Leadership Handbook of Management and Administration

Leadership Handbook of Management and Administration

by James D. Berkley
Pub. Date:
Baker Publishing Group
Pub. Date:
Baker Publishing Group
Leadership Handbook of Management and Administration

Leadership Handbook of Management and Administration

by James D. Berkley
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This substantial resource offers pastors and church leaders practical insight into the daily issues of running a church. Conceived and compiled by the editors of Leadership journal, this book covers the full spectrum of ministry practice. Readers will learn about perennial topics such as time management, negotiating the terms of a call, handling crisis and conflict, hiring and managing staff, conducting special fund drives, spending church money, and dealing with tax and law considerations.
This revised and expanded edition of a proven ministry resource contains new contributions from prominent ministry leaders. Contributors include Leith Anderson, Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Luis Palau, John Ortberg, Aubrey Malphurs, and many others.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780801068140
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/01/2008
Edition description: Revised and Expanded Edition
Pages: 560
Sales rank: 1,170,262
Product dimensions: 8.98(w) x 5.94(h) x 1.33(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

James D. Berkley is the editor of Your Church and contributing editor of Leadership journal. He has served as a pastor for more than twenty years. Berkley lives in Bellevue, Washington.

Table of Contents

Introduction     15
Contributors     17
Writers     18
Personal Management
Introduction     23
The Purpose of Personal Management   Darrell W. Johnson     25
A Private and a Public Person   Greg E. Asimakoupoulos     32
Forms of Accountability   Paul A. Cedar     33
A Healthy Ministry   Rick Warren     35
The Call to Ministry   Ben Patterson     38
Biblical Requirements of Leaders   Darrell W. Johnson     44
Ordination   Darrell W. Johnson     45
Professional Development and Career Tracks   Greg Ogden     47
Ambition and Contentment   James D. Berkley     48
Our Responsibility to God   James Earl Massey     50
Personal Devotions   John C. Ortberg Jr.     56
Personal Prayer   Mark R. Littleton     57
Personal Morality   Richard Showalter     59
Personal Ethics   Joe E. Trull     60
Responsibility to the Ministry   Douglas D. Webster     63
Responsibility to the Larger Church   Greg E. Asimakoupoulos     69
Community and Civic Responsibilities   Greg E. Asimakoupoulos     70
Continuing Education   James D. Berkley     71
Sabbaticals   Victor D. Pentz     73
Responsibility to Family Members   Marshall Shelley     75
Children of Pastors   Marshall Shelley     82
Ministry's Effect on Marriage   Louis McBurney     83
A Spouse's Choice of Role   Ruth Senter     84
Clergy Divorce   Louis McBurney     86
Responsibility to Self   Bill Hybels     87
Stress and Mental Health   Archibald D. Hart     93
Vacations and Time Off   Kevin A. Miller     94
Handling Disappointments   Knute Larson     95
Addictions   H. Gordon Weekley     97
Time Management   Peter F. Drucker     99
Accessibility versus Productivity   Philip M. Van Auken     106
How to Manage Time-saving Technology   Nick B. Nicholaou     107
Personal Finances   Daniel D. Busby     109
Pastoral Stewardship   Douglas J. Brouwer     118
Gifts and Privileges   Richard R. Hammar     119
Housing Options   Grace S. Nicholaou     120
Clergy Taxes   James D. Berkley     121
Tentmaking Ministries and Business Ventures   Gary Gulbranson     123
Pension and Retirement Planning   John M. W. Moorlach     124
Introduction     127
The Meaning of Church Vocation   Bruce L. Shelley     129
When to Move   Calvin C. Ratz     137
Retirement   Edward B. Bratcher     138
Termination   Robert G. Kemper     140
The Search Process   Douglas J. Rumford     142
Preparing a Resume   Douglas J. Rumford     150
