Lay Me Down

Lay Me Down

4.3 47
by Erin Kellison
Able to navigate sleep's vast dreamwaters, wild child Maisie Lane makes easy money as a courier delivering packages from one dream to another. So what if her employers are on the shadier side of the law? Her sister thinks she's living for the pleasure of the moment. Pleasure is involved--why shouldn't it be?--but every step Maisie takes is part of a careful plan. That


Able to navigate sleep's vast dreamwaters, wild child Maisie Lane makes easy money as a courier delivering packages from one dream to another. So what if her employers are on the shadier side of the law? Her sister thinks she's living for the pleasure of the moment. Pleasure is involved--why shouldn't it be?--but every step Maisie takes is part of a careful plan. That is, until she crosses into a dream so evil, she has no choice but to run.

Special Agent Steve Coll is tasked to recruit Maisie for Chimera, the organization that polices shared dreams. At first he's taken with her funny and carefree spirit, then brought to his knees by her tough and passionate soul. Touching her is forbidden ecstasy, but Steve can't resist breaking the rules with Maisie. A darkness is gathering, evil preparing to strike, and only Maisie stands between it and innocent lives. No matter what happens, Steve won't let her stand alone--he'll die before he leaves her side.

Fans of paranormal romance and bad boys, get ready for a dark, sexy plunge into fantasy and desire. The Reveler Series is set in a contemporary world in which people can indulge in Rêve, or shared dreaming--a pop culture phenomenon sweeping the world. Imagine being able to fall asleep at night, only to wake in a dream world, one in which you are lucid and in control--where you can be anything you want to be and do anything you like. But you must be careful...dreaming can be as dangerous as it is seductive.

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Erin Kellison is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of the Shadow series and Shadow Kissed series, which share the same world, where dark fantasy meets modern fairy tale. RT calls Soul Kissed, “a dark fairy tale with a twist, perfect for readers who love passion with their fantasy.” Delve into dreamscapes in her new Reveler series, releasing Spring 2014.

