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LDS Scriptures App

4.1 105
by LDS Scriptures

This application is recommended for ages 8+.

#1 Best-Selling LDS Scriptures App! Full-featured app with bookmarks, phrase highlighting, notes, tags, multiple pages/windows feature, and a Journal! Syncs with apps on other platforms (see website for details).

Tons of content, including General Conference back to 1971, Hymns & Manuals!

- NEW! Video…  See more details below


This application is recommended for ages 8+.

#1 Best-Selling LDS Scriptures App! Full-featured app with bookmarks, phrase highlighting, notes, tags, multiple pages/windows feature, and a Journal! Syncs with apps on other platforms (see website for details).

Tons of content, including General Conference back to 1971, Hymns & Manuals!

- NEW! Video Library with 1600+ videos!
- NEW! PDF Library with 100s of Manuals and Resources
- Citations feature to discover talks, manuals, resources referencing a verse
- Multiple pages (switch between multiple places in the Scriptures quickly)
- Automated Syncing and Backup
- Export/Download your Markings anytime
- Listen to Scriptures (streaming)
- Listen and Watch General Conference (streaming)
- Journal
- Syncs with Desktop Scriptures app (See for details)
- Church Handbook 2 included with links between sections! NEW!
- 2013 Curriculum
- Lifetime Money-back guarantee!

Other Features:
- Autoscrolling
- Tagging
- Highlighting - phrase/word highlighting in 8 colors!
- Bookmarks
- Bookmark Folders (using Tags)
- Notes (show in-line, auto linked references)
- Search
- Footnotes, Cross-References
- Night Reading Mode
- My Content - add your own content!
- Yanceyware book support - upload or download from 100s of titles!

SD Card is required if internal memory storage is insufficient for the content database.

