LDS Superhits of the 90s

LDS Superhits of the 90s


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Mormon Tabernacle

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  1. Feel the Fire  - Julie de Azevedo
  2. Eden's Garden  - Kenneth Cope
  3. From God's Arms To My Arms To Yours  - Michael McLean
  4. Perfect Love  - Felicia Sorensen
  5. She Believes  - Felicia Sorensen
  6. Taking It Home With Me  - Katherine Nelson
  7. When All is Said and Done  - Katherine Nelson
  8. Window To His Love  - Julie de Azevedo
  9. Anchor of My Soul  - Jenny Frogley
  10. I Will Not Be Still  - Kenneth Cope
  11. He Hears Me  - Hilary Weeks
  12. Promises I Keep  - Cherie Call
  13. Joseph (I Was Not His Father, He Was Mine)  - Gene Moreford
  14. Faithful  - Elizabeth Wolgramm
  15. Do Likewise, My Friend  - Brett Raymond
  16. Like a River  - Felicia Sorensen
  17. Whatever It Takes  - John McVey

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