Candidating and Interviewing   Douglas G. Scott     151
Negotiating the Terms of a Call   Edward B. Bratcher     153
Making the Move   Douglas G. Scott     161
Concluding a Ministry   Robert G. Kemper     167
Beginning a New Ministry   Robert G. Kemper     169
Adapting to a New Congregation   Kenneth Quick     170
Relating with a Previous Pastor   Robert G. Kemper     171
Relating to a Former Parish   Donald L. Bubna     172
Introduction     175
The Meaning of Leadership   Kenneth O. Gangel     177
Servant Leadership   Greg Ogden     184
Leading versus Enabling   C. Peter Wagner     186
The Role of an Associate Pastor   Greg Ogden     187
Setting the Vision   Leith Anderson     188
Communicating the Vision   Aubrey Malphurs     189
Maintaining the Vision   Aubrey Malphurs     190
The Responsibilities of Leadership   Fred Smith Sr.     192
Setting Up Safeguards   Archibald D. Hart     199
Handling Success   Knute Larson     200
Handling Mistakes   Stuart Briscoe     201
Leading Christians   Jack W. Hayford     203
Understanding Personality Types   Aubrey Malphurs     209
Motivating People   Roger Thompson     211
Building a Team   Roger Razzari Elrod     212
Sharing and Delegating Responsibilities   Roger Razzari Elrod     213
Crisis and Conflict   William H. Willimon     215
Change Management   Larry W. Osborne     223
Handling Expectations   James A. Davey   Warren Bird     224
Mediation and Arbitration   Chip Zimmer     225
Pastor-Centered Conflict   James D. Berkley     227
Theological Rifts   Terry C. Muck     228
Natives versus Newcomers   James D. Berkley     229
Emergent Church Tension   Brian McLaren     231
Emerging Confusion   Charles Colson   Anne Morse     232
Paid-Staff Supervision
Introduction     235
The Meaning of Supervision   Sharon G. Johnson     237
Staff Organization   Leith Anderson     244
Authority and Responsibility   K. Wayne Day     245
Staff Relationships and Communication   Sylvia Nash     246
Personnel Policies   Julie L. Bloss     247
Male-Female Staff Dynamics   Nancy D. Becker     248
Hiring Support Staff   Sylvia Nash     250
Job Descriptions   Julie L. Bloss     257
Determining Salary Packages   Wayne A. Pohl     259
Calling Ministerial and Program Staff    Calvin C. Ratz     261
The Search Committee   Ben Patterson     269
Interviewing Candidates   Calvin C. Ratz     270
Candidating and Voting   Ben Patterson     271
Listing the Terms of a Call   James D. Berkley     272
Determining Salary Packages   James D. Berkley     274
Managing Staff   Don Cousins     276
Training New Workers   Sylvia Nash     283
Assessing and Improving Effectiveness   Larry W. Osborne     285
Salary Reviews   Sylvia Nash     286
Mediating Disputes   Wayne Jacobsen     287
Supervising Interns   Douglas J. Brouwer     289
Effective Supervision across the Generations   Robert H. Welch     290
Terminating Staff   Paul Borthwick     293
Legal Aspects of Staff Terminations   Julie L. Bloss     299
Volunteer-Staff Supervision
Introduction     301
The Meaning of Volunteerism   Kenneth O. Gangel     303
Determining Ministry Needs   Larry W. Osborne     308
Gifts and Abilities   C. Peter Wagner      310
Volunteer Recruitment   Leith Anderson     312
The Demographics of Volunteerism   Paul Borthwick     318
Motivation versus Manipulation   Fred Smith Sr.     320
Handling a Lack of Volunteers   Mark H. Senter III     321
Guiding Ill-Suited Volunteers   E. LeRoy Lawson     322
Volunteer Training   Kenneth O. Gangel     324
Mentoring   Earl F. Palmer     331
Resources for Training Volunteers   Paul Borthwick     333
Retraining Veteran Workers   Paul Borthwick     334
Supporting Volunteers   Mark H. Senter III     336
Imparting Vision to Volunteers   Aubrey Malphurs     344
Introduction     347
The Purpose of Management   James E. Means     349
Finding a Personal Management Style   Philip M. Van Auken     356
Managing Church Government   Larry W. Osborne     359
Working with the Constitution   Richard R. Hammar     366
The Pastor's Role with the Board   Larry W. Osborne     367