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Lay Me Down 4.3 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 48 reviews.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
Dangerous & Erotic! LAY ME DOWN by Erin Kellison is the second book in Erin's Reveler series. I would highly recommend that this series be read in order as there is a rather involved continuing story and interconnected characters who figure prominently in each book. The first book, DARKNESS FALLS, is a MUST-READ in the series as it contains essential background information. That said, I liked this book much more than the first. It picks up right after DARKNESS FALLS ends.  My full review has been posted at Reading Between the Wines Book Club.
LizaMary More than 1 year ago
I loved this book as much as I loved the first in the Reveler series.  Lay Me Down is faced paced and full of action! I savored and took my time with Darkness Falls, but for Lay Me Down, I couldn't read fast enough! Definitely a great book!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this one. Loved even more that the ending wasn't so sudden and abrupt as the first one. Thie one had a far better wrap-up, and I loved Steve and Maisie. I look forward to boom three.
tracier More than 1 year ago
Maisie Lane has special abilities and she has used them to help her navigate sleeps dreamwaters as a courier effortlessly travelling from one dream to another. It is also these abilities that almost caused her sister to be captured and led to her seeing unspeakable evil. Special Agent Steve Coll has been instructed to recruit Maisie for Chimera , the organization that polices shared dreams. Steve is more than even his employer know and he has no intention of showing Chimera or anyone his hidden talents. With the clock ticking Steve must convince Maisie to trust him and allow him to help but Maisie is not in a co-operating mood. As they edge closer to danger Steve is becoming more determined that he will keep Maisie safe and get her away from this life and the people she works for. Maisie knows Steve won't leave her to deal with her mess alone and secretly she is grateful. With unspeakable evil threatening their very survival Steve will need to use all his abilities and hope Maisie will still be with him when it is all over. You will find yourself quickly immersed in the pages of Lay Me Down! The storyline and characters will have you turning each page anticipating what is to come, I would definitely recommend this book and series!
bouncyberthaCR 17 days ago
4 - "This is trouble..." "...Big time." Stars! I can honestly say I have never read a series like this one, in that l cannot think of any other books or stories where a large chunk of the plot actually plays out while people are asleep and dreaming… Erin Kellison has certainly hit pay-dirt with this one, because as a reader I literally have no clue where her imagination is going to take mine next, and for a reader I think that’s such a good kind of rush. Her predicament was the most fun he’d had in a long time. We pick up the story literally from where it left off in the previous novella, but this time the story is told from mainly Steve Coll, and Maisie Lane’s POV’s. Both were important characters in book one, but they both come into their own in this installment. Maisie is in pretty deep trouble, when it turns out the packages she has been illicitly delivering through dreams have more than just your standard illegal fare in them. What started out as an easy way to make a bit of cash by using her unique skills has turned literally into her worst nightmare. She’d messed up, but she was still worth something… Steve is the agent that has been tasked with recruiting Maisie into Chimera the organization that in effect Polices, people’s behavior and movements through the Dreamscape, to say she is reluctant would be an understatement, and following rules is definitely something she would on a normal day avoid. But as the discovery of what is actually in the parcels rocks her to her core, and new information comes to light, they both know that she needs his particular skill set to try and work out why she has been delivering what she has, and the reasons for it. Her predicament also brings out all of Steve’s alpha instincts as well, which shocks them both, because they are sooo not each other’s type… or are they? Pink is rapidly becoming one of my favorite colors. There is no time for dreaming when reading this series that is for sure, the author offers up lots of new and unusual plot points as the story moves along, you are also given a few looks into the minds of the supposed villains along the way as well. New characters were also introduced in the telling of this part of the overall story, and although Jordan, Rook, and now Steve and Maisie have had the focus on them, it would appear that while still involved in the story as a whole the focus move along to another couple in the next book in the Reveler series, as Steve’s boss Harlen Fawkes takes center stage in Darksider, I have to say I am on pins to see where the plot goes next. ARC generously provided by the author, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.
rz06g4 11 months ago
The second book of the series picks up at the end of the last, but this time focusing on Jordan’s sister, Maisie and Agent Steve Coll, who is trying to recruit her for the Chimera. Maisie is too free spirited and adventurous to want to wind up like Agent “Steeeve”. But when they both discover what was in the last “package” Maisie was supposed to deliver for her sketchy ex-employers, they both know that they have to face the problem head-on, and together. And when they do finally decide to “come together”… oh, wow! Although these stories are short (they are part of a longer series), I feel like the action and danger is packed in, and we’re also gradually given more information about the reve / dream world and the sinister people (and monsters?) at play. I like being able to sit down for a few hours, get lost in an incredible story, and feel like I’m ready for the next. Erin Kellison write dark paranormal romance excellently! Very happy to have been given the opportunity to read such an amazing series. (Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review)
ledLD More than 1 year ago
Keep on reading!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AngelaJM More than 1 year ago
Part 2 of this series shifts to focus on a second pair of characters. It follows on nicely from the first book, building on what has previously been revealed, and hinting at more drama to come. The concept of this series is original and intriguing. My only real complaint is that the book is too short. Looking forward to reading more of the series. Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.
crazy4peanutbutter More than 1 year ago
Lay Me Down picks up where Darkness Falls (book #1 of the REVELERS series) leaves off and gives us the story of Steve and Maisie. Special Agent Steve Coll has been given the job of recruiting Maisie for Chimera , the organization that polices shared dreams. But also has secrets that he keeps from his employer that he has no intention of letting anyone know about. Maisie Lane has special abilities that she uses to navigate dreams as a courier effortlessly traveling from one persons dream to another. It these abilities that led to her seeing unspeakable things. Evil that should not have been seen. As well as cause trouble for her sister (from book 1). I liked this book much better then the first one. I wasn't fond of Rook and that kind of dragged the book down for me. However I enjoyed this couple a lot. This book is full of intrigue, heat, adventure, unexpected surprises and a dangerous new enemy. It's fast-paced, well written with a story that just takes you on a thrill ride. The heat between Steve and Maisie is great. This book is a must read for sure. I highly recommend this book and series!!! The Reveler Series includes eight parts: Darkness Falls (Reveler 1) Lay Me Down (Reveler 2) Darksider (Reveler 3) Night's Deep Hush (Reveler 4) Bring Me A Dream (Reveler 5) Delirium (Reveler 6) The Sandman (Reveler 7) The Scrape (Reveler 8) ***Gifted with ARC copy**** L.
