia E. Daley. PART FOUR: OFFENDERS WITH MENTAL DISORDERS AND THE LAW. 15. Incompetency to Proceed in the Criminal Process: Past, Present, and Future--Bruce J. Winick. 16. The Insanity Defense: Deconstructing the Myths and Reconstructing the Jurisprudence--Christopher Slobogin. 17. Dangerousness as a Criterion in the Criminal Process--Alexander D. Brooks. 18. The Incapacitation by Civil Commitment of Pathologically Violent Sex Offenders. 19. Offenders with Mental Disorders in the Criminal Justice-Correctional Process--Fred Cohen. 20. The Mental Health Implications of Crime Victims'' Rights--Richard P. Wiebe. PART FIVE: IMPACT OF THE LAW ON THE MENTAL HEALTH OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES. 21 The Legal Processing of Domestic Violence Cases--Leonore M. J. Simon. 22. The Law''s Response to Child Abuse and Neglect--Catherine M. Brooks. 23. Voluntary Admission and Involuntary Hospitalization of Minors--James W. Ellis. 24. Mental Health Issues in Juvenile Justice--Loren Warboys and Shannan Wilber. 25. Child Custody Decision Making and the Politics of Child Advocacy--Martha Albertson Finerman.

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