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LDS Scriptures
Publication date:
NOOKapps Series
Version name:
File size:
8 MB
Sales rank:
Age Range:
8 Years
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LDS Scriptures App 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 105 reviews.
Ken Ahern More than 1 year ago
This rating is relative. I haven't run into kinks yet, but I don't doubt the other reviews. Make sure you have 200MB of memory (internal or on an SD) and download the data bases. Compared with the LDS versions from B&N with no navigation, this is abslutely fantastic. I am concerned by the suggestion to wait. Remember, we're NOOK users (not iPad or pure Android). We are a very small portion of the market. If this doesn't sell, there won't be a next version and this is definitely good enough now to support it. I am not affiliated with the makers of this app in any way. I am a software engineer and recognize this as a port of a very good app. Next will come the cleanup to more fully handle NOOK specific details.. After reading the other reviews I purchased anyway because I expect there to be free upgrades for the bug fixes in the first version. I am not disappointed. As I said, it may be a rough first release, but it is light years ahead of the sequential ePub versions.
JohnnyBook More than 1 year ago
It sends the Ensign to your Nookcolor each month. All the manuals and lesson manuals are here.
Kagrish More than 1 year ago
I have bought a couple of Book of Mormon/Bible combos online and tried the free one.... but they were all slow, the links (chapter numbers) were VERY tiny so it was nearly impossible to click, and not very pretty as far as graphics/organization goes. Then I bought this. I have had it for one day and spent HOURS on it already. The library is BEAUTIFUL with graphics of each book/section to easily click. When you are scrolling through the sections/chapters of the books, they are in a neat (and pretty) list big enough so YOU CAN ACTUALLY CLICK ON IT! The list also shows a small summary of the chapter heading as well! You can even get the magazines (Ensign, etc) right on there as well under "My Content". Everything has loaded fast for me. All the little extras are FANTASTIC - highlighting, bookmarking, referencing, day/night mode, adding notes, JOURNAL. In the manuals, you can click on a scripture and it will take you right to the highlighted scripture you click on (like the online LDS manuals do). Resources: TONS of extra resources, general conferences, etc. Pretty much everything (and more) that you will ever need as far as Mormon materials go! NOTE: Yes, you do need a microSD card for this. You really should have one anyway because without one (and before this app) I ran out of room and didn't have much on there! This app is worth every single cent. There is a great deal more here than just the scriptures. This app by far exceeds all scriptures I've tried for the Nook. As you can see, I highly recommend this app and I am really excited about it.
Mike587 More than 1 year ago
I've used LDS Scriptures on my laptop for several months. I like it. I've been waiting for it to come out for the Nook Color. I am not disappointed. I have not had any problems with it in the short time I have used it. This app has more content than anything else I found for the Nook. The Hymns even have the written music, not just the words magazine uploads, manuals, Hand Book 2, etc, etc. Added bonus it will sync with my laptop. I agree that we shouldn't wait until it is perfect (if it's not). Support it now. Like I said, I haven't seen any problems.
gabbybug More than 1 year ago
Works wonderfully! Scriptures, hymns, manuals...even the US Constitution!!! I couldnt be more pleased. Fourteen dollars well spent!!!
Sandra Reeves More than 1 year ago
I wanted to love this app, i really did. I have been using the Nook Color scriptures from the B&N store and they have been great for general reading, referance, and some notes and highlights. When I saw this new app and all of the content available i was excited, however in the practise of using the app its frustrating. The layout of the material is well thought out and easy to understand and makes finding what you are looking for a breeze. However, the app is slow and not always reaponsive. Especially when selecting citations, references, links or making highlights. It takes half a dozen attempts to accomplish these tasks and sometimes even then the efforts are in vain. A quick lookup of attonement in a scriptune to reference the topical guide can quickly become a 5 min nightmare of frustration! I would pass on this app untill the next rev unless you just half to have the included material to read. But keep your expectations low.
Stephen Wilson More than 1 year ago
The app is causing space issues on the nook color, perhaps in an update that can be addresses.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love this app! It took just a few days to transfer my marks and notes from my hard copies to this app. I bought a new Bible in September and it was taking a week for me to transfer notes from one chapter--now it's done in no time; and with the ease of cross-referencing with this, scripture study is easier and more fun than ever! I highly recommend this app!
Nathan Romine More than 1 year ago
I have this on other devices and it works great, so i wanted to get it on here, but it runs slow and has crashed my Nook in less than an hour. The touch controls are sometimes hard to get to respond making it so you have to tap several times to get a response. I hope they work on these issues soon. I would love to be able to use this app because it can be a great app.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So happy this app is finally here! Not sure what the other reviews are saying about it being slow, it's super fast and very responsive on my nook color. I got so fed up with the other ebook scriptures, the navigation was terrible and impossible to use. This app not only has TONS more content but lets me highlight, take notes, and even look at the citation index for each verse! Way to go on this app!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This app is wonderful. It works fast and efficiently on my nook tablet with no memory card. Bookmarking and taging things are really easy and it has become my regular scriptures. Plus it even comes with a journal. Just click the content button on the bottom of the screen press more. Then in the window that pops up hit journal. It even has manuals, general conference talks and both the hym book and childrens song book. Amazing.
tarzanphan More than 1 year ago
I tried about 10 times to download the database with no success and ended up returning this product. It looked nice in the store and people seem to like it - but won't work on my nook color. And I just installed a new SD card last night - so there is a ton of room available.
Mike Jorgensen More than 1 year ago
The price is certainly high for free documents but its worth it considering the easy to use interface and quick, easy navigation. I love highlighting favorite scriptures and making notes on them. The hymn book even has the piano music. There are other epub version out there but are slow to navigate. I can now find scriptures faster then with the normal book. Excellent app so get it now!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The scriptures in the app are excellent. I like that you can take notes. I wish it allowed you to control the selection of what you highliht. I like that it has the different resources and manuals. The only thing that irks me is that some of the general conference talks end abruptly. I have seen about 4 talks so far from earlier years that end half way through. Please fix!! Other than that, I love it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great app. love it and it is really handy at church or for studying away from home. Have only one complaint. Only had items on My Content for a few days and then everything disappeared. Have tried all suggested fixes in user guide. Have sent emails to support but received nothing. Improve customer support and I would give this app 5 stars.
bibliophileTW More than 1 year ago
I purchased this app solely because of multiple pages open at once, so far complete disappointment. I tried to use the feature like i do on my itouch, does not work. I went under directions in the user guide, none. I will email the developer and see what happens. If no solution, refund.
LAKuipers More than 1 year ago
I had this ap on my Android Bionic phone and loved it so I had to try it for my Nook Color. So far it is fantastic. It performs wonderful and I am loving taking it to church instead of my scripture bag. When you have little ones you have enough to carry, so anything to lighten the load is welcomed. I also love the classroom material and the links between the scriptures. It has made me study time more valuable bacause I get more accomplished in a short amount of time. This ap has made the scriptures so portable I can take them anywhere (which I love) and study. Yesterday I was reading my scriptures while I was waiting in line at the gas station. Love It!!!!
Alyssa Arley More than 1 year ago
I love this one. It helps me understand all I need to know.
Courtney Goodwin More than 1 year ago
This app is the greatest scripture study tool I own. I can't get rid of pages I've made, and it doesn't have the Personal Progress book, but those are my only complaints-- very small inconveniences when compared to the whole experience. It is perfect for studying for talks or spiritual thoughts. I highly recommend it!
Family Siepert More than 1 year ago
After downloading I couldn't believe everything that was included! I would have been happy with just the scriptures! My favorite app so far! Thank you for putting it out there!
Mark Bodily More than 1 year ago
Good features, but cumbersome to jump between books. Really doesn't have a feature for opening multiple books at the same time and quickly moving between them. In class settings you'll be well behind the instructor if jumping to multiple scriptures. That said, it is a very good scripture and reference tool.
Marie Lewis More than 1 year ago
No problems. Would be great if teachers manual for seminary could be added (old testament).
Dolores LaPearle More than 1 year ago
Thank you for this. I have been searching for these to be available.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this app I have it on my iphone and was super excited to have it on my nook but while my iphone version keeps up to date this one hasn't updated since 2012 I was able to work around that little problem for quite a a while since everything else is still there but it is frustrating and I find I'm turning to my iphone more ofter than not
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Didn't even work complete waste of money