Lawns and Landscaping: One Thousand and One Gardening Questions Answered

Lawns and Landscaping: One Thousand and One Gardening Questions Answered

by Garden Way, Alison Kolesar

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The mention of lawns may make some people yawn; the thought of landscaping may make them quake. This book will put such folk to sleep before fear strikes. The editors' first mistake was to open the book with discussions of how to plant a new lawn, revitalize an old one and care for each. Does someone new to gardening, the target audience here, really want to be greeted with overwhelming work before considering the potentially valuable role of ornamental flower gardens, shade trees and shrub borders in the overall design? Mistake number two was the use of a question-and-answer format; the device fails to organize the material. To weed through the book most effectively, readers should start at the back and work forward, from ``special gardens'' (kitchen, herb, rock) to chapters on paths, trees and shrubs (very helpful) and patios. Even so, they're not going to learn much that's new; many of the design ideas offered are ordinary (the solution posed to landscaping a 30- by 60-foot yard: run a strip of lawn through the center and plant flower and shrub borders on each side). Photos not seen by PW. Literary Guild s election. (Feb.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Lawns and Landscaping is a question-and-answer compendium for the beginning gardener. It's as if a committee were providing brief answers to questions like ``What grass-like ground covers other than grass can be used?'' and ``Is mulching a large area feasible?'' Since this is a Literary Guild selection, librarians can anticipate requests for it. However, it is not a necessary purchase for those with strong gardening sections. Organic gardeners and others will be attracted to Schultz's plan for a chemical-free lawn. This commonsense approach for a lawn without pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers is appealing to gardeners. The up-to-date grass guide includes lawn grass selection along with watering, feeding, and maintenance techniques. The downside for the gardener who follows the Schultz regime is that one must anticipate hand-picking grasshoppers and click beetles during a pest invasion-- not a pleasant task. However, it is a first choice for librarians who need current information on lawn grasses and their culture.-- Dale Luchsinger, Athens Area Technical Inst. Lib., Ga.

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