Lazos de Sangre II. Hado

Lazos de Sangre II. Hado

by Amanda Hocking

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Planeta Publishing Corporation
Publication date:
Edition description:
Spanish-language Edition
Product dimensions:
6.00(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range:
12 - 18 Years

Meet the Author

Hocking lives in Austin, Minnesota. Employed as an assisted living worker until 2010, she wrote 17 novels in her spare time.

In April 2010, she began self-publishing them as e-books By March 2011, she had sold over a million copies of nine books and earned two million dollars from sales, something previously unheard of for self-published authors In early 2011, Hocking averaged 9,000 book sales each day.

Hocking's published work, so far entirely self-published, consists of My Blood Approves, a vampire romance series; the Trylle Trilogy, which covers a teenage girl's journey of self-discovery in an urban fantasy setting; and Hollowland, a zombie novel.[3] The New York Times characterized her novels as "part quirky girl-like-Hocking characters, part breakneck pacing, part Hollywood-style action and part bodice-ripping romance – they are literature as candy, a mash-up of creativity and commerce."
In March 2011, Hocking signed her first conventional publishing contract for four books, at a price of two million dollars, with St. Martin's Press. It concerns a new young-adult paranormal series to be called "Watersong." All three books in her previously self-published Trylle Trilogy have also been sold to St. Martin's Press, and will be released with them in early 2012 with wider distribution.

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