greekgoddess422 More than 1 year ago
This story evolves around Andre our leading guy and Vampire extraordinaire and McKenzie our heroine who is becoming increasing alarmed that her relatives are disappearing one by one for no reason....or is there ? Juliette is traveling to New Orleans for a business meeting with her father's client, a Mr. Andre Lescarbeau, the man she had an affair with. Not that she knew it was an affair until after he left without saying good-bye and she found out he was married. Now, he's the last man on earth she wants to have anything to do with. She will find out the truth How will she find out grab it and see Andre Lescarbeau regrets what he's done to Juliette Bishop, though the secret she thought he was hiding, a wife, is a lie. The secret he hid from her was much more dangerous than Juliette could ever imagine... Andre Lescarbeau is a vampire. As soon as Juliette arrives in New Orleans, so does a terrible storm that forces her to spend a rain drenched night with Andre and a few other blood thirsty beings
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cant wait for next one
lrhubble More than 1 year ago
A Fantastic Book Contemporary, Paranormal Romance Maisie Lane is able to navigate sleeps vast dreamwaters and she makes easy money as a courier delivering packages from one dream to another. She knows her employers are on the shadier side of the law but doesn’t worry about it. Her sister believes she is living just for the pleasure of the moment. Maisie has a plan and every step she takes is part of it though there is some pleasure involved too. Now she has crossed a dream that is so evil that her only choice is to run. Steve Coll is a special agent that is in charge of recruiting Maisie for Chimera, an organization that polices shared dreams. With her funny and carefree spirit he is at first taken with her and then he sees her tough and passionate soul and Steve is brought to his knees. With Maisie Steve can’t resist breaking the rules because touching her is a forbidden ecstasy. Darkness is gathering though getting prepared to strike and the only thing standing between it and the innocent is Maisie. Steve won’t let her stand alone no matter what even if that means he will die before he leaves her side. This one picks up shortly after the first book but can still be read as a standalone but will be enjoyed much more if readers read the first one first. The characters are well written and intriguing and makes for a story that is hard to put down. The world building is complex and makes for a read that is fun. It is full of action and the reader is never sure just what will happen next. This is a paranormal book that is very different from other paranormal books and stands very well on its own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stephanie Ebert - Copy gifted in exchange of an honest review. I was hooked from the first book and this one sure didn't let me down. Erin Kellison knows how to keep her readers hooked from the start to the finish. Makes you wish you could excape and go into the dreamworld of the book
MrsH1 More than 1 year ago
I had read book 1 of this series and thoroughly enjoyed so was pleased to move onto book 2. I loved the way the author has moved from book 1 onto book 2 the transition so flawless you hardly reaslise you have changed books, brilliant. Loved the fact that all the characters were known to us from the previous book, good story. I like the dreamscape idea it is different to anything I have ever read in the genre before. "This book was gifted in exchange for an honest review".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MusicInPrint More than 1 year ago
 Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review Erin Kellison is a new author for me and she is a wonderful read.  This Reveler Series is an escape into a new craze of Reve or Dreamscape. Who would not want to travel in their sleep and be a better self exploring a new place or adventure.  Unless that dream turns into a nightmare!!!  This is book two in the series so be sure to read #1 Darkness Falls first.  Chimera Steve Coll is trying to persuade Maise Lane to join his troop of dream police. Reason being Maisie has been  walking on the dark side for a while now and has gotten into some major evil situations. Romance blooms between these two unique characters along with Kellison's Dreamscape plot.  This installment does not have a cliff hanger but does leave enough questions unanswered that I will be picking up part 3 soon.
green____ More than 1 year ago
Danger, Dreams, Monsters, and Romance... This book continues after book one, and focuses mostly on Steve Coll and Maisie Lane. Chimera wants to recruit her because of her talents in the Dreamscape, but her old bosses do not want to let go. I love the push and pull relationship between these two! What a fast paced story! Some truly interesting things unfold during Lay Me Down... it flows nicely from what happened in book one. You learn more about the characters and the Reve. Evil shows its face, but what more will happen?! This series has really grabbed my attention and I want more! * A copy was gifted to me for an honest review.
NPNowlin More than 1 year ago
Book 2 of the Reveler series follows wild child Maisie and straight-laced, secretive Chimera agent Coll. As we dive deeper into the world of Reve - and the not so nice world concealed outside those controlled dreams - we learn more about not just our characters, but the power of dreams and nightmares. There is a definite note of what it means to be different, what it means to hide yourself, and how no one is quite what they seem. Review posted from complimentary copy.
Angellfy More than 1 year ago
I was gifted with a copy of this book for my honest review. This book is a fast paced intriguing new world full of mystery and romance. Erin Kellison gives just enough info of this developing story to keep a reader satisfied and wanting more . I just can't read this series fast enough!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.  Ms. Kellison has done it again.  With #2 in the series she has continued to intrigue and find ways to add new ideas to the idea of Reve.  Her characters are well developed and thought provoking, though you still get the sense of who they are quickly.  My only complaint is that I can't get the next in the series fast enough!  This is a must read, especially if you like books that challenge your thinking!
Rissa85 More than 1 year ago
Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review. After reading the first installment of this series I jumped at the chance to review the second one.  Fans of paranormal romance who are a bit tired of the Vamp/were world are in for a treat. The story is original. Unlike everything else out there.  Shared dreaming is the preferred drug in this world and like anything that is slightly illegal it must be policed.  The females are tough, the men are dreamy(pun intended). The story will keep your interest until the very last page. 
Tarri1 More than 1 year ago
This was a very good book!! My heart is still pounding!! Mystery, murder, mayhem, and of course romance!! A very dark book with a plot to put all other books to shame!!! All paranormal readers will love this. There is a lot of shifting in this book, just not shifting into an animal. I would say shifting realities in some way! Ms. Kellison is a very good author! Words just flew off the pages. Thank you so much, Ms. Kellison, for a thrilling book!!!!!
TeresaBowen More than 1 year ago
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This story follows Maisie and Steve. Maisie is a bit of a wild child and a rebel. Tell her not to and she probably will. She has been involved with some bad people and Steve is helping her as she drags her heels. Steve wants her as a Reveler and by helping her he hopes to get her to join. There are ups and downs and Steve isn't all he seems to be but Maisie isn't either. Their story is interesting to watch grow. I wish the story had been longer but we met up with people from the first book and it leaves us wanting more. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.