The Pastor's Relationship with the Board   Charles R. Swindoll      368
Working with a Nominating Committee   Larry W. Osborne     370
Managing the Church Office   David R. Pollock     372
The Pastor's Role in Office Management   John R. Throop     378
Church Office Workers   Kenneth Quick     379
Effective Church Publications   Douglas J. Brouwer     380
Communication Leadership   Yvon Prehn     382
Using Spreadsheets   Terry Wilhite     383
Printing   Wayne Kiser     384
Mailing and Correspondence   John R. Throop     386
Maintaining a Calendar and Records   David R. Pollock     387
Office Furnishings and Layout   Nick B. Nicholaou     388
Office Supplies and Central Purchasing   David R. Pollock     390
Managing the Church Computer System   Bryan E. Siverly     392
Computer Buying Tips   Bryan E. Siverly     400
Purchasing Management Software   Steve Hewitt     401
Computer Calendars and PDAs   Nick B. Nicholaou     403
Desktop Publishing   Bryan E. Siverly     404
Developing and Maintaining a Church Website   Lou Hornberger     406
Church Blogs   J. L. Rivera     407
Internet-Based Communications   Yvon Prehn     408
Podcasting   Terry Wilhite     409
Visual Technology   Greg Atkinson     410
Managing Buildings and Grounds   Robert H. Welch     413
Use Policies for Buildings and Equipment   Robert H. Welch     420
Hiring, Contracting, or Using Volunteers?   Janet S. Mellema     421
Insurance   David R. Pollock     422
Safety   Robert H. Welch     424
Energy Conservation and Ecology   Andrew Rudin     425
Handicap Access   Robert H. Welch     427
Parking Lots   Stephen W. Mead     428
Protecting Stained Glass   Julie L. Sloan     429
Church Signs   John R. Throop     431
Managing Construction and Remodeling   R. Leslie Nichols     433
The Pastor's Involvement   Leith Anderson     440
The Building Committee   R. Leslie Nichols     441
Zoning and Permits   Craig Brian Larson     443
Cost Estimation and Control    Ray Bowman   Eddy Hall     444
Conflicts of Aesthetics and Taste   R. Leslie Nichols     446
Acoustics   Joseph De Buglio     447
Introduction     449
The Purpose of Stewardship   Richard B. Cunningham     451
The Pastor's Stewardship Role   Gary Fenton     458
Tithing   Darrell W. Johnson     460
Preaching Stewardship   Joseph M. Stowell     461
To Know Individual Giving or Not?   John R. Throop     462
Planning Stewardship   Victor D. Pentz     464
Unified versus Separate Budgets   David R. Pollock     471
Special Offerings   Dave Wilkinson     472
Forming a Policy for Fundraising Activities   Leith Anderson     473
Conducting a Special Fund Drive   Ann Rauvola Bailey     476
Selecting a Fundraising Consultant   Kevin A. Miller     487
Financing Building Projects   Melissa S. Labberton     488
Bonds and Notes   Eugene H. Rudnicki     489
Receiving and Recording Money   Mack Tennyson     492
Financial Reporting   Grace S. Nicholaou     498
Designated Giving   Gary Fenton     499
Dealing with Large Gifts   Wayne A. Pohl     500
Handling Memorial Gifts   Gary Fenton     501
Substantiating Charitable Contributions   Richard R. Hammar     503
Managing and Apportioning Money   Gary Fenton     505
Fiduciary Responsibilities   Richard R. Hammar     512
Cash Flow   David R. Pollock     514
How to Budget   Mack Tennyson     515
Zero-Based Budgeting   Mack Tennyson     516
Financial Audits   Diccy P. Thurman     517
Internal Audits   Todd Zastrow     519
Trusts and Endowments   Daniel D. Busby     521
Handling Church Investments   Daniel D. Busby     522
Spending Church Money   Daniel D. Busby     525
Petty Cash   Daniel D. Busby     532
Payroll   Julie L. Bloss     533
Wise Shopping   Nick B. Nicholaou     535
Tax and Law Considerations   Richard R. Hammar     537
Liability   Richard R. Hammar      545
Nonprofit Status   Julie L. Bloss     546
Inurement   Julie L. Bloss     547
Clergy Tax Matters   Daniel D. Busby     549
Copyright Law and the Church   Richard R. Hammar     550
Index     553
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