The Law of Public Communication / Edition 5

The Law of Public Communication / Edition 5

by Kent R. Middleton, Robert Trager, Bill F. Chamberlin

ISBN-10: 0801332117

ISBN-13: 9780801332111

Pub. Date: 12/03/1999

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

The Law of Public Communication (2008) 7/e

Kent R. Middleton, University of Georgia

William E. Lee, University of Georgia


An annually updated text,

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The Law of Public Communication (2008) 7/e

Kent R. Middleton, University of Georgia

William E. Lee, University of Georgia


An annually updated text, The Law of Public Communication explains the law and regulation affecting practitioners of journalism, political and commercial speech, and the electronic media.


The Seventh Edition of this top-selling media law text includes the most current legal developments affecting the daily work of writers, broadcasters, advertisers, cable operators, Internet service providers, public relations practitioners, photographers, and other public communicators. By presenting statutes and cases in a cohesive manner that is understandable to students studying law for the first time, the authors ensure that students will acquire a firm grasp of the legal issues affecting the media.


New Features:

  • Highlights recent Supreme Court cases including: Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd., Randall v. Sorrell, and Wisconsin Right to Life v. FEC.
  • Discusses recent journalists’ privilege cases including: Wen Ho Lee , Jason O’Grady, Josh Wolf, and “Scooter”Libby.
  • Analyzes the appellate ruling concerning press publication of juror identities in the Quattrone trial.
  • Explains the rulings by the Federal Election Commission concerning the use of the Internet for political communication.
  • Addresses the Abramoff lobbying scandal and Congressional efforts to reform lobbying.
  • Covers the latest broadcast indecency developments.
  • Clarifies license requirements for webcasting copyrighted music.
  • Examines restrictions on access to information surrounding “the war on terror.”


Reviewer Quotations:


“This textbook is one of the best in the business. I have used it consistently for close to 9 years. Its strength is that it follows a topical rather than an institutional or media industry approach to the study of communication law and policy.  This approach is especially useful because many legal issues cut across several media.” – Lyombe Eko, University of Iowa


“I appreciate that this book is trying to buck the standard trend of topic areas by moving content into more theoretical or ‘principle’ chapters.” – Genelle Belmas, California State - Fullerton

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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Ch. 1Public Communication and the Law1
Ch. 2The First Amendment24
Ch. 3Methods of Control67
Ch. 4Libel92
Ch. 5Privacy and Personal Security180
Ch. 6Intellectual Property236
Ch. 7Political Speech279
Ch. 8Commercial Speech317
Ch. 9Obscenity and Indecency388
Ch. 10The Media and the Judiciary435
Ch. 11Protection of News Sources, Notes, and Tape493
Ch. 12Access to Information525
App. AFinding and Reading the Law574
App. BThe First Fourteen Amendments to the Constitution581
Case Index593
Subject Index605

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